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– 97, 98, 99, 100. (intense music) I don’t know if you heard, but
I just did the three pushups. (rubs hands) What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to an episode of
“Chemical Guys Detail Garage.” The owner of this Kia brought it in because she just got
back from a cross-country road trip, and as you can see, the front has these dead bugs and all these kinda staining on the grille as well as the plastic trim,
so what we’re gonna do here is show you how to remove
it easily and safely. So to begin, we’ve already
diluted Bug and Tar Wash into one of our dilution bottles. We’ll just spray down the surface. (bottle sprays) The proper dilution is just
a couple ounces to 16 ounces, so for this, we used about two ounces, and then filled the rest up
with regular clean water. And we’re gonna let this sit
for a moment just to kinda help lift off anything that’s on the grille. And now we’re gonna come
back with some Nonsense. (bottle sprays) This is going to help us clean as well as foam up so it agitates, and then remove anything
that’s on the surface. And the car’s already been washed. This is what’s been stuck
on there and staining. So to help us clean it
and thoroughly agitate it, we’re going to be using one of our All in the Details brush,
this is the medium size. Spray a little bit in there as well for some added cleaning power. As you can hear, we’re
outside, so there’s gonna be a little bit of noise, so
bear with us with that. But that’s a common fact of life, is nothing’s ever perfect, right? And this is safe to use on the grille, the surrounding, the chrome trim. You can also use it on
paint if you thoroughly lubricate it using some
type of foaming agent. (brush scrapes) But what’s great about this
is it’s going to get into the intricate areas of
this honeycomb-style grille to get all of the dead bugs,
or any kind of grease or tar, or anything else you would pick up while you’re on a road trip,
just as this vehicle was. (brush scrapes) You can also use it on your
emblems, and you can use this even if you’re just doing
your regular detail. You can also use this for your intricate or hard-to-reach areas, so the crevices of your grilles or
emblems, things like that. But since we’re using
Nonsense, we don’t need to rinse it away, we can
just simply wipe it off. A lot of people ask us,
do you need to come back and wash the vehicle again, or
do you simply rinse it down, or you can wash it, or
basically wipe it away? Since we’re using Nonsense to basically neutralize the surface,
you just wipe it off with a clean microfiber
towel, or, if you have a lot of mess, you can also come back with the hose and rinse it all away. Either way is perfect. (bottle sprays) But I’m favoring the
Nonsense because it has that foaming agent in there that helps us to gently remove anything
that’s on the surface, but it’s also helping it glide, so it’s not going to scratch. (brush scrapes) Same thing for down here
on the plastic trim here that you see that there’s a
lot of this gray staining. We’re gonna spray a little
bit of this onto the surface. (bottle sprays) And Nonsense is great
for removing any kind of old dressings, any kind
of grease or staining. And again, it’s going to make the surface prepped for the next step,
which could be your dressings, or if you’re going to put
a coating on the trim, this is going to make it so that it’s basically a fresh surface to start with. (brush scrapes) (bottle sprays) (brush scrapes) And again, it’s safe
to use it on the paint, so if you’re in an area
here where you have trim, then plastic paint, then trim, it’s safe to get that
on the paint as well. Nonsense is safe for your
paint, if you’re wondering, so it can basically just
remove any kind of grease or anything that’s on the
surface, because, again, it’s an all-purpose cleaner. A lot of people think
that you can only use it on interior or engine
base, or things like that, but virtually, it works on any surface, as long as you dilute it
properly for the application, which, today, we’re using a 10-to-1 ratio, because this stuff is
fairly well embedded, but it’s not going to
need an aggressive clean, just gently scrub it away. If you needed something really strong, you could use it at full strength, but diluting it is going
to save you product, and it also is just a gentle
way to clean the surface. And then we’ll just finish it off by rinsing it down and then drying it, and then you can use
your favorite dressing to help revive the look
as well as also protect it from any kind of harmful elements, or next time on the road trip, it’s gonna make it
easier for bugs or grease or dirt to slide off the surface. So this is just basically a quick way to remove anything that’s on the grille or the exterior of your
vehicle from a road trip, or maybe even just from
your daily driving, depends on where you work. I know a lot of guys who work construction that have concrete or tar that builds up, so this is a great product for that, to remove it gently and safely. And if you guys wanna learn
more about this product, head over to our website,, or your local Detail Garage. If you like today’s video, be
sure to give it a thumbs-up. Drop your comments down below. Happy detailing. (intense music) ♪ Daughter, father ♪ ♪ Daughter, father ♪ (intense music) (dreamy music)

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  1. I need that 1,2 punch of Bug and Tar Wash with Nonsense for all these Arkansas bugs in my grill!!

    Also, I need a bigger caddy to hold all your awesome products! Great video thanks!!!

  2. I used Nonsense full strength on a wall stain in my living room and it took the paint off my wall 😂 A great product overall

  3. I could watch these videos all day and not get nothing done lol I've been hooked since buying my a BMW after my raise and CG products

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