If I talk, the video ends – Minecraft

“If you talk, the video ends” Okay, okay I won’t talk Let me just check this is on – yep it is Alright let’s get back into any world I’ve been on and here we are, back to the place where I misplaced a block ah, finally some alone time no need to talk, or nothing that is out of the ordinary I can mine and have a good time all I got to do is not talk! easy okay so where was I… I spawned in this desert biome (which is one of the rarest to find by the way) let me just melt that gold and I will be off exploring I’m looking for…. (2 hours later) a bucket! I’ve been wanting to get some water for a while (doesn’t realize he’s too small XD) (why is he going around? You tell me) right I will get some blocks while I am going up aaand here we go back to the dark – ouch – we go I’m fine, perfectly fine don’t worry about it what should I do with this bucket of water? purity the soul of my subscribers who ask so much of me? The things I do for your guys *sigh* Okay, I know this is very long, but you’ll see, you’ll see here we are I just need a bit of obsidian (or not) oh coal, I always need coal (rule #1 in Minecraft) (never dig straight down) oh shit *panics* I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead Well… I don’t need to scream I am perfectly calm L-let’s pretend nothing happened Continuing on with this beautiful day in minecraft I just have to walk back to the cave! no problem I just need to find it (doesn’t seem to remember where he is) I could have screamed right there when I died, but I didn’t (there is also a mineshaft right above his cave XD) This video will last long and I will finally get some watch time I found my way back – ow – I should probably fix that gap, but later Now, we go exploring and hopefully some of my things survived… nothing survived *sigh* I should have followed the rule to NEVER dig down in Minecraft! (irl sigh can be heard) I am not angry, it’s perfectly fine let’s just craft a pickaxe and continue on! We still have much to discover in this world We are very low on resources so I will have to go out there in the wild! and here we go (ominous voices in the background can be heard) ah trees in the distance! and I am also back to my house which is pretty far from the cave and now I can rebuild everything I’ve lost from this little incident I’ve got some iron and all I need is wood let’s get some wood I’ve told you this video was going to be long since I am not talking right now are you entertained by what you are watching right now? is this what you wanted of me? (mouse clicking sounds) (also the ominous voices still in the background) I have to replant trees, good for the environment and now I can finally craft my items to further explore (tries to decide what he wants to craft first) let’s start with my pickaxes and a sword to protect myself against creepers (we all know what happened when he saw a creeper last time) (is still searching) (this is very long but I am still laughing when he fell in lava) (I’ll take this moment to thank him for being such an entertaining person) (and also bringing smiles upon thousands of faces) (u da best) Only scared people wear a helmet and boots I don’t need them let’s see what’s in this village I’ll “borrow” all of these thank you don’t mind me why would villagers live just beside a dangerous ravine and now that we’ve plundered their resources I’ll be able to have some food more bread, gimme the bread my only diet will be bread from now on delicious bread I think it’s time to head back to the mine (I’ve been doing this for an hour now XD what am I doing with my life) I should probably visit that mine shaft one day this time I was careful coming down the stairs Let us see if we can find some diamonds this time I shall be careful this time we dont want to fall in lava again… alright we are safe more coal for the furnace, perfect (careful you’re getting near the lava spot) (sinister sound playing) what in the world was that? nothing apparently I am not scared, I didn’t talk or did any sound not this time lava ♪ mining, mining, mining ♪ ♪ always mining something ♪ (I’m not sure what his goal is at this point…) (mines in a regular beat) I’m going to speed run this mining gotta go fast It’s going to be 6 blocs this time I have a plan to make a castle with all these cobblestones and we are back to four to go fast well, there doesn’t seem to be any diamonds so perhaps I should do something else… (zombie sounds) nope not today mister zombie let’s mine this way. Maybe we’ll be more lucky (I’m hearing lava… I am not sure what will ensue…) (again with the ominous sounds in the background) (♪ why u always minin ♪) (♪ you friking minin’ ♪) (♪ hmm omg, why you fricking minin’ ♪) (only the veterans of vine will understand that reference) yes, I have finally found some iron but this is not what I am looking for… (Lava sound isn’t good…) Finally, something interesting! there are probably some diamonds in the lava, but I won’t take my chances… going up…. and nothing… Very disappointed well, I suppose I should head back continue my endless mining in this dark cave alone… without talking – and I found lapis! If I get more diamonds and obsidian maybe I will be able to make an enchanting table and more redstone (more coal) well there is nothing else there let’s continue… one day I will find my diamonds (Coal: The Return) (very late at nigh, it’s kind of relaxing, but I think I get why it will get boring for some) (still, happy that he can make longer videos XD) (even if it dooms him to mine for the rest of his life) (finally some music) (Back To The Coal) (ParashockX’s new asmr mining video concept) (mines for 10 minutes straight without stopping) (until his pickaxe breaks) Well, I couldn’t find any diamonds… (he should probably block that lava spot before he falls into it…) I may have lost my sense of direction where is the exit? It’s not there (And it was at this moment that he knew) (He fricked up…) No no no no Not again! (Lava: The Return) (Have a good evening, we love you ParashockX) Aight imma head out eeeeeeeee cool cool subscribe

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