How to set up a home recording studio ( In Bengali / Bangla ) – Suggestions/Advice/Tips – Tutorial

Hi friends I am Ayon Chaklader. I have come
once again to CHAKLATV. This is my second video on CHAKLATV &my first tutorial. I don’t
know if it is a tutorial or not. Today what I am going to say is how to set up your home
studio. So first of all why would I create a sudio. I think a person should create a
studio if he thinks he has talent. Only musicians should not create a studio but also people
who has interest in sound & audio can also create a home studio. Example : Sound works
like mixing & mastering. Not necessarily it’s a song. It can be anything with sound & audio.
First of all then u can set up a studio. I referring to audio studio not studios for
photography. I am talking about audio recording studios. ok, secondly if u think u are very
talented in music, if u think music is inside of u then u can also create a studio. There
are talks like that who does the technical works of studios ? Musicians or programmers
? Many people call it music programming rather than music production. Many musicians do not
do the technical works. They just give the direction to do music. Other musicians just
plays the instruments for them. They don mix & master. The are also musicians. But today
there is a new generation musicians who do all the things by themselves. We make the
rhythm by ourselves. If u think u have talent in anything & u can do something in a audio
recording studio u can create a studio. Ok, now what I am trying to say is u don’t need
to spend too much at the very beginning. But I think it’s not so important to spend a lot
of money. U can just start with your PC or laptop. U can start from there. U can try
your talent. i know many people who invests a lot of money. But they can do nothing in
their studio & after a few days they sell all their equipment. Even they buy voice processors
or voice preamps & the sell it after a few days. So not being sure of their talent they
come here to make music. These things happen a lot. Now, if we want to start there in so
need to spend too much. If u have a PC or laptop then u should try your talent first.
U can download the demo versions of the music production software. Example :Cubase, FLstudio.
U can download the demo version in a normal PC or laptop. U try your talent. U don’t need
to spent too much money at the very beginning. Ok. let’s see what we need to create a home
studio. When u are sure about your talent in anything like sound or music. U can be
sure acout your talent if people surrounding u insists that u have talent or you will know
by yourself when u play different types of acoustic instruments like harmonium, piano,
guitar , esraj etc. Then u came here to work. Many musicians do not do the technical works
by themselves. Another person mix & master their songs. They just play one or two instruments.
But they don’t do the technical works. U u don’t want to do the technical works u don’t
need to create a studio. New generation musicians do all the things by themselves. Lets come
to set up. Firstly u need a PC or laptop. What we call audio interface or soundcard
is a very important thing. My soundcard is M Audio ProFIre 610. If u are sure about your
talent then at least buy a soundcard. U can also record without the help of soundcard
now a days. Midi keyboard is the thing is from where the signal is passe through the
PC & plays the viral instruments. In normal keybors if u type abcd wr can abcd in the
screen similarly if we play the notes in the MIDI cable the notes are visible & hearable
. Sound cards are mainly to hear sound. There are built in soundcards. U can use USB Microphones
or USB keyboards. Then u don’t need the soundcard. U can connect those directly to the pc. But
there will remain a problem called Latency. What is Latency ? U play a note in your keyboard
but the signal goes through a little bit late. I will discuss this briefly later. Now what
I am trying to say is u just get a MIDI?USB musical keyboard & Soundcard. They are very
important. U need them today or tomorrow. Lets talk about speakers. U hear/listen through
the speakers. U can buy any speaker at the beginning. My speakers are semi-professional
as they have only 4.5 inch woofer. Professional studios have bigger speakers. But they work
just fine for home studios. We use mini speakers as this is home & people live around us. So
we can’t disturb them. Id we play music loud our neighbors will want to leave us the house.
So these are primarily important. I have started my mixing & mastering with amp speakers. U
