HI everyone ! This is ImaginEars and today we reunite again As ever for a new very specific video I have not watched on youtube if If it has already been made In my opinion, I think it was But I wanted to do it my way With the books that I have So I hope this will make something pleasant I think I’ll say it at the end of the video But if you liked, say it in the comments and share the video I wish you a good viewing Like any fairy tale, this story begins with “Once upon a time…” For Disneyland Paris Everything started with the choice of Marne-la-Vallée as the location for the Park. Launched in 1988 The largest construction site in European history, Would give birth to the first Disney destination on the continent. This gigantic project, the result of a unique private-public partnership Between Disney and the French State Has turned Marne-la-Vallée into a major Tourism, economic and cultural pole of the 20th and 21st centuries 18 December 1985 6.05pm The decision is formalised In a letter of intent signed by The Walt Disney Company (then Walt Disney Productions) and the French state. Marne-la-Vallée will be the home of the Euro Disney Resort ! You must know that The signature of this letter is both and ending and a beginning. It marked the end of years of discussions about building A Disney park in Europe, the home of fairy tales. Although the success of Disneyland very quickly gave Walt the idea of setting up another park elsewhere, It was Card Walker, CEO at Walt Disney Productions, Who officially floated the idea in 1976 And approached the French authorities for the first time. However, it wasn’t until the resounding success of Tokyo Disneyland That the project really took off. No less than 200 sites throughout Europe were considered : In Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. In France, the east of Paris was one option Along with Lyon, Avignon, and Toulon, for the sunshine But climate is no barrier to imagination, as Walt Disney Imagineering had already shown in Tokyo Where the World Bazar, the equivalent of Main Street USA, Is covered with a protective glass roof And the final choice was… Marne-la-Vallée ! This was a very significant decision, Which made Disneyland Paris a Disney Resort like no other. The agreement signed on 24 March 1987 at the Hôtel Matignon (Prime Minister location) Laid the permanent foundations of An unprecedented public-private partnership Which would result in Disneyland Paris being built on its current site. Lee Lanselle, Former Business Development Director for Disneyland International said : “Marne-la-Vallée made the difference thanks to its proximity to Paris and the French authorities commitment to developing access infrastructure, And tourism more generally, in the east of the Ile de France region.” The agreement sets the agenda Euro Disneyland would not simply be a reproduction Of the Magic Kindgom already built elsewhere But would be subject to “cultural adaptation”. Disney committed to “taking into account themes relating to French and European cultural and historical heritage.” The press kit produced for the occasion Provides and interesting insight into the vision of the Imagineers had at this time. It speaks about a long street Set during the Roaring Twenties, complete with jazz clubs, a Cinema Palace Showing the popular films of the time, As well as French bakery and a German bookshop This historical transposition was envisaged because the Imagineers Were worried that the traditional, turn of the century Main Street, Would not capture the imagination of European Guests. They therefore looked to cinema and music at the period When America started to influence European culture : Films by the Keystone Cops, Chaplin, Keaton and the jazz music. A funny, innocent and family-friendly approach. We know that in the end it was the original Main Street USA That was chosen for the Park. But this was the first attempt to adapt the formula to a different culture. In Adventureland, Europe is represented by the Swiss Family Robinson, Lawrence of Arabia, Treasure Island and Peter Pan. Frontierland is the world of pioneers and gold hunters, Where French trappers rub shoulders with can-can dancers. In Fantasyland, There are the Sleeping Beauty Castle and the famous miniature world attraction “It’s a small world”. Whilst Discoveryland Spotlights the world of Jules Verne (famous writer), with a 3D film and Captain Nemo’s underwater restaurant. It is hard to imagine today, But these pictures taken in 1987 Remind us of what the Val d’Europe area looked like before it became a tourist resort And a new urban center. Things have changed a lot since then… The first stone of Euro Disney Resort Was laid on 3 August 1988. It was the start of 4 years of extensive work Which transformed the swathes of beetroot fields in the Brie plain Into an urban and tourist complex never seen before in Europe. The first year saw the start of the earth works With 4 millions cubic metres of earth moved To build the landscape for the future resort In 1989, The foundations and electricity networks were put into place, Creating and infrastructures servicing the equivalent of a town of 200,000 inhabitants ! The following year, The Euro Disney Space, giving a glimpse into what the resort would be like, Was built next to Serris. There were 180 contractors And 5,300 workers involved at this time, Before the project moved up In 1991 when over 10,000 workers and 900 contractors Were working on the project both on site throughout Europe The Fantasyland vehicles were built in Italy, And the music for Phantom Manor and “It’s a small world” Were recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra With 5,000 trees 7,000 streets lamps 30,000 accessories, The Euro Disney Resort worksite is one of the biggest construction projects in European history And an inspiring example of cooperation between different nationalities. From there, The countdown is launched. That’s it ! On 2 August 1991, The last tower of Sleeping Beauty Castle was put into place. 17 metres, 14,2 tons. It was unveiled to the international press On 12 October 1991, Six months before the resort was opened, On 12 April 1992, At precisely 9:01 am ! And on top of that, here is little anecdote : Just after the 1918 Armistice, Walt Disney landed in Le Havre for his first trip to France As a Red Cross volunteer. He was sent to stay near St-Cyr-L’École, And was assigned to driving ambulances in Paris. One of the most memorable incidents from the first time was the day His service truck filled with food For the war victims Broke down in the middle of nowhere. He couldn’t leave his cargo unattended whilst waiting for the emergency services But was lucky to find a kind railway flagman who put him up for 2 nights It was in the middle of the French countryside, just outside of Paris, On the road to Soissons, Just few kilometers in fact from Marne-la-Vallée. A happy coincidence ! No ? The inauguration party at Disneyland Paris, on the evening of 11 April 1992 Was one of the largest celebrations ever organized. It was broadcast live, over European television, And wrapped up with magnificent fireworks. The Walt Disney Company CEO at the time, Michael Eisner, Unveiled the memorial plaque of this event, Inspired from the one Walt Disney placed in 1955 at Disneyland in California. “To all who comes to this happy place, welcome.” And that’s a wrap ! Thank you for watching to the end if you’re still here This is a video that is very close to my heart Because for me, For me everything that is about historical, I love it. So that’s why I wanted to do it It may be the first episode of a series, I do not know yet Because this video was about the origins of Disneyland Paris How it cames to life The sketch in some way So I will see. If people like it, I’ll maybe do an other episode. In any case, if you liked the video, I still say it Leave a comment Put a thumbs up and share the video It would be very nice It would help me a lot to move forward So I tell you, see you next time for a new video And take care of yourself, bye !


  1. J'adore les images d'archives que tu intègres à la vidéo, ça donne l'impression de vivre l'ouverture du parc ^^ j'aurais aimé être née à cette époque là! J'attends tes prochaines vidéos avec les origines des autres parcs ahaha :3

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