How to Change File Extensions in Windows 10 – Easy and Simple

hello everyone today I'm going to show you really quickly how you can change your file extensions in Windows 10 which is actually really really easy first thing you need to do is browse to the folder where you have the files or file whose a file extension you want to change and if you don't know how to do that I'll show you really quickly you might have a file explorer here in the taskbar you can click that otherwise you can click your Start button and File Explorer is right there or you can right click that Windows Start button and go to file explorer either way you do it once you open file explorer you just browse to wherever it is on your hard drive you have those files whose extensions you want to change once you've done that it's very simple you'll see up here at the top of the file window there is a View tab you click that view tab you come over here to filename extensions and you click that and suddenly you see you have your file extensions here at the dot txt extension the dot docx file extension for a word Docs the dot jpg extension on your images now to change those you just click in here a lot of times you have to click twice once you click windows will automatically highlight just the name because windows is going to assume that you just want to rename the file but not change the file extension and that's for good reason generally speaking you should not change your file extensions unless you know what you're doing and you have a good reason to do so so windows will assume that you just want to change the name and rename the file but if you click over here you can backspace to erase that file extension and type in a new file extension so when does reward you if you change the file extension to follow me become ones usable that's because like I said not something you generally want to do unless you know you need to do it or you understand you know what you're doing so I'm gonna click yes and now the file extension this has been changed from a jpg file to a PNG file you can do the same thing with text file as you see I clicked it twice and again it's not a double click you click it and then you click it a second time it highlights the name because it assumes I wants to change the name but I'm going to change the file type I'm gonna change this to it the C file now again it gives you that warning because this isn't something you want to do unless you know what you're doing and you're sure you want to change it but that's how you do it very very easy and Windows 10 once again you just go to view you check to show the file extension names and then you can change it by clicking and then clicking again it'll highlight it and allow you to change it when you're done if you want you can turn that off it'll hide those ball extensions or you can just leave it checked if you always want to see what your file extensions are when you're browsing through your files in Windows 10 Hayley that's it really easy and simple easier to understand and has been in previous versions and that's how you do it

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  1. Didn't do anything! My entire file thumbnail changed from a SWF to an Illustrator file and changing the file name isn't going to work i tried that already. The entire file IS and illustrator and will now only open in that instead of a SWF..

  2. Thanks for this but problem after when I want to use in another PC help me brother

  3. This only started to occur after I got the latest Win.10 update. Before, I would just double click and type in the extension.Thanks man

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