Jenna Marbles but she’s an Edwardian lady

Morning Miss Marbles Hi Bitch!!!!! It is splendid to see you indeed. Thank you so much for coming. It’s not your birthday, I’m not gonna do this with you all day. No, of course not. You are looking marvellous as always, Miss Marbles. Such a lovely dress. You don’t even like clothes… I admit I can be ignorant about the newest fashions. So what is this one made of? So, this one is a beautiful… soft…feels almost like linen…nice and light for summertime…. It’s such fun fresh colours. There’s some blue, some pink, it’s just really really beautiful you know? It is nice to have some extra colour in your life. There’s a nice little hole in the back in case you’re wearing your harness and you need to pull your leash through. But it is also such a soft material, it just feels really good. It sure does. How is your dear husband? He’s a chill guy. Like, he just like to hang out, relax, not do a lot. But when you put a shirt on him, it gives him a boost of confidence, like he knows he looks good. JM: He is called a girl a lot. Good for him. I must admit my dear husband is quite busy these days so. He keeps playing billiard with his friends- What a sporty, athletic, little guy. You ever look at your face and you’re like, “I’m tired of it, I want a different one”? No, I am afraid not. Shall we try some cake? Alright it’s time!!! It’s so like squishy and fun, and like, it just feels really good. Try as in … actually eat it I got a hair stuck in my forehead. *Groans* Miss Marbles, please do excuse my impertinence but… why are you behaving in such an odd manner? For fun? And me time? Is this right? What I’m doing? Miss Marbles I am enjoying myself quite a big deal… But I am afraid that I have some business to attend to at home to attend to…. So if you will excuse me… Oh what is that smell? *Sniffs* It’s bullshit. OH HELL YEAH!!!!

100 Replies to “Jenna Marbles but she’s an Edwardian lady”

  1. i love how her responses are pretty valid, even for the time (minus the boston accent and saying “hell yeah”) very well done! feel like even then everyone had that friend

  2. Can we just stop for a moment and think about how Jenna's voice gives her such a different character? It's as if she's Janice from Friends.

  3. If this video had some sort of thought texts to what the Edwardian lady is saying to "Ms. Marbles", she would probably think "Wtf" and "Why am I here" type of commentary.

  4. I had to come watch this again after watching Jenna’s latest meme review. I just read the description, and you must not delete this! It’s the best video on YouTube. 🍸

  5. What movie or show is this? Oh shoot, is this actually a fan made video like the person talking and dressing up in the video isn't from a movie but someone/this person made it?? :O

  6. This is honestly what I would act like if I went back in time. I would want the whole outfit, but then I would show up to events I wasn't invited to, with fidget spinner nails and an attitude like this

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