Lennon Stella Talks Upcoming New Album

we are stoked to have our next guest
join us here in San Francisco it is Lenin Stella welcome back thank you I’m
excited to be here it is literally the day after Thanksgiving and I’m curious
as a touring musician this is your first tour actually or second tour first time
like away and so forth so what did you do
we it was weird not being with my family on Thanksgiving but my – her family we
all got together and we had like a little Thanksgiving brunch yeah it was
nice and what’s Thanksgiving normally like for you and your family usually we
go to our like family friend’s house that live kind of close to us and it’s
just like all their family friends and we just like I’ve been working avian so
our typically we do I like Canadian Thanksgiving which is in like October
but and you know when we’re in the States we do just with like all of our
friends in Nashville parents are as you described the hippie types and so with
them being songwriters and being in the music industry and those kind of things
was it just like oh you’re on tour no worries we’ll see you whenever I mean
yeah it kind of they I mean I grew up with them touring my whole life and it’s
just kind of like a very normal or something we just kind of it just became
normal to us and never was too crazy but I mean this is a long tour like three
months so Dave my sister and my mom off like my dad – I’ve like come out for a
couple weeks here and there like on this tour but it’s definitely a long time to
be away your current single kissing other people was a collaboration from
someone that you met during a writing camp before the writing camp but but we
did it at the camp yeah and so what does a riding camp provide that or what did
it provide that you didn’t know ahead of time and having you know parents that do
this for a living well writing camps like it’s really cool
because you have there’s just a lot more freedom like and this this camp was
specifically IDE for my album so it was literally
I just wrote a list of my favorite writers and producers I wanted to work
with and we just like went to Cabo for ten days and just wrote for the album so
that was very different than anything I’ve ever experienced that was literally
all for me and it was all just like creative with people who I know and love
and have worked with a bunch before and so yeah I just that that was like a
completely different experience it’s just it’s very different like being out
there and not having any like pressure of the outside world or like not being
at home so you’re like it’s not like you’re working from like 11:00 to 7:00
then going home you’re just like always kind of creating and being you know at
2:00 in the morning you could get inspired and want to write and then we
all just kind of go to the studio and write so it’s a lot more freedom now
with the album on deck here where is your headspace by the in terms of
subject matter um I mean I think this album because now you know there’s like
so many songs that can be on it rather than just like an EP or putting out
singles like there’s so much room to get across so many different feelings and so
many different things and you know there’s just it’s there’s a lot more
freedom so with the album it’s just it’s a lot of different things it’s not just
like relationship there’s like family stuff and you know stuff with my sister
and stuff with friends there’s things I’ve seen other people go through or
there’s just a lot more room to be expressive in ways that you know isn’t I
can I can get a car like I crossed a lot more things and now because there’s just
so many more songs would you say it’s close in terms of sadness and happiness
yeah definitely I think it kind of hits it all just because I’ve gone through it
on just being able to like write it all out and have so much time to write it
all out there’s been no rush and then now kind of knowing like okay cool like
I got I have like everything I want to kind of project on you know and all
these songs down I can just put them in an album what can you tell us in terms
of timelines and details I know you get asked this a million times but what’s
the stock answer and then I’ll try to get more this will be I mean really
after that albums out which is the album will be
announced in January so yeah it’ll be like middle of next year that all this
will be happening yeah any semblance of a title is it going to be based on a
lyric I don’t want to give it away and I know I will I’m so bad at hints I will
just give away the whole thing so my lips are what about what about an
anagram my lips are sealed I can’t no nothing nothing but it will
be it’ll literally be out in January which is so soon I mean the the it’ll be
announced in January yeah sorry I’m the worst but I don’t I can’t I’ll be so
upset with myself it sounds like you can’t hold a secret in general
I can’t I’m the worst I can’t I’m so excited
well we’re looking forward to this appreciate the time and great to meet
you it’s me Lennon Stella and you’re watching B sides on air

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