How To Muffle Your Bass Drum

– Does your bass
drum sound like this? (drum beat) And do you want it
to sound like this? (drum music) Hey everyone, I’m Jared
from Drumeo and today I’m going to teach you
how I muffle my bass drum. All right so here we are at
the front of the bass drum. You’ll notice that this is
a very old and beautiful kit and it doesn’t have a
porthole or resonant hole in the resonant head. I didn’t want to cut one
in there because it’s the original head and I want
to just keep it original. So in this case I have to
actually take off the bass drum head to put some
muffling in there, but in the case, you had
a porthole, just be really careful when funneling
things in and out of there, that you don’t
actually tear the head. So the resonant head is off
and its got that nice vintage drum smell and you’ll
even notice it has a few internal bass drum
mufflers on it, which I’m not really using. They don’t really do the job
to get the sound that I want. Now another thing I’ll say is
every drummer is different. Some drummers want a really
open bass drum sound, some drummers want a really
kind of tight and constricted bass drum sound, maybe
they’re using triggers, maybe they prefer a very
specific beat or action on the drum head. Everyone’s different
and that’s totally cool. What I’m going to show
you is a much more general muffling technique that’s
going to give you a nice round tone. So it’s not completely
going to cut the tone. It’s just going to muffle
some of those overtones that you don’t
necessarily want there. So what you do is you
find some towels, okay, in this case I got
some beach towels, a nice pink beach towel,
and I fold it in half, then I fold it in half again, drop it on the floor and
then roll it up like so. Then I take this and I place
it in the drum so it’s up to the same spot on either
side and I just gently push it against the drum head. That’s what I do
on the batter side. Now on the resonant side,
we do the exact same thing. In this case it’s folded twice, lay it down, roll it up. Now in the case that you
don’t have a porthole, you want to place it
halfway out, so when you put the resonant head back on,
the muffling is actually resting against
that resonant head. If you just push it all
the way in, and put the resonant head on, it’s not
going to be placed perfectly. In this case, it’s halfway
out and I go ahead and take that resonant head,
gently place it back on, put the hoop back on. So once the resonant head
is on, tighten it until there’s no wrinkles in the
head and the tension rods aren’t wiggly. That’s kind of where
I like to get it. In the case you want a
different sound, go ahead and tighten it up or leave
it nice and loose. So now let’s go to
the back of the kit. I’m going to show
you how it sounds. So it’s two beach towels and
a little bit elbow grease, here’s how it sounds. (drum beats) Now I don’t know what
you can hear on your end, but here it has a
nice full round tone. We never killed
all the resonance, it still has that little bit
of resonance that tapers off. So you have that attack, right
when you hit the bass drum and then it has a little
bit of resonance, and then it’s gone and that’s
exactly the way I like it. This is a great application
for any sort of rock music, people playing in church,
any clubs where there’s just a house kit there. It’s a very, very good
general muffling technique. So let me show you how it
sounds within a groove. (tapping sticks) (drum music) That is how I
muffle a bass drum. Make sure you leave a
comment below and tell me how you muffle your bass drum. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next video. (techno pop music)

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  1. I’d also augment muffling by purchasing the roll of window weather stripping from a hardware store. It’s got the adhesive on it and you can cut it to your desired length and then stick it right on.

  2. Nice sound! Would it be handy, for transport to gigs, to lock the towels with duck tape inside the bass drum?

  3. All well and good until you transport the kick drum to or from a gig and the towels fall into the middle of the drum………..

  4. Awesome and practical, Jared. Cheers! Wondering if you could please share the breakdown of that groove you played afterwards?

  5. I use the DW Pillow which is a stretched out H shape. Basically it does the same thing as our boi Jared shows us the towels do in the video. But it doesn’t cover as much of the head as the towels. However it does have the Velcro attachments for the shell. Which hold it in place.
    With both the batter and resonant heads I tend to keep a “snug” feel on them. Just a little past getting the wrinkles out. So it’s probably a very similar sound to his kick drum. Minus the part where it’s a completely different shell lol.

