Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 455 – Full Episode – 2nd October, 2019

Go, get the door.
– You go, I’m sleeping. Please open it.
– Let me sleep. Rascal! Go! Hey.. How are you, Elaichi? Hey, you didn’t ask me if I’m
home, like you usually do! I’m in a bad mood.
Don’t irk me. I’ll explode. Elaichi, the thing is,
your mood and Delhi’s weather may change any time.
It’s unpredictable. So, do you know why I’m upset? How would I know, Elaichi? These are the side effects
of marriage. Elaichi, I’m your dear husband. But I can’t read your mind.
– Right! Only if our hearts were
connected, you would have known why I am upset. All lines to this route
are busy. And I’m having fun.
– Hey, fun guy! It’s your turn, next.
So, don’t act smart. All right? What happened, Elaichi?
Won’t you tell me? You know, Bubbly, my friend..
Her husband takes her to India Gate daily
and treats her to ice cream. Have you ever done that? But, Elaichi,
why would I take Bubbly out? I’m talking about myself!
Why would you take.. Shut up! We have been married
for long now. Yet he has never taken me to
India Gate to have ice cream. See, Sunnu. Elaichi, I.. Hey! Elaichi. Elaichi, you deserve to
be taken over the clouds. You are an angel.
– Elaichi, let’s take a selfie to mark Mr. Pancham’s attempt
to fool you. – Go ahead. No, it’s true, Elaichi.
You deserve to be treated to some ice cream in a grand
ice cream parlour. – No! I want to have ice cream
at India Gate. I am a desi girl
from Chandni Chowk. She won’t spare anything desi. Okay, Elaichi, today, we’ll
take the bus number 261. I’m a special girl.
I don’t travel by bus. Elaichi, I knew it already. Hence, I was thinking
about cancelling it. I don’t have a car.
So, how would I take you there? Oh! If not a four-wheeler,
at least arrange a two-wheeler. You need to arrange it.
I can wait. Make the arrangements.
Or else..- Yes. My life will be miserable. Correct! Okay, bye! You be ready too.
We’ll also go out. ‘Okay, bye’!
– You can’t even plait my hair. and you talk about going out!
He is useless, I’m telling you. He can’t do anything.
Give my clip back. What! – Ms. Sunita, give him
five to six years’ time. Everything will be fine. – I’ve
booked tickets to Jharkhand. ‘A two-wheeler!
I guess, my work is done.’ Wonderful! Greetings, sir.
– Yes, God bless you. How are you?
– Wonderful. What’s the matter?
You are washing the scooter after a long time.
– It’s not be used daily anyway. No, I was just asking, sir. Actually, things stop
functioning if unused for long. Try to kick-start it. It won’t malfunction.
It has stood by me always. And when I eloped with Karuna,
we escaped on this scooter. Really? Yet it survived! It will start.. Yes.. Sir, when was the last time
you rode this scooter? I don’t remember it clearly.
But I guess it was when Elaichi still
used to sit in my lap. – I see. So, Elaichi is used to sitting
in the lap since her childhood. I get it now. I mean,
every kid has this habit. And I’m upset with you, sir. Now that your work is done,
you dumped it in a corner. What do you expect? Shall I
sleep with my arms around it at night? What nonsense! No, sir, I don’t mean that. But,
sir, scooters have feelings too. They have dreams. They also want
to go out, around the city. I wonder what it thinks of you.
Hang on. What? Wh.. What! Sir, you have no idea
what it thinks of you. But do you know what
I’m thinking about you? You think the scooter
would think! Chandni Chowk is already
over-crammed. You want me
to ride the scooter here! It’s all an excuse. This is what
the scooter is saying. The poor soul feels
that you have dumped it in a corner like a trash. It does not like it. It has feelings, too. You are talking a lot. Mr. Murari, I wish
to say a lot more. But I got emotional
on seeing its plight. Sir, I wanted to say.. If you give me the keys,
I can go on a ride. It will heat up the engine. Do you get it?
Your work will be done. Don’t talk rubbish!
Got it? You need not
cook up stories. You are blabbering. I will teach you
such a lesson that you won’t be able
to walk! Get it?
Go from here. Leave! Gosh!
Mr. Murari is so possessive.. Elaichi will take care of it. Yes, Chote.
