Little Women: Atlanta – Andrea Breaks Up with Chris (Season 5) | Lifetime

– Well, so you getting ready? You gonna leave? Yeah. I mean, I think it’s a good
idea for me to get this job, you know? Put some money in, you know? Help out a little bit, you know? OK. So you’re leaving when? Today? Yeah. Here in a minute. OK. I mean, it’s
gonna be all right. I don’t think so. I tried to take my sister’s
advice to trust Chris, but I just can’t do it. I just feel like he’s
running away from me again, and I don’t need that
in my life right now. Especially with everything
that’s going on with my career and with the wedding. Why? Just ’cause I’m
going to go work? Yeah. Because I don’t trust you. I’m sorry, I don’t trust you. You see what I mean? Like, this– everybody’s always
talking [BLEEP] about me. You know what I mean? Hating me and everything,
just because I look like I was bumming and
running and everything, right? And then now that I– now that I’m doing
something right, productive, that I’m trying to
do– you know what I’m saying? You could find
a job over here. You could find a
[BLEEP] job over here. You don’t have to
go out of town. All right, that’s fine.
But look, let me tell you– I’m sorry I have
to be this way. All right.
Look– You can worry about yourself. Now that I’m trying
to do something, the person that I followed to
come over here and support– you know, this is
a person that– Who supports you? I’m not saying
you don’t support– You don’t support
me in what I do. Listen to what I’m saying. Listen– look, look, can I talk? Why are you there, like,
getting aggressive? Because I don’t
trust you, baby! I just don’t trust you. I’m sorry, I just
don’t trust you. I [BLEEP].
And you know why. You live in the past. You can’t let my past
define how I am right now. That’s all I’m trying to say. His past does define
him, because he [BLEEP] up. There’s no way that
I’m OK with him leaving me just to go to work. I don’t want to have to be
assuming and thinking [BLEEP].. Other [BLEEP]. I’m not going to be
dealing with that no more. So just like you want
to focus on your job, I’m going to focus on me,
and my career, and my kids. But when did I say that I
didn’t want to be with you? I’m not saying you’re
breaking up with me. I’m the one who’s
breaking up with you. If I can’t trust you. Maybe if you had a job
over here, you’d be better. Chris has cheated
on me in the past. Of course I’m not going to trust
his ass to be gone that long. You know what? You’re just like your parents. Nothing satisfies them. No. Nothing satisfies them. At first, when I didn’t have a
job, and when I did have a job, there was still–
everybody still talked. You just want me
in this damn house, like a damn man
trapped in this house. That’s why you’re leaving? And you’re getting mad
’cause I’m leaving to go work. Go.
Go, go. You live in the past,
and you can’t define– Oh, I– You can’t let my
past define how I am. Without a job, you’re mad. With a job, you’re mad. It’s just– nothing
makes you happy. You know what it is?
I figured it out. You just don’t
want to– you just want to be the one that’s
bringing the money, so you can–
– Nu-uh. –so you can feel like
you have the upper hand. So you can belittle me. And just like you say,
you want to support me? You don’t support me. Even when you have [BLEEP],,
you never support me. Look, [BLEEP] think
whatever you want. Don’t be talking
about my [BLEEP].. Getting mad just cause
I’m getting a damn job? Because you done [BLEEP],,
that’s [BLEEP] why! I don’t want to argue
with you, and I’m not trying to [BLEEP] argue with you. I’m trying to talk to you. I’m just changing my number. Everything. Everything.
– [BLEEP]. But we– Have I ever cheated on you? Have I ever cheated on you? Am I saying no to all
the stuff you’re saying? It’s true. Pack your [BLEEP] and leave. I’m done with this [BLEEP]. That’s fine. That’s fine. I try to do something. You really want to get mad. Nothing ever is going
to keep you satisfied. You know what I mean? You might say that I’m
a piece of [BLEEP],, or whatever, but I mean, you
know, you don’t call that– Listen to this, baby.
I don’t want to do your [BLEEP] That’s the [BLEEP]
way you were born. I want to be
done with [BLEEP].. You don’t do [BLEEP],,
and you [BLEEP].. That’s all right. Now that I’m trying
to– look at you. That’s why it blows up. Just like the last job you
had, you never did [BLEEP].. – Why you gotta be screaming?
– Shut the [BLEEP] up. I’m talking to you. Right, look– It’s OK, ’cause
you and I are done. All right. I’m not trying to
change your mind. Look, but all I’m saying
is I’m going to go work. You’re just trying to
make yourself look good. That’s what it is. I don’t make nobody look good. You’re trying
to make yourself. Really good.
– That’s all. That’s all.
And that’s it. That’s it. All right. Live in the past, ’cause
I mean, I ain’t letting [BLEEP] define who I am now. Bye. Just mad cause I’m [BLEEP]
trying to better myself. Just want to keep me
trapped like a damn animal. Get me the hell out of here. Such [BLEEP]. You know what? The [BLEEP] wedding
is [BLEEP] off. [BLEEP]

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  1. Andrea you and ur sister do have attitude. Your sister Amanda should concentrate on her marriage and stop interfering between u and Chris.. Begin twins does not make any one of you to constantly be in the each others business. You using all these obscene language asking Chris to go ,if u dont trust him why be with him and have a baby. You and ur sister Amanda acts like brats.

