good morning this morning time today I
gotta wrap my hair so today is the once a week I’m gonna brush it hey
I brush my hair once a week whether it needs it or not wax I know at least once
every two weeks whether whether it needs your nut
she’s so consistent where are we at today we’re drinking coffee we owe first
of all we did a card : guess what’s right there okay thanks so
much guess what’s great day that way station
we parked by a scale but in the rest area scale apart here I the house okay
well I have been called by someone who claimed he knows trusting reason so we’re taking our time
so where is somewhere in Idaho and scale house in a rest area and we’re gonna go
ride motorcycles around play where’s the weird French name you still can’t say D
Alene okay 15 whatever fail is and there’s a
treaty historical markers that we passed so what did you learn the other day when
you fell over on the mountain what did we learn about the temperature the first
thing I learned that is if you fall over on the mountains over you’re with don’t
expect them to come running and sympathising expect them to grab a
camera and take pictures of you a foot Vail video footage or whatever we also
learned that we should have known this from trucking I’m sure we did we just
didn’t I didn’t apply it well enough speed the further you go up the mountain
oh yes we know this but he got colder and colder and colder and the Sun it
wasn’t like going down but it was like evening time what time was like five or
six it was cold anyway today is 47 degrees
supposed to be 60 it’s gonna be sick so we are storm blizzards moving in this
they can take them that’s right tomorrow let us know so
we’re gonna dress it he’s in my I mean these are my Under
Armor long-johns tops and bottoms cuz I know because I got some minus 50 degree
bits at home team we might have to drag them out we’re gonna put on the long johns and
we’re going to put on the full cope with a router here that we have we even gonna
stick on the 101 our heat is fast right like I don’t know what we’re seeking on
you don’t stick them on because it yeah we’re not going to throw us today
bronze are a couple hours come back and load that then beats time we will select
Idaho for our IPO California Washington State Idaho today Arizona Kentucky Illinois Georgia anywhere West Virginia
I think it’s on laughing right now we’re doing pretty good considering this is a
purchase you get full year we’ve had him out and actually when did they come out
wasn’t it July 4th but wait when what is home yeah if we
had them on earlier we would have route to claim that South Dakota we didn’t say
stop the cow help the code we got pages about Rushmore but we didn’t drive in
south to powder South Dakota and I think that’s it
anyway that’s the story we’re gonna eat breakfast or gonna hit the road come
along for the ride if you dare scary as hell
how away don’t be coming after the way you fell over it could be scary
no more followers I’m not generally TV TV Mel okay
she was doing like two miles an hour I wish it fell over guys it’s that she’ll
be all right how’d you need you know what I was gonna
tell you guys I hope y’all are still in the video at this point Carmen we went back to the truck that night and
you know what happened someone fell over and Neosporin on his me where I had to
dock good poor babies me where he fell down
that’s what happens when Carmen comes to get you cuz you don’t care if your girl
falls off her body let’s go look at her guys she’s all bundled up from here to
hell and back again she looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy
she may be the Pillsbury Dough girl and she just don’t know what she’s doing
exactly so I hope y’all enjoy her on her own channel cuz she’s she’s turned into
the Wicked Witch on the West and Black Betty bamm-bamm is her steed of choice I hurt myself today see that sums up
guys jab you and he’s fucking I mean yeah
that’s what I want to do I want to jab him with that finger because he just
annoys the snot out at me oh I just blind you guys with my stuff
is it okay I think I touched it I get in trouble for touching stuff there’s a
truck coming we’ll go after this truck whoo oh my gosh my shirts joking me here okay
gotta just yeah I got on all yeah actually I think most of my winner I
shouldn’t say all of it I have some some heavy boots and stuff that I don’t have
on we’re three or four days into fall we’re in Missoula Montana we rode the
bikes over there at that place that I cannot say that you saw in the beginning
of the video let’s make sure we tell the truth
but there’s three flips now coming over here that will be tomorrow right yeah
look it looks like it’s gonna be bad yeah everything’s stacking up really
pretty see how the clouds are stacking up yeah it’s gonna be nasty over here
before long I believe that’s what it does when it’s coming Pinto is coming
we’re headed home to get that tooth filled we’ve already talked about it
y’all know that I gotta fix it and then we’ll be hitting it and getting it and
getting right back at it because it’s time to start running the south
I don’t think 47 degrees was just too cold to ride a motorcycle I was actually warming him but my gloves
work up my fingers with songs if I got summer gloves and then under my chin
right here an update part of my faceless cause if the air blows up there well
we’ll have to do something about that those little neck Raiders that come up
up to here with ugly faces on they would have helped some but I got something in
mind I like the cold weather they’re they’re
weird and their natural temperature a dog’s natural temperature 104 degrees
you wouldn’t think that they would like it when it’s 40 outside and it probably
has 40 out there what was it say on 55 for years well I don’t feel like it with
this wind the old mileage has been terrible this trip across and stung me
bagging on back at least we got a tailwind this time but of course we’re
headed east so that just takes that we don’t normally this is about the only
thing we spread them for not quite but this is about that’s it
anyway I know this has been a short bloggy blogg guys actually I’ve made 12
blogs this week isn’t that a nightmare 12 freaking blogs for you know three
different it’s gonna be two weeks from now right no we’re on this channel we’re
only a week ahead right now you know usually I’m two months ahead but I’m
only a week into time travel that depresses me but I’ve got the motorcycle
channels two months ahead but that’s also because now when we’re
stopped instead of you working on the vlogs and whatnot we’ve been getting the
bikes down and going for a ride you should insert a clip of the fella
that saw our truck and we were gone he said he didn’t know where but the
motorbikes was gone Brandon yeah I can try but I don’t know
if I can jack that off of Instagram I can try
oh maybe not but we stopped we weren’t there was out right cold
we was anyway we’ll catch you guys in warmer climates which way should we go
94 90 I don’t know whichever way keeps us out at 3 feet of snow look well let
the winds decide see you guys later


  1. Good Morning Kids🌞
    "Happy Columbus Day"
    Won't be long at all until everything will be pretty White until next Spring😲
    Stay Safe👍👍

  2. You know he cares for you in the manly way like we all do, noticed he picked the bike up first to make sure it wasn't scratched, then you. HAHAHA

  3. What is the purpose of the music while you are talking? Makes it kinda difficult to hear you. You are in “core Da lane.“ I have kinfolks all around that part of Idaho.

  4. Sacre bleu! Coeur d'alene is beautiful country. 3m.p.h? I heard she left 150 feet of skidmarks. Try to stay safer.

  5. Lolz thumbnail makes me laugh. Good video, think this winter going to be a bit more than those of the recent pass. But taking time, being respectful of mother nature and all these things ya know and it shouldn't be a issue. Be safe

  6. Hi wonderwomon been watching on the big screen l think you have put on sume pounds dumplings roll by he was get up and roll again missed you both ha ha waiting for reply please do sumthing with volume 😆😆😆

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