'JOSHUA VS RUIZ II WILL BREAK RECORDS!' – Dave Allen on Joshua/Ruiz & fight with David Price

38 Replies to “'JOSHUA VS RUIZ II WILL BREAK RECORDS!' – Dave Allen on Joshua/Ruiz & fight with David Price”

  1. Can bang like fuk Allan people may say he not that good but am tellin ye. He can bang People say it about scousers to they carnt really fight hàha let me tell we bang till heads come of or Evan bang till are own heads come of. If he beats pricey put him in with parker a rekon Dave a put parker out like a lighbulb

  2. I don't get how everyone is saying Joshua is gunna be bigger when these two rematch but how can he become bigger then what he was how can the fight with wilder or fury be bigger now when they could of been saying someone's 0 has got to go but now Joshua gets beat by a bum he needs to get that rat Eddie Hearn away from his corner

  3. I think it's impossible to break ppv records theses days too many free streaming sites I don't buy movies music or ppv,s anymore I just stream for free

  4. Massive respect for this man never shuns a a question and always nothing but honesty TAKE A BOW Dave Allen you the man 👊🏻

  5. Nah mate.. i dont even watch or like boxing! But i know joshua got beat by a lard of mexico and tyson fury would kill joshua. The end.

  6. It will be huge now everyone is talking about Ruiz and he'll have all of Mexico behind him and Joshua brings the UK

  7. No matter how far he makes it in the sport it’s nice to see him have a bit of belief and ambition himself

  8. AJ is in tough situation going forward, beat Ruiz and The next fight will be Deontay or Tyson.., beat whoever comes first and get the re match then fight The other one who may be Deontay or Tyson again + the re match again…lol no more fun for him in the next 5 years

  9. Nice guy but he needs to lay off the drugs world champion omg 😂😂😂 shows the state a sky’s boxing just now it’s fell apart from Eddie opened up in America we seem to be forgotten and now we got to watch Dave Allen don’t mind him being on the openers but a really grudge paying to watch him am sure am no the only one either he’s got far too much to say for himself given his boxing ability is limited am sick a seeing every day he’s doing videos like some sort a champ

  10. Aw bless him Dave Allen wanting to be heavyweight champion reminds me of being too short to go on the rides at Alton towers

  11. David has been told to water down his comments on Joshua by Sky. He clearly doesn’t rate him, and quite rightly too.

  12. Love Dave Allen top bloke and deserves all the success he gets. But lets be honest Dave Allen is never going to be a world champion.

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