  2. Why is he with her, he should have left long time ago. Sometime those twins can be very petty, vicious and unbearable.

  3. He laughs at her all the time he can. I did not understand why he stayed with her from time to time ?? Maybe to be seen on TV !! After all, it is clear to everyone who has brains in his head that he is cheating on her … and exploits her and every time the money ends he returns to her. I hope she realizes he is not really for her. Open your eyes and see that it really does not suit you. Maybe you 're just used to it. But your honor is more important than it … Think about it.

  4. I honestly feel like Drea is having some insecurity issues because Chris has a job now. It's intimidating because him being far away SEEMS like an opportunity for him to cheat. Honey, stop micromanaging the man. He will do what he wants. If there are changes in the dynamic & hes putting in more effort he may be too busy to go there. so of course she's freaking out. That's why Drea keeps bringing up his past. She doesn't want him to get so caught up in work that her man forgets her. That's a lesson stay at home moms need to learn. Daddys gotta hit the town and he will be gone alot providing for the family. What she can do is find a hobby or something while he's gone. Or plan to see him at least once a week. But, i also don't condone her throwing his past in his face…like that isn't fair. If you weren't going to forgive the man be by yourself. And chris also, needs to do his part and make sure he's taking her out. These two are bad communicators lol

  5. Chris said he was moving for a job right? To get money & help out… then Andrea flips & says he could find a job out there. 🙄 Maybe jobs in Atlanta aren’t paying as good as the one in Dallas 😂 if you don’t trust him then just be done 💯💯 Ugh I’m over her!

  6. He should be a spokes person for a suitcase company. I seen him rolling more suitcases than rolling a baby stroller with his own children in it. I’ve been actually shopping for the suitcase brands that rolls easily through the airport like the ones he always has when he runs out of her life for the millionth time lol 😂 mine never roll that easy IJS

  7. Do you notice how Chris laugh before the wedding then he came back after the wedding use your common sense he left before the wedding he came back a week later after the wedding

  8. She's wrong for this him being around her 24/7 isn't going to work and if he's going to work some where atleast he's doing. Something diffrent this time when he leaves so give him a chance and see if he's sends money bk home and if the job works out maybe he will be able to transfer the job over there jobs are hard to come by these days. Yes i know hes dont alot but this time he's leaving for work u just keep doing what ur doing im sure he's tired of living off your come up maybe he's grown up now

  9. I am so proud of her doing this cause She has suffered a lot. Even if he changed y'all can't be mad that she is like this because it's because of his mistakes. She is right and he should search for. a job near her but he hasn't so yeah ofcourse she reacted like that.

  10. Chris will go on and be a good man to some other woman after she has endured all the pain. Watch!!!! Never fails…

  11. It is crazy how you can tell the twins apart by how stressed and decrepit Andrea looks compared to Amanda. Amanda looks young and happy, while Andrea has bags under her eyes and worry lines from a deadbeat.

  12. Girl Andrea doesn’t make any sense you know you didn’t trust him but you took him back now he is trying to provide for your family and all you have to say is I don’t trust I don’t understand if you didn’t trust him you shouldn’t have taken him back

  13. I think Chris has a side chick. Thats why he keeps leaving. Probably has other kids too. Andrea needs to move on.

  14. I find it so funny how she yells at him and talks about so many times that he cheated when yet she's still with him. Like girl if ur still and n you feel this way about him then just break up with him like ur independent. You don need him he's just making ur life miserable

  15. Who else agrees that both Chris & andrea needs to be kicked off the show?😒 I'm tired of their toxic rs..😒

  16. Its look like how I often fought with my husband .. I think its gonna end up like this. I just can't do anything. He wont give up arguments and me too. I feel very bad of how I imagined about our soon future…

  17. 😂 I died when he said you want to be the one making all the money just so you can belittle me
    He so narcissistic poor girl

  18. That is a toxic relationship especially for a little person. And she might not be able to move on because she never knows what a healthy relationship looks like. And the insecurity Andrea has definitely affects her life in every aspect. She tends to get extremely defensive and offensive and the anger she has always takes her over.

  19. Is Chris 13 1/2 years old 😂 My ? Where the heck is he always going? Another 👩‍👧‍👦🤔 🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🧳🏃‍♂️

  20. Chris is such a victim. He's always complaining about people hating on him amd not supporting him. He's such a baby.

  21. I see yall in the comments big booming yall act like yall with them 24/7 like yall need to chill yall not in they life, tf.

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