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  1. I like your voice better and your mic lol. I was just on a video with a really loud lady with a weird buzzing mic… lol Awesome guide but I am trying to make it for my book… maybe I can make it work somehow I dunno. I just know I need to have a well easier way to mark my chapters.

  2. thank you for this stain of a video you absolute stain. you are marginally more useful than the help button that links to an empty page.

  3. I was looking for how to make a table of content that includes list of figures, list of tables headings. Could you please let us know how to do it?

  4. Nice video, but you don't really show how to create a table of contents, or some of the finer points. I'd like to know how to add in my page numbers. At the present i have the headings etc, but never a page number (just a level number). I've tried editing following the instructions etc, but no luck. Very frustrating! 

  5. If you used your own styles for the Headings, you need to check "Use additional styles…" and set their level in the table under "…".

  6. How do you manage an offset? If my first page in unnumbered, the table content won't take that into notice.

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