100 Replies to “Mabel Sings Rihanna, Beyoncé and Chris Brown in a Game of Song Association | ELLE”

  1. We had some audio woes on set, but still think Mabel sounds amazing. Should we get her back after her tour? What cover would you listen to her perform?

  2. White posh women singing with a seemingly "urban" (perceived black) accents who all use tanning to look like "other"…. They all use black bothers and sisters as props, even the few white backing dancers they employ have their faces tanned to the point of "blackened"…. They all follow the same preset, the ritas, the grandes, the duas…. Attach yourself to perceived black music, pump a soulless message and drag young ears into the abyss… When mabel gathers her international fan base she will jump from "urban" rnb to dance…. The business of cultural appropriation

  3. how about her own song "God is a Dancer"? 🤔 "Just take it step by step when you come out on the floor. You got that left, RIGHT, left"

  4. WHOA!! She’s really good! Love “don’t call you up” and her singing live in a higher octave makes me like it even more

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