Is Smallville’s Tom Welling Finally Suiting Up as Superman for “Crisis”? (Nerdist News)

– Is Smallville’s Tom Welling finally donning the Superman cape for Crisis on Infinite Earths? Slap on your undies over
your tights, Smallville fans, because do we have some news for you? While Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame positioned themselves as the greatest crossover event in history,
DC’s superhero TV event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, is definitely shaping up
to be a worthy challenger. We’ve been hearing news
for a few months now about casting additions to
the CW’s team up special, like Supergirl’s Tyler Hoechlin, and the original Robin, Burt Ward, and just last week, we learned that fan favorite Batman, actor Kevin Conroy, is joining the cast as older Bruce Wayne. – I am Batman! – However, since it was announced that Brandon Routh of the
CW Legends of Tomorrow and 2006 Superman Returns
will be joining the event to reprise his role as the Man of Steel, fans have been clamoring
for one super alum to return as well,
Smallville’s Tom Welling. In fact, they’ve been welling up. For folks who may have been in a coma, or weren’t even born yet,
Tom Welling played Clark Kent for a whopping decade, 10 years. And Smallville’s success
came to be a defining moment for the modern TV superhero
movement, paving the way for shows like Arrow and
The Flash to succeed. So why would Welling be joining the Arrowverse now, and
how do we even know? Well, in a post to Instagram, the 42-year-old actor, he’s 42 now, wow. That’s right, people age,
and Cheaper By the Dozen alum shared a video of him
on a shoot in Africa. Now, on that post, a fan commented, “I hope you’re in Crisis
on Infinite Earths.” Crying face emoji, praying hands emoji, to which Welling replied, “Duh” with three exclamation
points three of them, duh. Now, we can’t read inflection
or sarcasm on the internet so this means one of two things. The first is that Welling is saying, duh, I’d love to be in
Crisis on Infinite Earths, or the duh that fans are hoping for is, duh, I am in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Because Tom Welling played
Clark Kent/Kal-El for 10 seasons on Smallville, for many
fans, he is their Superman. On top of that, despite playing
the character for so long, Welling never actually
wore the Superman suit in real life, in the show, no, no, no. In the finale of Smallville, the suit that he flies around in was
CGI-ed on him afterwards. Yeah, they pulled a Green Lantern. – I know, right? – Weird. So if Tom Welling reprises
his role as Superman in the Crisis crossover event, this gives him the chance to actually don the cape and tights for the first time, giving fans what they’ve been hoping for for Welling over a decade now. In fact, when it was revealed that Superman would show up on Supergirl, back when the show started in 2015, Tom Welling’s name was instantly
thrown into the mix by fans and while that never came to be, and, to be honest,
Supergirl’s current Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin
is mwah, curl, chin. It left fans with a Welling-shaped hole in their hearts, and fans aren’t the only ones who want Welling
to suit up as Superman. Stephen Amell, who kind of helped kick off this whole Arrowverse
thing in the first place, said at Comic Con that he also wants Tom Welling in Crisis on Infinite Earths. If he says it, then it has
to happen, that’s canon now. Plus, with both Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh playing
their versions of Superman in Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, there is absolutely no reason that Welling can’t return as well. Come on, Greg Berlanti and
company, make this happen. Literally nearly everyone
wants this, except that guy. We’ll talk, we’ll chat
later, we’ll chat later. But we’ll just have to wait and see if DC is making the most ambitious
crossover of all time, again, by adding Tom Welling as Superman to Crisis on Infinite Earths this December when the event starts, but
what do you folks think? Do you think that Tom Welling is gonna finally wear the cape and tights? Which of your on-screen version of Superman is your favorite? And do you still get chills when you hear the Smallville intro
song, Somebody Save Me? ♪ Somebody save me ♪ That’s all I’m allowed
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100 Replies to “Is Smallville’s Tom Welling Finally Suiting Up as Superman for “Crisis”? (Nerdist News)”

  1. If anything tom dressing up as superman should be a surprise and if he does dress up they would most likely get him a customed made suite make him the golden age superman and after the universe make him the main superman who is now older and wiser.

  2. Yeah apparently he really really didn't want to be known as the guy who played Superman. He even convinced producers that finale should feature as less Superman as possible over the phone after reading the script and seeing it starts with Superman and follows him as the hero till the end credit. Can see him appearing just to say he left his super suit back in his universe.

  3. You lost all credibility when you said “Crisis on infinite earths is shaping up to be a worthy challenger…” I think you forgot it’s still the CW we’re talking about here.

  4. I think Tom will do it as long as we get the Smallville theme song playing in the background when he dons the cape.

  5. I didnt know Chobot was out. I thought she was on vacation or something. Sorry have to unsub now. This new girl is annoying.

  6. I will say here what I said when I heard this elsewhere. him not donning the Blue and Red in the season finally of Smallville ruined that for me. I waited 10 years for it. IO know he said he only wanted to play Clark Kent and not Superman, but it was the last episode man, they even HAD the suit right there. If he is going to be in the DCTV Crisis, he better wear the fucking thing or just not show up.

