How to Source Products to Sell on Amazon with Alibaba, DH Gate, Thomasnet, & Google

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being said we’re just gonna jump right in alright guys so today I’m gonna go over
how you can actually source products from overseas as well as you know within
your country depending on where you are so first and foremost I’m gonna go over
sourcing from Alibaba for you and talk about how I actually go through that
process now this was a question that I got asked through email as well as a
couple times on one of my retail arbitrage courses people looking to get
into private labeling and so on and so forth and so I figured I would go ahead
and touch on it today to knock all that out for you guys so if
you want to get into private labeling this is your you know your opportunity
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you some value you know basically kind of saying you know the course is I think
I just yo I’m and say you know you the course
is is live now and if you’re interested in going ahead and grabbing that then
you can either find it here or there and you know we’ll move forward with that
but I’m going to touch on Alibaba and sourcing from Alibaba and then I’m gonna
give you three bonus places that you can potentially source products here going
forward so maybe you found your product on on jungle scout you know you’re
you’re kind of going through product research and you finally found one that
looks good that you want to source overseas maybe you found that you know
through it another channel that’s not jungle scout you know unicorn smasher or
something along those lines or you know maybe just found it on your own and
stumbled across it and you kind of want to source it we’re gonna touch on that
we’re gonna go through the process of how you source it it’s very very simple
there’s some things that you’re gonna want to pay attention to but here we are
on Alibaba and then I’m gonna touch on like I said the other ones so I’m gonna
go through Alibaba because I’m sure that that’s what 90% to 95% of you are
actually going to use now I have like I’m currently sourcing my fifth Amazon
product that’s private label right now and right now this is actually the
second one that I’m not sourcing on Alibaba so I’ll touch on some other ways
like I said after this but I’m sure the majority of you will go through Alibaba
so I’ll touch on how I source the other three from Alibaba so here we are in
Alibaba and I’m basically gonna search maybe I identified one of the things
that I’ve been seeing recently kind of pop up is let’s see what I do a lot of
retail arbitrage online so and if you’re interested in getting that retail
arbitrage course which is phenomenal I’ll actually link a card to you know
going over the process of how that actually works and how you can make
money doing that I make roughly 10 10k in sales on just doing online and retail
arbitrage through Amazon every single month and you know that that can be
anywhere from 5 to maybe 7 8 K in profit depending on each product so like I said
I’ll link that card up in the right-hand corner if you want to check that out
right now that way you understand what I’m talking about
one of the products I see a lot lately has been letter boards so we will go
ahead and try to source a letter board so what I’m simply gonna do is on this
type the broadest keyword letter board into Alibaba it’s literally that simple
and then I’m gonna go through and I’m probably going to want to not just pick
one but I’m going to look at the prices the ratings obviously the transaction
you know and their response rate that’s the three key things another thing to
pay attention to is these little you know these gold suppliers on the side
you know whether or not they have those badges not always 100% vital but just
something that you’re gonna want to pay attention to you can clearly sort
of–sort nuts horse you are sourcing you can you can clearly sort through trade
assurance if you’d like to definitely go with trade assurance or a gold supplier
I don’t really do anything like that I just kind of literally go through slowly
and kind of pick my you know my whatever manufactures I see that are good so if I
were trying to source a letter board what I would do is I’d go through and I
would I would first and foremost either get a word document or you know just a
normal piece of paper and I would write all this down so I could see it kind of
in front of me in my face and sort it better that’s crucial because some of
these people are some of these manufacturers are gonna have different
prices different you know minimum order quantities and so on and so forth so and
like I said this is something that I’ll touch on completely in depth in my
course not just overall but in the actual sourcing model from overseas so
this one right here looks decent the response rate isn’t that great so we
probably should stay away from them because the key the key with with
sourcing is not just the price in the minimum order quantity what you see here
is 300 sets and they can range from depending on how many order 4.8 480
sorry to 550 but the response rate is crucial because if you you with Amazon
you want to rank on on your product so just kind of touch on Amazon really fast
here if we go to a product let’s actually even just search letter boards
and I’ll show you how many of them there are
that’s not letter boards there we go search you know and let’s just pick a
random one here this one looks like it’s fairly new
this person has seven reviews they’ve probably just launched relatively
recently and you can see here that they’re ranked 4889 in office products
so not that bad if we look at jungle Scott they’re probably selling you know
looks like four or five hundred a month I’d say that’s probably a bit high since
they just you know they’re probably ranking right now that’s probably heavy
aggressive PPC and a lot of different other things
so they probably realistically saw 200 to 300 maybe on average a month but
