How to Throw a Karaoke Party at Home – Karaoke Night with Archeer Dual Wireless Microphone System

Got a karaoke party you want to host? Or just looking to replacement your existing
microphones? Check out this wireless dual mic system from
Archeer. This is a really simple kit that includes
two battery powered handheld stick mics. They work on two different RF frequencies
to avoid interference. The stick mics have metal bodies and are color
coded on the bottom for easy identification. The windscreen is also metal and has flattened
edges so they don’t roll when you put them down. Audio connection is made with a quarter inch
plug. And you’ll need a guitar amp or other powered
speaker for this to work. The microphones are locked to their own frequencies
that you can see them on the LCD displays. One thing that would’ve been nice is to be
able to see VU meters move on this Archeer mic system when speaking into the microphones
but these just stay the same no matter what the levels are set to. And when you’re ready for the big night just
add some LED strip lights and you’ve got yourself a cool karaoke party at home! Because this is a two microphone system, you
can do solos or duets easily. And you probably already know this but there
are a ton of karaoke videos on YouTube you can sing to. For a better experience, just connect your
TV to your stereo for high-quality music while singing karaoke. I hope this gives you ideas on how to start
your own karaoke party. Please give me a thumbs up if you found this
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