I have got the ad published. Let people read it. It.. Move.. I am not telling you. I said, let people read the ad. Let’s see what happens. Hang up. I am busy. Khatose, what are you
publishing an ad for? It’s Khasote. I said the same, pal.
Khatose. Say ‘Kha’.
– ‘Kha’. ‘So’.
– ‘So’. ‘Te’.
– ‘Te’. Khasote.
– Khatose. To heck with you. Hey! Khasote! This scooter belongs
to Chote, right? Yes. It belongs to him but not for long. Chote has handed over
this scooter to me. He wants me to sell it. Are you serious? Why are you selling
this wonderful scooter? Do you like it?
– Yes. Mr. Murari, tell you what!
– What? Buy this. It’s for Rs. 20,000 only. You can give Rs. 500 less. It’s like you both
are made for each other. In heaven, 24-7. No. I won’t buy it. I have just washed my scooter. I don’t use it. Brother-in-law.
– Yes. I would like
to tell you something. You don’t need
your scooter. So, I want to say,
give me your scooter. And you buy this one. Our problem will be solved. Why?
Why do you want a scooter? Brother-in-law,
as you know the police
is always after me. It will be easy to escape.
The police jeep cannot enter the streets. It will become easier. Look, don’t involve me
in your crooked business. Don’t blabber! I don’t want to buy
any scooter. Get lost.. Talk to me with respect. I am leaving.
It’s not a big deal. Get lost! He is so irritating. Hey!
Khasote, you have a scooter? Elaichi, how are you? Shut up! Dad, I have been
looking for you. And you are here. You are looking for me?
Oh, right! You wouldn’t have
found money at the shop. Oh! Have I ever
taken money without your permission? My permission? I am hearing this term
for the first time from you. Very bad. I am leaving. Hold on. Listen. How much do you want? I want little money
to have ice-cream. Rs. 500 only. Rs. 500? Are you going to buy ice-cream
for the whole neighbourhood? No. Sunita and I will be having
an ice-cream eating contest. So, we will have to buy a lot. Okay? You must compete
in studies as well. Take it. Here’s Rs. 500. Wow! Thank you, Dad. She has fooled me. What are you doing? Even I am trying.. I mean, I was saying.. She was looking good
on the scooter. Will you leave the scooter now and do some work? Come, I’ll give you a massage. Okay. I was thinking
you wouldn’t. Come on. Listen, Pintu,
clean the spinach well. I am going
to make ‘Palak Paneer’. What! ‘Palak Paneer’. Wow, ma’am! I like it very much. Really?
– Please give me some. You can take spinach. What about paneer? Murari will kill me
if I give you paneer. I will get a plate. Darn! Why is Sonpal calling me up? Let me answer it. Hello. Ms. Pintu. Yes. Congratulate me. Are you pregnant? You’re so funny, Ms. Pintu.
You’re so funny! Anyway, I can do it for you
if you want. Well, the good news is
that I have bought a new bike. As dowry for your daughter? I am glad you bought a new bike. You will stop bothering me now. What are you talking about? I have bought it
to take you on a ride. Ms. Pintu, you have
to go on a ride with me this evening, 6’o clock. What are you talking about,
Mr. Sonpal? How can I go on a ride
with you? Ms. Pintu, please.. Can’t you fulfil a small request
of a friend? Ms. Pintu, please.. If you don’t go with me,
my desires will be unfulfilled. I mean, my dream
to take you on a ride will be unfulfilled, Ms. Pintu. All right.
Since you’re insisting I’ll come. Time..
I’ll be there at 6 p.m. Thank you! Who called you, Pintu? Ma’am..
– Yes. – Well.. Mr. Sonpapri.. I mean,
Ms. Sunita’s father.. – Yes. He had called me. He said, he has bought
a motorcycle. – Really? He was telling me about it. What’re you doing, Mom? I am doing the daily chores.
We are making preparations for dinner. Elaichi, spend some time
with your mother as well. Of course,
you just read my mind. I was also thinking
that it’s been a long time since we chatted. Really?
I am so fortunate! So, tell me,
how are your studies going on? It’s going great. Ms. Pintu.
– Yes? Be careful. Don’t
cut your finger while chopping vegetables. No, Elaichi.
I will not cut my finger. Even if I chop the vegetables
with my eyes closed I will not cut my finger. I mean, you might accidentally cut your finger. Just be careful.