that’s the key so you want to be you want to keep your sails high but you
also want to stay stocked in inventory sorry I didn’t mean to highlight that if
you want to keep your bestseller rank up because that will mean that you’re
you’re obviously selling more and you basically you’d be ranked higher in
search results so if somebody types in letter board like I actually did you’re
gonna pop up higher in search results not just through your PPC but also
organic so you’ll see that this is literally ranked second on Amazon and
that’s why they’re selling so many of them right now because they’re ranked so
high so you’re gonna want to keep your items in stock and the way that you can
do that is by reordering when you get low now if you you go to reorder and
they’re not very responsive and that’s the key with a response rate then you
know you’re gonna have trouble getting your your items back in on time and then
you’re not gonna have any sales if you if you run out of the inventory it’s
just the whole thing that you kind of want to avoid so stay tuned for another
bonus tip on how you can actually you know not source or Alibaba and help
yourself out with that later this is actually like what I said I do on two of
my products and I found were very very you know effective but so I mean I might
look into this maybe they can’t uh you know maybe they go a little bit lower I
might look into them but that that response rate definitely kind of gives
me a little bit of red flags this response that rate is a little bit
better at 77% they have trade assurance they have one year as a gold supplier um
and all I forget exactly what gold supplier means I just believe that they
that means that they have a lid to keep it simply I’m not sure exactly what it
means but I know that it means that they have a history of selling goods so
whether or not they you know they have a history of certain customers well they
have a lot of you know sales or manufacturers or many factures sorry
just overall it’s a good indicator that they’re successful in the platform the
longer they have the gold supplier badge for so I will did I get that one already
I did oh that’s Amazon so I’m gonna check into this one and just to keep it
simple we’ll just run through this cuz I don’t want to waste too much of your
time here I just want to kind of go over it you know kind of a little bit to give
you an idea this 42 percent forty two point seven percent I’m gonna stay away
from that 37 stay away from seventy two point nine that’s pretty
decent trade assurance and eight years of gold supplier with a little bit
higher of this and a two hundred piece minimum order quantity so I’m gonna open
them as well and like I said you’re gonna want to look for about five to ten
depending on what you’re searching for there might not even be ten of them a
lot of times there are but you’re gonna want to source five to ten and then
reach out to them and kind of touch on those things now like I said this is a
little bit higher here but this is don’t ever take this at face value obviously
you don’t want to be too greedy and to kind of you know negotiate –iv that’s
not even a word but we’ll just pretend it is you don’t want to be too greedy
you you do want to negotiate but you don’t wanna be too greedy like I said it
is important to not take these at face value so a lot of times you can
negotiate a lower price a lot of times you can negotiate a lower shipping price
whether you’re doing Freight on board or you’re doing air and a lot of times you
can actually negotiate a lower minimum order quantity to so the mlq is not
always what it’s set at a lot of times you don’t want to take this at face
value it’s important to negotiate so I won’t touch on that real fast I might
open this one this one looks half decent one year seventy six point one response
rate and there’s trade assurance like I said you’re gonna want to go ahead and
you know pick probably the best five to ten there’s a bunch here Jesus and
that’s pretty much how I source from overseas then I’ll reach out to each
excuse me contact each supplier I’ll go ahead and I might say hey I was looking
to you know potentially order X amount of units whether that’s you know 200 300
400 you know I was looking to get a quote I wanted to do air supply or not
air supply air shipping I don’t know whatever I’m coming up with air supply I
want to do air shipping I was looking to get it door-to-door with air shipping
you know could you give me a quote on that and they’ll reach back out to you
and a lot of times they’ll either give you a quote or they’ll say you know oh
our minimum order quantity is this or that and then as you hear back for more
and more suppliers you’ll you’ll see kind of the different nuances of each so
some people might be a little bit more flexible than others they might be
willing to work with you a little bit more than others drop them in an order
quantity lower their price and you can obviously like I said you don’t want to
be greedy but you can somewhat play each manufacturer off each other and be like
listen I got this offer from this manufacturer you know you guys seem like
a great company I would love to work with you but you know it doesn’t really
make sense for me financially to do that if you’re your minimum order quantity is
here or your price is here but you know this you know X person is here so like
you like I said you can play each other off of each other you can play them off
of each other but you need to contact a couple of them I suggest 5 to 10 of them
and then when you hear back just literally pull the trigger it shouldn’t
be too too much you know I would put lowest 500 and that’s kind of pushing it
you might want 500 to maybe a thousand maybe 1,500 to 2 grand if you’re really
getting up there with a with a you know a fast over or a high amount of order
but like I said five hundred to a thousand should cover your first order
and then as you make money you can reinvest in order more but that’s how
you source from Alibaba obviously if you have any questions drop them down in the