  7. The Remy Zero theme song feels definitely still register. And slightly unpopular opinion here, but I wish Welling could have been handed the "Kingdom" Supes character, and Routh given a similar cinematic style identity, maybe even the og Chris Reeves costume. It just seems a better stylistic fit between the two actors. Here's to hoping something happens for Welling in the Crisis story, it would definitely be appropriate given what DC TV has managed to become, and the role Tom played (Superpun) in getting it there!

  8. Actually cause theey need it and cause of his age and things like that I Would like to see him as they're Batman that has been missing for so long honestly

  9. I stopped watching those CW shows but will watch if Welling comes back. Gr8 memories watching Smallville with my daughter

  10. I just watch the end of Smallville and you do see him in the superman suite, way more than you see bruce in the batman suite at the end of gotham.

  11. Tom Welling was a great clark kent but in my opinion he never was a kinda superman. "No flights, no tights." He was the actor who played clark kent most longest time. But he never was superman. They also create a new name to not calling him a super man. "Übermensch". He was just the blur. No reason to hate but he stardet the show when he was 24 and end up when He was about 34. Chris Reeve, Dean Cain, John Newton, Gerard Christopher or this new tyler guy has stardet earlier.

  12. My favorite is Dean Cain. Lois and Clark is so good. I have been watching it on the DC universe app. I missed it growing up in the 90's I was kind of to young to enjoy it when the show was originally on TV.

  13. This is what the Superman universe has so desperately needed since the departure of Chris Reeve r.i.p, no offence to Routh, Cavil, Hoechlin, all contributed but there was major element missing!!! and it’s that same element that Tom Welling capitalised on the Smallville show, the same element Chris Reeve mass burn so colourfully in the first two Superman movies!!! which stands to reason why the Smallville show lasted 10 years!! in conclusion finally … at last some justice can be done to this iconic role that since the end of Smallville has been handed around like a joke!! Cmon Tom do the Superman fans proud 👍🏻👌🏻

  14. I'm amazed.
    Maude manages jumps around my favorite YouTube channels like heroes in a whore house.

    She is never going away is she?

  15. Girlfriend reviews was right, unless Endgame had Batman and Steve Urkle, then Smash Bros. is clearly a more ambitious cross over.

  16. Tom Welling vs pretty much any of the other supermen, or me is a pretty bad fight. I probably phrased that badly, but I'm 6'2" and 244lbs. I'm also a berseker, I can demonstrate hysterical strength without reason.

  17. I would love to see Tom Welling as Superman!! Eeek!! that would be phenomenal and wish granting for us Smallville fans <3 Keeping my fingers crossed.

  18. Yeah Arrowverse is pulling out all the stops for Crisis on Infinite Earths, except in the writing and directing. If the writing wasnt so astronomically poorvin Arroverse shows, Welling would have guest-starred a long time ago. I will admit, some of the actors in the last 3 seasons of Smallville were so bad its hard to watch. Namely the Tess Mercer and Zod characters. Those performances havent aged well.

  19. Yess please I need Tom welling as a Superman in crisis on infinite earths also need to rewatch small vile it’s been to long

  20. Tom Welling said Duh.. to the kids tweet.. doesnt mean hes gonna be superman or clark…probably just a small roll…. the kid should have added in his tweet "as superman"… but he didnt

  21. fuck D.C.T.V
    .U., .however I'd love to see Tom welling as Superman ( suited up as supe!!!, finally ) and also "Kevin Conroy" as "Old Batman"🤯🤯🤯 , I'm going to have too watch it!!! "Touché "D.C.T.V.U. ,Touché!!!…for now you bastards are 😡😡😡😤😤😤…🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  22. Listen up nerds! Tom Welling is a douchebag, he is afraid that playing Superman will Typecast him and he will not get any good parts in Hollywood, like he has done anything worth mentioning since Smallville ended, the man is an arrogant douche and a hypocrite he said he would play Batman in The Crisis but then he would be Typecast as Batman the man is a hypocrite and a douche stain I hope he's not in it I would rather see Lynda Carter before that 6 foot 4 piece of crap

  23. This would be the greatest thing in the history of EVER! Barry "flashpoint " Allen couldn't screw this up! What if Tom came back as O.P. Superboy Prime!?🤔😲🙏

  24. Can you imagine the outcry if a male had done this video and made the same comments about someone like Melissa Benoist that she's made about Tom Welling and Tyler Hochelin? Jesus, the blatant sexism on display is alarming.

  25. Tom Welling as a Superman in Crisis crossover would be awesome, but I'm not sure Tom wants to wear the costume because he never wanted to on Smallville. If he does, I think he resembles Kingdom Come Supes more than Brandon Routh as KC Supes.

  26. As an Aussie, it's pretty surprising when you click on a Nerdist video and see Maude Garrett. I used to love listening to her when she was a radio host back in the day.
    In other news, I'm so psyched for Crisis and really hope that Tom is going to come aboard. As if it wasn't crazy enough that Kevin Conroy was joining in!

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