hello Capricorn welcome back to the channel and thank you for tuning back in here we are in August I have your interesting cards for the month from your Astro clock of course and we've got the anchor bird and fish now when we see the fish we're always thinking about money usually and with the bird in my dictionary I take it to mean as financial transactions and things you need to do with regards to money some errands you know a number of things with regards to money and the anchor here suggest that you need to bring something to a head and it possibly amplifies the importance of these financial transactions Capricorn so you want to be clear about what you need to do it's possible that you need to ask some questions it's important to be vocal when the bird comes around and this has to do with your finances your financial grounding your financial footing and possibly some decisions in this regard so let's draw your a to hourglass cards Capricorn and see what else we get with regards to these cards alright Capricorn a generally positive spread I do think it's mostly neutral it appears that you have some things to do we are seeing the house here next to the fish we can which can refer to property I'm saying with the garden and we've got the letter that confirms this idea of communication so let's put together this hourglass and put the whole picture into a hole in the top line we have the garden bear house and moon now the garden and bear usually represents someone of importance and the same thing goes for the bear and house usually the bear can represent someone in a leadership position so on the job it can represent a boss in family it can represent parents or grandparents usually the mother and with the moon on the other side here there could be some kind of invitation that happens an important invitation where there's people of influence and it's also possible when it comes to property and we're gonna read this more in this mini portraits here that you get an offer or you're trying to sell and so on so it looks positive though in general Capricorn I do think that you need to be ready to talk to the right people if that's what the bear is indicating and also to be ready to consider offers and see how we can move your affairs forward because remember that we're looking at these financial transactions or these items that you need to look after that I have this material implication on your life now the bottom line is also positive we've got the coffin tree flowers and letter so the way I read this line is that there's been a waiting time to hear some news and it seems that the news does come because the flowers is a positive card it indicates a return or this kind of the sense of things being refreshed because of the spring energy of the flowers and so you may have been waiting for some news to come through and possibly it comes through now or finally it comes through and because of the flowers and tree being really positive cards it suggests Capricorn that the news comes and it answers what you are hoping for so again this could relate very much to these financial cards here in the Astro clock cards and maybe you were wanting a certain solution or you were working towards a certain way of doing something or a certain goal and it seems that you have a green light or maybe you achieve it all together now moving on to the mini portraits the one on the left has the anchor in it this is a slower mini portrait we've got three strong grounded cars we've got the bear anchor and tree and the diagonals they figure in our at the garden anchor and tree on the one hand and then the bear anchor and coffin so very strong very grounded cards a Capricorn I'll say in the second diagonal bear anchor and coffin you really need to work hard to bring something to completion and maybe it's not hard work but you really need to focus on it you need to dedicate yourself to it so that you can bring it to a head and complete it and it may be something that you don't want to do but it looks like you have to do it and the same thing more or less applies in the first diagonal here we've got the garden anchor and tree I think this diagonal is also about completion or bringing something to a head because of the anchor being grounded but it also has to do with finding the right foundation so that things can grow you know so what seeds do you need to plant as suggested by the garden and anchor so that things can grow and bloom so this is where you probably need to think through the decisions or these transactions that we have here for you Capricorn see what needs to be done so that things can move in the right direction so these are some very strong cards moving on to the middle mini portraits here in the center we've got the bird in the middle of it and we have the bear bird and flowers in one diagonal and then the house bird and tree in the other one so the bird usually represents conversations right and when I see the bear and flowers in this first diagonal it's an important conversation but it's also a positive one so with the flowers we see that it's fruitful so you do get the results that you want or you do get the information that you want the green light that you need so that you can progress with your money finances and other material elements and in the second diagonal house bird and tree we have a similar indication coming through the tree here perhaps slows things down so after you come to an agreement or you have the green light you still need to move forward gradually both the tree and the house are gradual cards they require being methodical don't take shortcuts and that sort of thing and it can also refer to the idea of property or the idea of where you're going to anchor yourself and you see that this pretty much builds on the first diagonal from the first mini port into here and we've got the tree in common so it could be a continuation of that song now the idea of property is very clearly highlighted in the last minute or two here on the right hand side we've got the house fish and letter in one and then the moon fish and flowers in the other so the house and fish with the letter can mean some kind of offer or perhaps you're submitting an interest this can have to do with property the rent or anything related to your domestic well-being so this could be at play it could be other sorts of investments if that's a play it could be some income that you get from a business from your home business from a hobby or even on the job because the house can sometimes you present the idea of your team on the job and the moon fish and flowers is a very positive combination here you get an offer or a bonus or some kind of reward and that is very positive financially for you Capricorn and I do think this is part of this overall material well-being that I think will come through this little action that's going on in your hourglass so all in all Capricorn you seem to have a bit of homework to do you have some things to take care of with regards to your finances some conversations to be had some items to check and some information to figure out and it has to do with some foundations that you're setting for yourself but it also comes through really positively and I do feel that you should see your hopes materialized in Capricorn at least if not this month as there in the coming weeks especially if you said the right foundations for it so let me know how this is playing out for you let me know what you're doing to enable your material success in this sense and very best of luck with it and I look forward to next month's reading thank you so much for watching


  1. Darling ,your reading %100 accurate as always.
    Thank you for the guidance. 🙏❤🌹
    You are BLESSED and talented. 🧿🙌
    Love & light all the way from Canada 🍁❤🙏🌹✌💜🍁

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