100 Replies to “Japanese Children’s Song – Donguri Korokoro – どんぐりころころ”

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  2. I wish you added the English words beneath the hiragana. Also I wish these were sang more slowly. Right now I'm changing the playback speed to slow it down I wish there was a cartoon that had simple sentences spoken very very slowly and it had hiragana and katakana with the corresponding English word below… Thanks

  3. This is something to do with an acorn rolling away from the parent tree, becoming lost and having a slightly scary adventure.

  4. Donguri koro koro donburi ko
    Oike ni hamatte saa taihen
    Dojou ga dete kite konnichiwa
    Bocchan issho ni

    Donguri koro koro yorokonde
    Shibaraku issho ni asonda ga
    Yappari oyama ga koishii to
    Naite wa dojou wo

  5. てるちwっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっっnっnてるおめでとう5おおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとうございますおめでとうおめでとう

  6. Thank you, JapanesePod101, for uploading all these videos. It will prove to be useful in attaining a good amount of familiarity with the language, at least where I can keep up with the audio, kanji, and kana.
    On the other hand, I know I'm cursed to get some children's songs stuck in my head >.<

  7. ブスブスブスブスブスぶすぶすブスブスブスブスブスブスブスブスブスブスブスブスブスブス says:


  8. so when i was a kid. i have a toy that play this song. i have no idea what was the title of the song. THANK YOU AFTER 14 YEARS I FINALLY FOUND THIS

  9. どうでも良いことかも知れないが、
    「どんぐりころころ どんぶりこ おいけにはまってさあたいへん どじょうがでてきて こんにちは ぼっちゃん いっしょにあそびましょ」

  10. ありがとうございます estoy estudiando japonés y buscando los días de la semana me encontré con el vide

  11. Listening to these songs really puts into perspective a few things. 1) Polite form Japanese is truly useless for anything outside of speaking to a boss. (I knew this from living in Japan already, but it reinforces it.) 2) Listening to this makes no sense without learning conversational Japanese and colloquial forms. 3) No matter how far into Genki I get, whenever I come back to one of these songs expecting to understand it I leave feeling defeated and like I'm wasting my time.

  12. Can I ask if there are any kid's songs sung by adults?
    The high pitch and lack of clear enunciation makes it really hard to hear what is being said. Even the woman's voice is trying too hard to be 'kawaii' and isn't clear.

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