Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah (Live In London)

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  1. Humans (and many animals) are, or was created in the meeting of two perfect Trinities.

    1. the Mother, the Daughter and the Holy Spirit, and

    2. the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    Inside the Seal of Solomon. David’s Star.

    Assuming that the legs of these 2 triangles united in the hexagonal star are perfectly intact. Then, and just then, in this truly sacred and wonderful space, spirit and soul are born into the physical, in time and space, into Cosmos.

    As woman’s reproductive organs were out of sight, hidden inside, they seems to be forgotten.
    That space is the garden of Eden

  2. Вы меня простите,но очень Коэн напомнил мне Арканова"Гондурас в огне".
    Не песня,а тембр голоса!
    Замечательный дядька Коэн! И Писатель классный!

  3. Чем то напоминает мне Н.Н.Дроздова.Профессора МГУ! Между прочим…
    Дроздов тоже поёт!

  4. Музыка язык нищего иногда нищей становится принцем иногда умирающий от рака выздоровлевает но это исключение из правил

  5. This is the weirdest song but wow, it really does get you! I've heard it so many times sung by lots of different people, but it never gets old. And I guess 146,127,924 people agree!

  6. i heard of this song throuhg a friend of mine miss flavia Nampiima a ugandan from the ison bpo family then.after alexander nailed it…and my love for the wording has kept me close to the Lord.
    this is one song i would play on my wedding,birthday happy tmes then on nnon n on n on……neera neera neera.

  7. I think this is the best example of a great singer, poet, singing his best song accompanied by talented musicians and chorists. Such a performance!! Fière d’être une compatriote de ce grand artiste!

  8. Me hace llorar y meditar esta linda Melodía Aleluya de cuando estemos ante Él Gran Dios todopoderoso.

  9. Leonard Cohen war einfach ganz große Musik, aber sein Hallelujah übertrifft Alles was ich je vernommen habe, wenn ich einst gehe mag ich es spüren, wenn ich mit dem Rücken zur Wand ach stehe. Du hast uns so viel gegeben Leonard Cohen und bist einfach unsterblich, denn Deine Lieder und Deine Stimme leben.

  10. Ela te amarrou à cadeira da cozinha
    E ela destruiu seu trono e cortou seu cabelo
    E dos seus lábios ela tirou o Aleluia…..

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