  6. You forgot to tape the towels otherwise they will obviously move, Simon Phillips has been using this method for year's, check out his video.

  7. I put crumpled newspaper inside the drum. dampens the sound pretty good. I used the Vancouver sun, but I've heard the georgia straight sounds better…lol

  8. I muffle mine with a pillow but not in the stereotypical way. I'm also using an Evans Emad 2. (Edit) And every drummer has their preference when it comes to tuning.

  9. Trick I got from my old instructor was news paper.. take a section or 2 depending on what you want.. cut the paper in like 1 inch strips then cut down the fold line.. throw them shits in and forget about it.. they dampen and you don't have to worry about anything sitting on the heads!!

  10. I'm poor. I use 2 old pillows for my double bass. And duck tape under the toms. And broom handles and broken sticks to hold my extra cymbals.

  11. I've never muffled my bass drum before – my kit has the original resonant head and no porthole, so will try exactly what you've done here … thanks. 😎

  12. I use acoustic panels cut in half and place them on the head of the bass drum.
    I release the other part of the drum, without the resonant head. Gracias por tus aportes colega!

  13. I'm happily surprised to find an hollywood kit here. I have an old Hollywood president kit. It's an italian set! This resonant is not original. Hollywood doesn't use Remo

  14. I do the exact same thing with multiple bath towels, but i tape them together and I call them my "Drumpons" ….I add or take out one or more out thru the porthole to achieve whatever sound I'm looking for per club I'm playing in that night

  15. Thank You, Jared, Juan Here. Thank you so much for the video. I just trowed a couple of t-shirts and it sounds okay. I really didn't know what I was doing, And this method wll be better. I let you know how the Bass will sound.

  16. Great video but I agree with some of these comments that the towels will move over time and transport. I do the same thing but with a pillow that touches both heads

  17. I muffle it the exact same way… But… I did not know the trick of letting the towel halfway out before mounting the reso head back on. Thanks for sharing.

  18. In a previous video you used an Evans EQ Pad, is this 2 towel method superior to the EQ pad or is this a “use what you’ve got” kind of a method?

  19. This is good if you don't move to your kit to a gig. I use a very soft sponge like a towels. More better sound, more easy to way on the gigs.

  20. when I use this kind of muffling towel near the beating head always moves to the center of a drum and doesn't touch the head anymore. Very often it falls and 2 edges just lie on the bottom of a bass drum. Thats why I decided to use evans EQ pad system and all problems went away.

  21. this is way too much muffling for a drum. You cant hear any of the natural sounds of drum.It sounds like a dull fart or a cardbord box being punched.

  22. I like that sound and it does sound good threw my bose ear buds. I use pillows like that but think ima try towels rolled up . Im always experimenting . Thanks J

  23. So many ways to go about it. Simon Phillips has a neat technique he’s been using for a while, and it’s evolved over time. It went from rolled up towels against the heads to no resonant head and a blanket with a paint can sitting on it.

  24. Thanks for noting the personal preference option. The nature of the heads I'm using provide enough muffling for me. I use no other muffling. this provides me with a dynamic range as opposed to a uniform and may I say monotonous "thump".

  25. I created my own custom muffled bass drum head by placing weather strip foam air sealer tape around the inside edge of the drum head. Worked absolutely perfect and it saved me 50 bucks ! I used it on my fiberskyn single ply head.

  26. And then once you transport your bass drum you have to do it all over again? If you love the original head so much, take it off and put it away. Use something else with a porthole. Doubles and triples are easier on the bass drum when you can get the air out. But what the hell do I know

  27. Been struggling with this. Thanks for the video! I play in a punk rock band and the kick is very constant. I’m usually nowhere near muffled enough or way too much. I hope this get me closer to where I want to be.

  28. I like that sound different kind of music you got to use different sounds but that's perfect it has resonant not too much if there's too much resident it's hard to play fast cuz it just sounds like a bunch of noise

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