can use microlab/creative 2:1 woofer speakers. U can start with them. U can try your talent.
Then u buy monitor speakers when u bocome profesional like Rokit, M AUDIO, Presonus,
Yamaha there are a lot of companies. There are expensice speakers like dynaudio & Genelec.
U an buy them. I will make a separate turial on speakers. Then comes the part of recording.
U need microphones to record your voice or any other acoustic instrument like violin
or guitar u need a microphone. U can record direct some instruments with mono cables.
Bu if u want to record your voice u need a microphone. There are mainly two types of
microphones for studios. One of them are condenser microphones & others are dynamic microphones.
Condenser microphones are professional studio quality microphones. But u can also do professional
works with dynamic microphones. Dynamic microphones are less costly & condenser microphones are
more costly. If u have budget, if u are a student u can buy a dynamic microphone for
recording. My dynamic microphone is costly than other cheap dynamic microphones. My microphone’s
price is 6500 taka. It’s Rode m1. I also have a condenser microphone & It’s also Rode Mic.
It’s rode nt1 &the price is 19500 taka. SO there is a huge difference of price. Rode
m1 is 100 dollar in the international market. Rode m1 is a very good quality dynamic microphone.
My first album HRIDOY MAJHE was done with a very cleap dynamic microphone. & my sound
card was also very cheap. My presenr audio interface is almost professional. There are
great performing cheap audio interfaces in the market &it’s possible to make super quality
songs with them id u know how to do it. Many people will discourage u. The will advise
u to spend a lot of money. People used to discourage me.
They used to say thar I need a very costly soundcard & microphone. No, that’s wrong.
U don’t need to buy expensive thing so early. U should upgrade your studio gradually. Then
u spend more money on studio. U can just start with a PC,a MIDIkeoyborad a soundcard, microphone
& a speaker. Start first. Then u busy expensive equipment. But first try your talent. If u
spend a lot of money & don’t succeed then u have to sell all your equipment at a very
low price. U know that electronic things are not sold at the same price they brought. The
price falls. So u will have financial loss if u are not smart enough. So try your talent
first. Many people don’t know that where in the Bangladesh these equipment are found. I used to go to multiplan centre/
IDB building. I asked them for soundcards. They couldn’t provide me soundcard. They always
showed something wrong. Then a gave me a soundcard also. But it was
not for musical purpose. They were not professional audio recording soundcards. They are soundcards
for listening to songs & movies. If u want to buy professional soundcards u have two
places in Dhaka. One is Bashundhara City Shopping Complex & the other is Science Lab Musical
Shops. The shops in Bashundhara City are World Music, Guitar Center, Melody & others.. If
u g oto sciencelab I will recommend u only melody bcz all of these are available there.
So these are the thing u need to know primarily to create a home studio. Bcz I didn’t get
these kind of helps when I was a newcomer. Room size, placement, soundproofing, acoustic
treatment and others will be discussed later. Bye for today. How was
it ? Plz comment. Comment below. Share the video & subscribe the channel. Thank u everyone.

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    জানাবেন প্লিজ

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  7. আপনার ঠিকানা বা যোগাযোগের মাধ্যমটি যদি বলতেন..

  8. Vaia Ami gan record korar jonne ekta Yamaha 4 channel mixer kineci but laptop e connect korte parci na record er jonne. Akhon ki korbo ? Please help me. Thanks

  9. vaia focussrite scarlett 2nd gen..ek box e microphone shate sound card..eta kmn hobe vaia sound quality ki professional hobe pls janaben

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  12. ভাই কেমন আছেন। ভাই আমি যখন রেকর্ড করি পিসিতে ।তখন অনেক noise.আসে কেন। কি করলে noise আসবে না। দয়া করে একটু বলবেন ভাই

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    আমি FL STUDIO 12 সফটওয়্যার দিয়ে কাজ করি। মেলোডি মেকিং টা একটু বুঝিয়ে দিবেন অন্য একটা টিউটোরিয়ালে।
    সাউন্ড/মিউজিক নিয়ে কাজ করার ইচ্ছা আমার অনেক।
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  19. Dear vaia , thanks for ur suggestions. i want to be a singer and wanna check my vocal . i can sing easily .Could u plz instruct me?

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