Legal Documents Show Randy Pitchford Shifting Borderlands Bonuses To Personal Company

29 Replies to “Legal Documents Show Randy Pitchford Shifting Borderlands Bonuses To Personal Company”

  1. As if anyone is surprised other than die-hard Borderlands fans that want to praise Randy for everything. Actually, they'd probably support this too.

  2. So I am replaying final fantasy 9 currently 42 hours in, and I thought I had been playing it so much I was hearing trenos music inside my head. Turns out you used it for your video. Well played.

  3. If Pitchford managed to keep Jim from noticing shaddy behavior for fear of looking like he "has a hard on", it would just make Jim a bad journalist. It would mean that Jim backs down from simple taunts and fear of looking bad.

  4. Simple, it's not strictly malum prohibitum but, as jusnaturalism goes, it's definitely malum in se

  5. how do I purchase Borderlands 3 while supporting everyone who worked on it except Randy Pitchford? Should I just pirate it and send the rest of the money spilt to their addresses?

  6. I will remember that next time an Epic Spyware Store peasant (or fortnite kid) explains me that Steam is stealing money from the poor devs. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. At this point, I'm starting to think Randy Pitchford is deliberately doing controversial things specifically as part of some over-the-top, roundabout plan to prove his theory that Jim has a "hard on" for him. It's like the Steam Greenlight "Sterling Bait" all over again, except this time on an industry-wrecking scale. This theory of course, only backs up Jim's statement that Pitchford is acting incredibly childishly; Randy really needs to get his head out of his arse and cut the whole "notice me Jim Senpai" act and remember that he's the CEO of an industry-leading company.

  8. Epic exclusive.  No Claptrap.  Randy Pitchford.

    At least they made this game easy to pass up on  Like the opposite of a hype train..

  9. I always liked you Jim but the support of Carlos Maza on your part has led me to unsub and I wont be back lest you renounce your support for such clear Marxist regressive doctrine. You yourself use foul words and shame individuals and corporations alike all The bloody. Yet because someone does says something to you or someone you like that hurts your feelings then you call it, homofobic, biggoted and whatever else that suits your whining. Hypocritical to the max. You support the shut down of free speech on a platform that is made popular by it. Good job mate. Good freaking job.

  10. Jim Sterling: Insults and attack’s tons of people over a handful of talk shows

    Steven Crowder: Makes gay joke

    Jim Sterling: Hate speech!

  11. i think randy may have a serious mental illness which would mmake him a danger to him self an society, and needs psychiatric help.

  12. Good god. Randy IS Handsome Jack minus the good looks, humor, and intelligence.

    And as for 2k's response… yeah, if I were the corporate attorneys I sure as hell wouldn't publicly comment on this situation either.

  13. Wait, you were the big angry British guy with the hard on for Randy Pitchford? Are you sure? Did he mention you by name?

  14. Lot of people here legitimately sound upset about this, but who are you all kidding? Y’all still going to buy Borderlands 3.

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