Historical Hairstyles: the Real Hairstyles Worn by Viking Women

hey welcome back to the subscribers out there and if you're new to this channel it's great to see you here we're all kinds of hair nerds focusing on learning the styles from TV shows and movies as well as some historical hairstyles and that's what this videos gonna be about today I've already made a video discussing the real hair styles of ancient male warriors such as the Vikings but Viking women have really interesting hair as well we don't have a ton of evidence about the prevalence of female Viking warriors let alone how their hair looked but women in more domestic roles also wore their hair in interesting ways and we do have evidence that we know this from the art they left behind as well as some odd bodies that have been found in northern era and like my last video I'll be showing some pictures of those bodies so be forewarned about that now if you're ready let's learn how to do some Viking braids the real ones let's start with the easy style first in essence it's just a knot tied into the hair historians called this shape the Irish ribbon knot when women are depicted in Viking art they almost always have this hairstyle there may be a few different reasons for why this is perhaps it was extremely fashionable at a certain period of time alternatively this knot shape may not have been worn everyday by everyone but instead was an iconic ceremonial hairstyle like the stereotypical double horned Viking helmet was another option is that these depictions are not supposed to be everyday women but recognizable Valkyries or specific female deities even more abstracts these hairstyles could be entirely symbolic as knots may symbolize the binding effect of magic or the eternal aspect of love in Viking culture at any rate it's not a hard style to do so who wouldn't want to at least try it out I'm going to show you the low ponytail version of this first but it could also be made higher up on the head first gather all your hair into a low ponytail and hold it together with one hand then wrap the tail of hair over the back of this hand so that you make a loop in the hair stick two fingers of your other hand through a loop coming from the opposite side and grab the rest of the tail of hair between these fingers then pull the tail through the loop tug this knot tight against your head and that's really all there is to it this knot probably won't hold all day especially if you have straight or slippery hair but it'll keep your hair out of your face for a while thinner and curl your hair will last longer in this knot if you want more lasting power you can put an extra twist in the loop of hair before pulling the tail through the hole you'll just need longer hair for this at least halfway down your back this is the same knot hairstyle that I showed in my easy hair stick bun tutorial which means you can also use a hair stick to hold this knot tight hair sticks are not uncommon finds in Viking archaeological digs so this would still be historically accurate if not completely matching the carved iconography you can also make the knot higher on the head as well as early episodes of the Vikings TV show features ciggies hair done in this way just be warned that gravity applies to hair styles if the knot is up high and not resting its weight completely on the top of your head then the weight will pull it slowly down the back of your head and pull out quicker now let's move to some more direct inspiration for biking women's hairstyles meet the Arden woman or at least the back of her head also known as the bread Mo's woman this is a bog body that was found in hints dead denmark her body has been dated to around 1400 BCE which is definitely before the official Viking age but would be a cultural ancestor of the Viking peoples so let's try out this crown braid style first divide your hair into two low pigtails cut two lengths of rough cord that is two to three times the length of your hair course we'll yarn or suede is ideal you want this to have friction and not slip off the hair easily with each length of cord tie the middle around each ponytail and knot it tightly then braid each ponytail in a three strand braid pattern clip the ends of the braids or hold them in your mouth momentarily while you wrap the long ends of the cord around the braid wrap all the way to the ends of the braid and then tie off the braid with these ends so instead of using a modern-day ponytail holder you're essentially just tying off the ends of the braids with a couple knots using this cord do this with both ponytails next wrap the braids up the sides of your head and over the top if your hair is long keep wrapping the braids in a circle formation at the back of the head if your hair is shorter and can't reach all the way to the top of your head make a smaller circle at the back of your head you just want the ends of the braid to at least be crossing a bit with a hair clip or hair stick if you're a stickler for accuracy hold these braids in place momentarily then with a large knitting needle and a third length of cord that's roughly three feet long so these braids to your hair stretch the middle of the cord across the lower back of your head and so each of these ends through the braid as well as some hair near your scalp so like this all along the braid until you almost run out of cord so the other length of cord up the braid on the other side of your head as well this is called hair taping and is actually a very comfortable way to secure braids in place on your head if you don't like pins and is very common throughout history when you have just a little bit of length left in the ends of these cords either tuck them in under the braid to finish or tie them together if they can reach each other tuck any extra length of the cord under your braids and you're set with this ancient crown braid hairstyle finally let's do the famous Elling women another bog body found in Denmark she is also technically pre Viking age dating to around 280 BCE but again this is the same people that eventually became the Vikings Viking really isn't even an ethnic descriptor anyways as the verb Viking good evening better means to voyage anyways the Elling woman's body is famous for how long and well preserved her Harriet's all 90 centimetres of it so let's try out this style first place your fingers right above your ears and draw a part on either side of your head up to your crown gather all the hair in front of this part make a three strand braid with this hair holding the braid close to the back of your head as you form it when your hands get down to the same height as your back hairline add in the rest of your hair to this braid in other words start doing a French braid but only add in new hair to each strand once and make sure all the rest of your hair is added in what you do so after this keep braiding normally all the way to the ends of your hair there is no hair tie on the end of this braid so to keep it from completely falling out the braid is wrapped up a bit on the head first tuck the tail of the braid behind the length that stretches between the point where it started and the point where you added in new hair pull the tail of the braid out the other side and then wrap it once more around this base braid pulling it out the other side again you can now let go of the length of braid the strands may unravel a bit but the wrapping should keep the general form of the style in place this is how the Elling woman was found but it's also possible that on her last morning her braid was completely wrapped up in order to make a bun and in the events leading to her death and burial that braid unwound itself a bit it's impossible to say definitively her death was pretty violent though she was hung as a possible human sacrifice and then driven into the bog with stakes so one might expect some jostling of her hair so if you don't like the hanging part of the braid you can wrap it up all the way and have a feasible excuse for doing so and there you have it three ancient women's hairstyles that help you imagine what the real Viking women would have looked like I want to thank my subscribers and especially my patreon supporters for making this video possible you can subscribe as well for new video updates or become a patron and get extra perks like deciding what future video should be or personalized tutorial requests you guys are awesome and I hope you have fun with these historical hair looks see you next time

