How to Use Nuendo : Recording Vocals & Plugins: Part 2

You select the plug in that you want. Then
that plug-ins dialog will come up as well, ok. So this right here is your “EQ Box”, equalization.
Nuendo has some preset equalization EQ’s that you put on certain parts. Whether that be
vocals or whatever. Then you can create your own as well. This is your plug-ins dialog
box effects and EQ. Again, by selecting the “E”, this dialog box comes up and that is
how you select all your plug-ins for one particular track. It is time to record. You select the
track that you want to record on, by pressing the “Red Button”. Now, I have what is called
a “Control Surface”, I use the “Taskan US 2400 board”. It is connected directly to the
software and the transport, so my stop, play, record, rewind, reverse, all that is interactive
with the software.

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  1. I see a number of plugins have been loaded in to the Insert section and the Sends section. I am not asking for the brand names..just want to know the what they are like reverb, compressor, de-esser ec maybe? If so which ones are on the Insert side and which ones are used as sends?


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