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Yo what’s going on everybody it’s your boy Numemo here back with another video and today I want to give you guys
a tour of my home studio now last time I made one of these was in late 2018 and
since then I’ve made a couple different upgrades and so I figured I’d make
another one of these where I can show you what I’m working with now now to start off this is my 15 inch
macbook from 2017 and this is the computer that I use for all my music
production as well as editing all the videos for this YouTube channel now the
microphone that I use is the AT4040 and it’s probably one of the oldest
pieces of gear in my setup but it works pretty well now with the new year I knew that I wanted to try out some new controllers
last year I pretty much stuck to the APC 40 the whole year and for this year I
picked up an Ableton push 2 the Push 2 is a totally different beast than the
APC 40 so I’m really excited to kind of learn it all throughout and start using
it on some performances another big upgrade that I made last
year was getting a 4k 27-inch LG monitor for those who remember I used to have an
iMac and after it died on me I spent a lot of months kind of just working off of
my small MacBook screen so it was really nice to kind of finally have a secondary
screen and you know kind of see everything on the big screen now one of
the bigger updates that I made last year was getting rid of the Focusrite Saffire
and picking up a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo interface now this is an upgrade
that I probably should have done a long time ago the plugins that become
available to you once you get one of these are amazing and it makes the
vocals sound super super crispy In terms of monitors I still have the Equator Q8s I’ve had these for a pretty long time now and honestly I don’t see myself
getting rid of them anytime soon In terms of keyboards I haven’t really
upgraded in a really long time I still have the Akai MPK 49 I also have a
Yamaha P 45 it’s a full size 88 key electric piano I have it connected via
MIDI to the computer and I also have a sustain pedal on it
on my computer I use a magic keyboard and for my mouse I have a Logitech MX
Master 3 to decorate the space you guys know that I have the vinyl wall where in
theory I switch these around every couple months but honestly I get kind of
lazy I have nebs ehuh CIL’s victory lab which
I’ve been meaning to put up there but I haven’t had the chance right next to the
finals I have this Banksy print that I got from Berlin not only is it awesome
art but it’s a constant reminder of that trip that I took to Europe with my
brother in addition I have these two small frames that I got from this
company called disc makers after I had them make prints of these two mixtapes
that I dropped back in the day so I just have these hung up kind of as a as a
memory of the good times when I put out those mixtapes
in terms of the setup here I’m using all the ports on my computer the first one
going out to the Ableton push 2 the second one going out to the monitor the
third one going on to the audio interface which is the UA twin duo and
then the fourth one goes up to this hub that actually feeds the computer power
and also allows me some extra ports to connect some other MIDI devices and
stuff like that in this little corner behind me here I have this little
plastic cabinet that I got from Amazon where I keep a bunch of cables and just
random miscellaneous things a lot of my camera gear actually gets stored there
too so I hope you guys enjoyed this home
studio tour this is a space that’s constantly changing I’m constantly
looking to make small upgrades to better the quality of my music better the
quality of my videos and overall just improve the content that I’m making and
putting out for you guys I can’t believe I forgot to mention one of my favorite
parts of the studio and that’s uh this right here it’s a little bench
whenever I have friends visiting over this is kind of where they can hang out
and we can talk about ideas some of my favorite conversations that I’ve had in
this space I’ve had them you know me sitting over
there and my friends sitting over here and we’re kind of talking about
creativity discussing ideas having a creative space that’s conducive to good
conversation I think is super important when you’re building a studio some of
those conversations that I have here with other artists other producers are
the conversations that are able to you know fuel us to create awesome songs and
awesome music awesome videos all that so yeah I can’t understate how important
this this bench here is to this creative space also I’m very proud of all the
random stickers that we’ve added to this it’s kind of fun to go to events and go
to places and get stickers from there and then come back home and stick them
over here on this bench for example this sticker here that says Echo Park I got
it from dope clothing store in LA the apparently like the store owner’s
daughter made that which is awesome this right here was from an awesome event
last year called creators offline where a bunch of YouTube creators met up at
Casey Neistat studio downtown and this right here I actually got at splice
headquarters one time when I went for an Ableton user meetup if this is your
first time on this channel please make sure you subscribe give the video a
thumbs up drop me a comment let me know your thoughts
and that’s that’s that’s all I got fear always remember
create with what you have you don’t need much and now
peace out guys much love you

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