Please be careful. You might cut your finger. I cut my finger.. I cut my finger.. Oh! Ma’am, I cut my finger.. You’ve cut your finger!
I’ll get the medicine. I cannot find the medicine
in here. I-I’ll go bring it. No.. Ouch.. Pintu, show me the wound. I cannot show you.
It’s terrible. It’s a deep wound.
It’s not a pleasant sight. Listen..
– I cut my finger.. Listen..
– No.. Hold on, Pintu..
– No.. I will dress the wound. Listen! Please excuse me.
I cut my finger.. I cut my finger..
– Pintu.. Oh, dear! Pintu cut her finger,
accidentally. I am so unfortunate. Now, I have to give her paneer
along with the spinach. I am so unfortunate. Sir.
– Yes. Did you hear about it?
– What? Mr. Mishra in plot 4 by 202..
– Yes.. The income tax department
took him to task. His house was raided.
– Are you serious? Yes. They had hidden
a locker in the bathroom. I don’t understand why they hid the locker in the bathroom. There’s more. They had hidden money
inside the mattress. Are you serious?
– Yes. Mrs. Mishra’s jewels
weren’t found or else, they wouldn’t
have any money to eat. But how did they not find
Mrs. Mishra’s jewels? They were with me. Why did you have
Mrs. Mishra’s jewels? How is Elaichi? How dare you! Greetings, sir. Don’t you dare speak
about Mr. Murari’s daughter. Sir, I wanted to talk to you
about something important. During your working hours,
you’re here instead of working and you expect me
to listen to you. Don’t be silly. Sir, I have already told you
about Pintu’s uncle, Mintu. They have invited us over
for dinner. They have invited us
several times. So, can I take a leave in the evening? – Leave?
– Yes. You may go. Are you really letting me go?
– Of course. Would I give myself
the rest of the day off? You can take off
on my behalf as well. No, sir, I wouldn’t do that. No.. Why don’t you stay
at your uncle’s house? Stop talking nonsense. Are you here to work or spend time
with your relatives? Sir..
– Mr. Bansal, what happened? Who are you bashing up
early in the morning? Mr. Pinky, what do I say.. What? Hey, let me talk. Yes, you may. Mr. Pinky.
– Yes? Chanchan is not
sincere with his work. Sir, it’s Pancham. Calling you by your right name won’t fix your laziness. Stop talking nonsense. Mr. Pinky, he keeps asking me for a day off. Oh.. Pancham, that’s not right. Look here.
Look at me. I feel exhausted and spent after working so hard but I still don’t
take a day off. Hey, what sort of work? Sir, what I meant to say was is there any sort of work
which you don’t do? You get so tired
after working. Take a break sometimes. Mangilal, don’t worry about me. You do your work.
Let me talk. Yes.
– Sir. Yes.
– Please let me go today. Please, sir. I won’t ask for an off
for the next three weeks. Please. Please, sir. Okay, go.. Thank you, sir. Okay. Oh, sir. I mean..
– It’s very cold. Sir, you’re sitting
on a rickshaw again? It’s fun to roam around
the streets of Chandni Chowk and have ice cream.
Isn’t it, Pushpa? Yes, sir. Inspector Pinky.
– Yes? Do you have a phone? Yes. Is the camera good? Yes, it’s really good. Can you take a picture of us
having this ice cream? We should click a picture,
right? Yes. Wow, it looks great. Sir, I sent it to you.
Check if you got it. My wife is calling.
– What? At this time? Hello! Yes, darling? What! Ice cream? No, dear. I am trying to catch the ice cream gang today. I am on duty. What? I’m having an ice cream.. Darling, hear me out..
Hello. What happened, sir? Inspector Pinky.
– Yes? Whom did you send
the pictures to? I sent it to you. Look at this.
Here, it is.. Sir! Sir, I sent the pictures
to your wife by mistake. How did the number
get exchanged? I don’t know. Now, you will be exchanged soon. I will transfer you
to the traffic department now. And, Mangilal,
I will promote you. Okay, sir. No, sir.. Please don’t do this injustice. Don’t do this to me. No, sir. Keep quiet. You will certainly be punished. You have issue
at least 100 tickets and show me this month. What? – Then
I’ll decide if you will work in the police station or
on the road as a traffic police. Let’s go.
– No, sir.. – ‘Jai Hind’, sir! I have been staying in Delhi
since childhood. So, what did you
even accomplish?

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