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  1. oh my god you are an ugly red head

    red heads have no soul

    so damn ugly

    go work in the back kitchen of a mcdonalds so you cant be seen

  2. I love historical hairstyles – I've got really long hair and love to style it but so many styles need blow-drying or straightening or loads of hairspray or little clips or fall down if you do anything remotely active. Historical women had no time for that shit and neither do I! The last one in this video in particular looks super nice on me ☺️

  3. I reeeeallly love the arden braid with the cords !! My hair is really straight so I've never been able to keep braids pinned on the top of my head withouth them slipping. Sewing them in with a cord seems like a great solution and also super cute !

  4. You have such beautiful hair! I have very thin hair so it doesn't stay up very well. I've actually done the first low knot style to try to keep my hair out of my face while working (I don't keep a lot of hair ties or pins around -but they slide right out of my hair most of the time anyway).

  5. Can't help but wonder what those people that were preserved in the bogs would think if they knew that all these centuries later, people would be making tutorials about their hairstyles! Lol ofc, after they were given some context about what a video tutorial was!

  6. I thought my hair, which is about an inch below my shoulders and beastly thick, would be long enough for this, but no! It doesn't even wrap all the way around my hand for the knot. I may try that with a half ponytail, instead. Thanks for sharing, my fellow redhead!

  7. her face is like some hot witch who would suck your soul out if you stare onto her eyes straight for a minute

  8. This is so fascinating! I mean think about it, these are hairstyles that were being worn over two thousand years ago and we know about them because of the recovery of ancient bodies. Talk about your “cultural anthropology” lol

  9. I wish I had this video when I had long hair. I had no idea what to do with long hair except a generic long braid o.o

  10. Your hair color is soooo pretty omg. I'm guessing that it's your natural hair color, it looks like it is.

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