How to Clean Vinyl Records : Cleaning Vinyl Records

Okay now is the point where we’re actually
going to clean the record. So you’ve got your record, you’ve got your cleaner on the record,
you’ve got your cleaning medium, I’ll be using my diaper. I’m just taking one little corner
of it, getting it so I only have a small piece of it, because it’s pretty useful if you’re
cleaning a lot of records in a row to conserve space. You don’t really want to use the same
piece too many times; maybe two records in a row, but maybe not. Though if you’re only
cleaning one record, you don’t have to worry about that. You can take it put it right on
it’s not going to damage your record, you can rub it forward and you kind of just shift
and keep it going in a circular motion.
You can do it as quickly or slowly as you want to. Make sure not to touch the inside,
because this record cleaner will take off the coloring on the inside of the record.
And you can go around a quite a few times, just make sure it’s clean.

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  1. Which record cleaning stuff, and did you mention the importance of not putting plain old tap water on records? Or getting the records dry for that matter? A record with fluid left in the grooves will gunk up a stylus, with the possibility that it will skate across the record, thus ruining both needle and record.

  2. Tap water usually has a lot of chemical and other crap in it that can gunk up anything. The chlorine will help destroy the vinyl too.

    As for drying, you can buy absorbent lent-free clothes from a lot of places. Air dry works too, like a hair dryer on a low setting from a distance. Some compressed air is not bad just make sure not to hold it too close else the coolness will cause dew to forum.

  3. Most stupid and useless way to home clean vinyl records.

    There is a better way to clean records. Begin placing the vinyl on a flat surface, not holding it with fingers as this dude does. Use clean water, clean towels, dishwashing detergent and a clean sponge. Play record inmediately after cleaning.

  4. Notice the thumb repeatedly pressing on the suface of the vinyl; not good.

    If you must manually clean a record, it should be placed on a flat surface (like your turntable platter), and your fingers should only touch the inner section (where the label is).

    Never let your greasy (even if you do not see it, you have it) fingers touch the area where your needle will be.

  5. 3M Microfiber Cloths. Buy some, moron.
    Also, next time try a 2:1 mix of distilled water and denatured alcohol with a drop of photoflo added as a wetting agent. Works better than that dish soap/water in a dirty bucket you were using in your other video.


  7. What a horrible method..Never ask a DJ how to take care of records. They have no clue! They spend their entire life putting millions of finger marks all over their records.

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