HOW TO : Record YouTube Covers on Garageband

what's up guys welcome back to my youtube channel I am back and I'm better today I'm going to be making a video that is not really something that people want to share I feel like personally when I go to ask my singer friends ask them like questions like how did you do this how did you do that they would normally just like brush it off and they will just like forget about it or they would just you know change the topic they usually don't want to tell me I don't know what it is but people who just don't want to share stuff like this so today I'm going to be making a video on how I record my YouTube covers how I do them in GarageBand really really simple so I want to share with you guys so if you ever want to record a song cover or whatever maybe this video could help you so yeah without further ado let's just get started into this video so let me just move my ass over to this side okay so I'm gonna be doing a screen record over here so y'all can see okay so let me just start screen recording okay so the first thing I do is basically you find a song that I want to do a cover so let's say we want to do a cover of Beauty and the Beast okay so you go on to YouTube and then you search for Beauty and the Beast karaoke we search for the music that you want to use it could be your own original or whatever just search for a music I'm gonna choose this one so you want to click the share button and then click copy link so you want to copy the link and another app that I would suggest you guys download is a document this app is really good for downloading YouTube musics into I mean a YouTube video like you know when you you to convert to mp3 yeah you can download those into this document app so basically you just go onto this button right here right here this one click on it and you will it will not take you to this because I've been downloading a lot of music that's why but basically click on the search bar and then you want to search for youtube to mp3 converter and then click on anything and it will bring you to one of the websites and then I would just click convert a video so sorry for all the ads not my fault and then you want to paste the link and then click start so now you wait okay so when you see this then you just want to click on download and then something will pop up just like this and then you want to click done and then you go back to here which is like the folder sign and then you go back to downloads and then you will see your song right there this is my song right here so click on the song see if it's the right line if it if it is the right one then you can proceed to record the song on Garageband so basically what you want to do before you exit the app you want to click on this three little buttons right there click on that you want to click share and then you want to click Save two files okay save some files you can save it to anywhere I usually save it under documents by Riddell so I click add and then now you want to go to GarageBand the fun part not really that fun but when you go to GarageBand oh I was just recording a song God is a woman you guys this video will be up after God as a woman so I hope you guys enjoy it god is a woman if you did enjoy it make sure that thumbs up this this video and also comment down that you liked it on that in this video whatever and then okay when you come to GarageBand you want to click the plus sign right here click the plus sign and you want to click voice okay so you will come to this page usually what I will do immediately is our off this thing see this thing this one right here run off it so it's it doesn't make the doc talks up you feel me and then I will click on this one so will bring you to another place this one the one that looks like words okay so it will bring you to this page right here and then what you want to do is you want to record the song foot so you can decide whether to import them song or record it I would recommend you record your voice so basically this part is really crucial you will need two phones at this point if you don't have two phones I don't know what you're gonna do to be honest um basically you need two phones basically you take another phone that you have and you want to go on to YouTube on your other four and then click on the music that you download it on your current phone ok and then you want to play that current key on that phone put your earphones on that phone listen to the music and sing along with it so you want to click record when you do that when you do that you want to record ok and then you're done right you're done make sure you are having the earphones in your ear and you are recording it according to the karaoke that you have chosen on a YouTube previously because it's really important because if you were to just sing it like this without any music you might be like off tempo so make sure you do that that's usually what I do so and then you wanna okay this is your recording ok you have finished recording this is your voice and then now you want to import the song so to import the song you want to click on this one the one that look like an infinity thingy click on that and then you want to go to audio files right here and then right now you don't see your song you want to click browse items from the file app and then right here you will see your song right here so you want to click on that wait for it to like flash a little ok and then here is my song it's right here so you want to click for a few seconds and then pull it down ok so that's basically it now all this left to do is you want to match your voice according to the music basically so let's let's do that okay okay oh sorry I forgot to tell you guys one important thing is you need to extend the range I don't know what's it called but you need to extend it so you can sing for as long as you want so basically click on this plus button right here click on that and then you click on section a and then you want to turn on automatic so it just doesn't stop like the bars and stuff so you can sing for however long you want okay okay let me just reinforce the song so sorry guys okay so now you see it's all like it goes all the way so make sure you do that because that's a very important step okay so now you want to match up your voice so that's the last time this is where you want to get in so you know when you are supposed to get in so you just pull the oh boy okay you can stretch it however you want you can just do this to stretch it like this see you can stretch it yeah yeah so that's basically okay that's just an example it has like audio tune I don't know why I do not use autotune right here pitch control let's keep it off cuz it makes my voice sound so weird so yeah basically that you just want to match your eyes together with the music let's hear it again till this so let's see what I'm saying you should listen to the music while you're singing it because I'm off-key right now so make sure you do that so that is it that's literally how I record my YouTube covers at the moment because I don't really know how to use a mic to do so even though I do have a Mac like laptop right now but I really don't know how to do that yet I'm doing it the simple way recording on the phone so and it and just britain doing great i mean it sounds good so we're gonna work with that until i learned how to record with a mic and if i do eventually record with a mic i will let you guys know about all of that if you guys want to know so yeah that's literally how I record my YouTube covers after this step after you record the audio you basically play it while you're recording yourself lip singing to it and then mute the current video and then insert your audio and that's basically it YouTube cover is done so it's really really simple but I really just don't know why people do not share them I mean we gotta help each other out you feel me so if you guys learned something from this video make sure to give this video a thumbs up okay subscribe to your girl I mean I literally just taught you how to record on GarageBand so why don't you consider subscribing please okay just hit the red button down there and also the Bell button so you get notified every time I post and yeah thank you guys so so much for watching and make sure to leave some comments down below on what videos you guys want me to watch next and I will probably do one and yeah I will see you guys in my next video bye nice don't play with a doll be decide still got understand in its logic Hey

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    Link refers ! I have a brother who is mentally challenged being a Down syndrome. He makes all kind of noises and more by playing with empty bottles . He can’t speak and breathes very hard as he suffers from allergic asthma. He is totally dependent. Besides, I also have my pet dog , a pug called Bronco to keep him company . Pug is also noted for heavy breathing. My apology to you if those sounds have affected your concentration and raised some eyebrows ! Now I go away as far as possible from both of them to do my recording 😍♥️!

  2. Ohhh, oh nooo, girl you doin too much! This has so many unnecessary steps! Lol You need to upload the track into Garageband, then add a new voice track, select the voice track and hit record. It will play the audio from the music track because they're on the same timeline, but because you have headphones on it won't pick up the music, just your voice. No clue how or why you're managing to wear headphones to the phone playing the song you're singing along to, because you can't hear yourself. The phone playing the video you're singing to isn't the one doing the recording, and you need to hear the music, so that's the one your headphones are in. So how the hell would you even hear yourself as you go?? No no no./That's all wrong. lol

  3. It sounds bad anyways,it can’t catch the detailed vocals,atleast not for me
    I’m too lazy to do so much xd,there’s no way to get the vocals on a phone mic

  4. No excuses nowadays you can do cover and mixtapes all on your phone.. then sell your voice.. sell your mixtape out the trunk of your whip literally. No excuses if you have a talent

  5. Your hair looks fine. You don't have to keep primping it. Your beautiful, smart and I love how white your teeth are!

  6. When using these audios can you get copyright? If so how can we prevent it? Or can we not prevent it at all?

  7. While my video is converting after it converts it keeps saying that there’s an error if that has happend to you can y’all tell me what to do

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