comment section and I’d love to get back to you you know there’s a lot of it’s
it’s a lot easier than you think but it does you know kind of behoove somebody
to walk you through it that way you understand it now I’m gonna touch on and
as always you can email me too at Bryan that’s Bryan with the Y at BG mediate
innovation comm and I’d love to get back to you whether you want to drop it down
in the comments or literally ask me through email but now I’m gonna touch on
three other ways that you can actually source from overseas that aren’t Alibaba
that not a lot of people I think they know about it but they don’t necessarily
use I feel like the kind of the trend is just you know source from Jungle Scout
or uniform it’s corn smasher and then you know source from Alibaba or product
research from unicorn Smasher and jungle scout and then source from Alibaba but
that you can find a lot of great things on DHgate is actually another wholesale
website and then as well with Thomas net now I believe Thomas net is just for
Canada Mexico in the United States just kind of North America and I’m not sure
if th gate is either I believe dhj is global
that’s something keep in mind but you can also source for men cert the sort
Wow Wow let me just take a pause here for a
second you can also search through google for manufacturers and this is
actually how I found my last product the one that I sourced from from
actually the United States so something to keep in mind is and by the way you
could this literally goes the same as Ali Baba with DHgate
and Thomas net you literally just search for the for the whatever your keyword is
and then you sort through a couple of suppliers so maybe if you you know you
live in North America you want to do Thomas net and Alibaba and then kind of
see you know what you what kind of options you have in both it’s important
to do this and it’s also important to search through Google and the reason
being is just kind of show you letter board manufacturers near me it’s
important to kind of do this and kind of go through and look see this is actually
suggest you Thomas not right here but there might be somebody that you’re
overlooking that’s close to you so for me this this obviously did differs
depending on the country that you’re in and you know where you’re sourcing from
but with me and my last product specifically there were a lot of
manufacturers in the United States that manufactured that product and so I
looked in Alibaba to manufacture that product but then I also looked in Thomas
net and I googled it and I actually found my manufacturer by googling it and
I didn’t see them either on Thomas net they might have been a little bit down
but I didn’t notice them at first and I did not see them obviously on Alibaba
because they’re not in China or Russia or India or anything but that’s how I
found my last manufacturer and it’s important to do that and the reason
being is because even if you’re paying like 50 cents more per unit with an
American company or you know maybe you’re live in Australia I’m not sure if
that as many manufacturers there or maybe you live in the UK there’s a
manufacturer there something like that or Canada it’s important to understand
and kind of you know really do your research not just with your product but
also with your manufacturer because like I said I might have been paying fifty
cents more per unit but I had a very very fast response rate because there
they were in the unit US and I also had a very fast reorder rate so if I was
going getting low on inventory I could just reorder I didn’t have to worry
about reordering two to three weeks in advance potentially I could literally
reorder a week before and then get that into you know the that the Amazon
warehouse is very very fast so that was added benefit for me and
worth paying 50 cents more per unit and on top of that obviously I was dealing
with American people I didn’t have to have that that kind of communication
barrier there as well as the fact that I didn’t have to worry about customs or
paying any of that and obviously the majority of people from Alibaba should
pay that for you it’s kind of you know it goes in that cost that they’ll put
into your your you when you communicate you’ll see what what I’m saying but they
basically tell you okay this is what you’re gonna pay for this this is what
you can pay for that and this is the total for everything and they you most
of them should cover that cost and if they don’t I would negotiate with them
to do so but for me it was just important to kind of you know really get
somebody that was closer to me if you can if I could do that and I suggest the
same thing with you so whether you’re doing cop Thomas not like I said
so we’ll just go to them really fast again Thomas I don’t know what is wrong
with me Thomas oh my god that’s two in a row Thomas Netcom or DHgate are the two
that I suggest and like I said you can also Google to find manufacturers near
you and kind of just sort through them but hope that that helps you I wanted to
walk you through that today to kind of touch on the fact that you don’t just
have to be stranded to alibaba you can look around in other places obviously
Alibaba is probably the best as the most manufacturers for the cheapest prices
and they all compete against each other but it’s also important to look in other
places for other opportunities as well because other people won’t be using
those manufacturers as much either I hope you liked this video go ahead and
hit that like button as always it really helps the channel grow and I genuinely
appreciate it if you’d like to see anything else you know about private
labeling going forward like I said this is our Channel and I love feedback so go
ahead and drop a comment down below and let me know if you’d like to see
anything like that or shoot me an email and let me know through email I’m always
I’m always open to suggestions about making new videos like this and with
that being said I’m going to end the video here and I hope you guys liked it

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