KaraoKing Karaoke Microphone

This is my review of this KaraoKing
wireless microphone for Karaoke The mic I bought is black color and as you may know it comes in many different colors I chose black because this seems
to be a neutral color and and good for all occasions and if you are in a party
like environment you can also attach this disco ball for disco light so that
will create a more party light environment or in other cases rare cases
if I need to just use this for some announcement I think black color is good
for such occasions as well the Bluetooth connects with the with the Bluetooth
device quite quickly so I didn’t have any problem to detect or connect a
bluetooth and and the sound from the device has your smartphone it comes
through the speaker of this microphone and which is as expected so there are no
issues or any complicated step so it was very straightforward and it started
working right away the functions in this mic are are quite straightforward you
can see the standard buttons treble bass eco and they work they work quite well
so you know you can adjust the Eco and see how you feel so and there’s some
other controls like you know you can control the your Bluetooth device skip
back and forth let’s see if your on watching playing YouTube you can skip
the videos and those kind of features are also there the quality and
appearance of the mic is good I would say it looks and feels like a real mic
the loudness of the voice and music coming out of the speaker is is loud
enough for indoor use I wouldn’t say it’s very loud but I think it’s good
enough to to sing in inside a room this microphone also has the option to
connect to external speakers now under the mic here you can see this socket
that says “out”. You can find appropriate cables and plugs and then connect to
your home theater or amplifier in my case I was
able to connect to my home theater system however there is a limitation
that I find at least in my case which is that the sound from the home theater
system was not so loud it could be that this audio output is designed mainly for
headphones and maybe it’s designed to be not so loud so that is a possibility it
works okay when I connect to the headphone so you can listen to your own
singing and music in your headphones as well the disco ball that it comes with
it is actually powered by a USB plug so you don’t have to connect it to the mic
I mean you can connect it in a in another another area of your room and
you just need to plug it into a USB charger and it works very well that way
as well it is a small sized disco ball but rightness wise it is quite bright
and it can it can you know lighten the the whole room I’m in a medium-sized
room I would say this is another component that comes with this mic you
can put your phone on this on this stand here and then you know if you are
reading the lyrics it is convenient to put the phone over here so you don’t
have to use both hands while you are singing I have now tried a few times
singing in this karaoke might and I love the experience you know it is it is fun
to sing you can connect to all kinds of songs and you can have fun with it you
know we don’t have to be a professional singer or pursue a career in music to
have funds of singing every now and then and if you like to try it you know this
is a good mic too to try you

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  1. I got one as a gift and it never held a charge. It doesn't work. I can only get a popping noise for about 5 seconds after hours of charging.

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