How To Fix Video Lag in Ubuntu 9.10- The Easy Way! (With Audio This Time!)

Okay, hello everybody. Umm… I apologize in advance
I did a test earlier and found out that there’s an audio lag with my microphone And, so, yeah. My movements may not exactly be with my stuff Alright, I’m gonna make this quick Alright, switching to the second desktop,
so I can demonstrate better. Um, in the video I previously uploaded, the thing that was just, you know just video, no audio, um.. I explained the problems with video lag and things like that if you were to you know play a video and… The biggest problem I noticed That was after I did the Envy thing to install my… at least that’s when I noticed it, it could have been happening before.
… Screw that.
After I used Envy and installed my thing, um, I noticed that, um there was Every time I double-clicked the uh video player to make things full-screen it would um it would just close the whole application and I wasn’t sure what caused that and so I did some tinkering around and I found that it was
a pretty simple solution I kind of smacked myself for it all you have to do Is right-click on your desktop… go to change desktop background… and… right now it’s set to background, of course but you can go to Visual Effects. (And by the
way if you want to do it the technical way go to preferences and it’ll open op this window of course, it’ll probably open it up on “Theme” or something After this, go to Visual Effects and set it to NONE. I mean, I enabled my card, so I can do the extra effect but that lags a lot of things you know this capture
probably would be going a lot less smooth My framerate would probably suck the mouse moving right now You know, it would probably be all blocky like this and my audio would be –random noises– whatever you know so set it to NONE in my case because I mean I’m using
a Toshiba Satellite from 2002. With a Nvidia GeForce 4 440 Go
and that’s just for a laptop and so it’s not the best graphics especially for an old laptop like this So if you just go to Visual Effects and set it to NONE at least when you’re watching video. If you
wanna, ya know, impress your friends with all the WHEEEE!!!! MY WINDOW JIGGLES! And all the things like that, after that, ya know, you can do that. but yeah there’s a simple solution And I added it with audio this time. So yeah. See ya

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  1. i have resolved video lag, try to install better codecs at first, Klite codecs with ffdshow ,and AC3 codecs, if you are running 64 bit system , there is also Klite 64 bit codecs, go to graphic card display software in my case ati catalyst control centre and set up card properties maximum perfomance less in quality.. thats all guys,
    by the way also install advanced system care, and uniblue power suite (speed my pc and registy booster)
    use BS player pro for video playback!

  2. Gom player and VLC are also ok!
    and last thing update latest drivers.!
    check your CPU, GPU temp. with Everest! regards from Croatia!!visit us, Novalja, island of Pag

  3. I put my version number here as a reference. I'm sure you could try this and it may work just fine.

  4. That is a good way to help media players, but it doesn't really solve any lag in Flash player 🙂

  5. Videos don't lag but when i'm playing games in facebook it's really laggy!Any ideas how to fix that?I'm using Linux Mint 13

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