Major Weather Pattern Change Coming by the Weekend – Heavy Snow expected

good evening, everybody, it’s David Schlotthauer here going to give you a very detailed us weather forecast we are
talking a big pattern change expected to take place over the next couple of days
across the United States also followed by a pretty impressive winter storm that
could really take place across the Pacific Northwest included with Montana
and the Northern Rockies to get a lot of snow over just a couple of day period so
we’ll be discussing about that in this video before I do get started though
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right but what really helps us out a lot is cooler weather that we’re gonna enjoy
here in the next couple of days across the west all right so right now for
Thursday morning we are expected to see temperatures still above average across
much of the Pacific Northwest like Oregon Washington portions of Idaho and
Montana the California Sacramento San Francisco Fresno Bakersfield Visalia
South Lake Tahoe Red Bluff those areas are gonna see temperatures still above
average for the day tomorrow but not as bad as it was today
we’re gonna get some cooler weather in here that
is gonna drop out of the north we’ll explain about that in just a bit the
desert Southwest has had temperatures below average due to the fact that
there’s been under storms part of an upper level cough well that has impacted
the area in the last couple of days temperatures are going to be above
average here across much of the deep south the mid-atlantic coast also the
Northeast we’re going to see temperatures near record highs are
probably pushing four records over the next several days yeah it’s not gonna
just be warm weather and it’s gonna be done we haven’t be seen multi days so
this is gonna be for tomorrow afternoon you can see above average temperatures
stretching across Florida Georgia Alabama the Carolinas the Mississippi
Valley also for Texas the Oklahoma area the Upper Midwest also the Rocky
Mountains they’re gonna see temperatures above average but here comes the cooler
weather everybody it’s all taking place here across British Columbia Nova Scott
not Nova Scotia British Columbia Saskatchewan there we go all right gonna
see a lot of that cooler weather across Alberta Canada the Washington Oregon
area seen those below average temperatures for tomorrow so not too bad
on the European model at least with above-average temperatures here the
desert Southwest is gonna be hanging in some well below average temperatures for
tomorrow actually see those temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average let’s go
into Friday this is where things really begin to change that trough is gonna be
moving out of the north so many areas are gonna see temperatures 10 to 25
degrees below average okay again the Pacific Northwest is gonna
really have that cooler weather the west coast of California and the desert
Southwest Sur of Arizona I’m going to see temperatures below average but look
at all of this red here people been actually chatting with me lately about
how hot it’s been across the Tennessee area the the southeast it’s just been
really miserable there and I’m sorry it’s not going to get any better and the
heat is just going to get worse across much of the Northeast the the Midwest
portions of the Midwest and the deep south there and the southeast of course
going to see temperatures 10 degrees all the way up to probably about 22 degrees
above average so that’s very significant but at least the North here will get
some cooler weather finally by Friday just when we get it kind of so good news
there obviously but if you’re in Florida if you’re just in any of these areas the
the Great Lakes just gonna have temperatures above average this only
gets more significant a very big extreme taking place a huge pattern flip okay
we’re talking temperatures way below average we’re talking in some areas
winter like temperatures wintry like weather okay that would be for Montana
gonna see temperatures probably 25 to 35 degrees below average
wow that is way below the long-term average okay I’ll tell you that
Lake Tahoe portions of Nevada here could see temperatures nearing 40 degrees
below average what about that that is really significant much of California
Oregon Washington can have temperatures about 20 to almost 30 degrees below
average on Saturday so big change the hot weather that were continued with
will be coming to an end just given another couple of days in this will be a
distant memory but again this hot weather will linger across much of the
deep south the southeast portions of the Great Lakes and also the Northeast with
those temperatures getting very close to records this continues for a while –
look at this for the last day of September the 31st or the 30th I should
say here we’re talking temperatures well below average across much of the
Northwest the west portions of the north plaintiff oh look at these tempters for
Indiana for the Ohio Valley they’re for Detroit you’re gonna see temperatures
probably 25 to almost 30 degrees above average
geez Louise it’s gonna be warm I’ll tell you that right now
definitely not fall-like weather it is definitely gonna feel like summer out
there also for Georgia for Florida really warm temperatures in fact we’re
gonna put a big blue H over this this is where the high pressure is going to be
shaping up right there and you got this flow that’s going to be doing something
like this right around this high pressure region and then you got
troughing that’s going to be taking place right over here across the West so
you kind of get an idea perfectly where the cooler weather and the warmer
weather will be taking place this continues all the way into the first day
of October here does not feel like October and by no means at all for the
Midwest for the mid-atlantic and also for the deeps out there with
temperatures way above average so for Indianapolis for the Dayton Ohio for
Pennsylvania for West Virginia for circus New York definitely definitely
not winter like weather or fall-like weather gonna be very warm but look at
this geez it’s gonna be fall or winter maybe Four Seasons I’ll tell you that
right now at one point here on the forecast and then this goes all the way
until the very end of the period the next almost literally ten days and geez
every day and I’m sorry doctor fell and also candy s2 shout outs they’re gonna
be very hot for your area okay so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water
it’s gonna be muggy so that makes it feel worse also for Virginia and for the
Oklahoma area temperatures are going to be well below above average I’m sorry in
some areas here could see temperatures 30 degrees above average all the way for
the next ten days Oh miserable alright so the next six to
ten days again well above average look at that right over across the Tennessee
and also Alabama Georgia portions of Mississippi probably eighty to ninety
percent above average for this time of year so definitely really going for
record high temperatures and then on the other side of the country it’s eighty to
almost ninety percent below average big extremes I think this is gonna be my
thumbnail I have to say it’s gonna be my thumbnail because of how big the extreme
is in the color coat here that we’re seen it gives you an idea that boy cool
weather is gonna be somewhere but I’ll tell you what not across the east so for
the next eight to fourteen days still above average across much of the
southeast below average across Montana near average just thinning it out across
maybe Chicago all the way across Oklahoma City going all the way across
into California they’re more likely a I don’t know neutral kind of a week-long
Nina feel I don’t know the pattern is really fluid out there this time of year
and for precipitation again you’re gonna see above average cool wet muggy kind of
kind of battling that across the Iowa area that’s what looks to be the case
here below average for much of the southeast with precipitation so dry hot
weather unfortunately and probably still below average there for the next eight
to fourteen days a little bit above average for the Northwest and also for
the desert Southwest with below average for the Utah also for portions there of
the Colorado and also for Wyoming temperatures really quickly we’re gonna
take a look at these obviously the actual air temperature you can see there
over the next on each afternoon you can see where these warm temperatures are
gonna be probably low to mid 90s maybe getting close to the upper 90s in some
areas such as Georgia Alabama Louisiana also Mississippi the the Tennessee area
could see mid to upper-90s very warm for this time of year and this is going to
be for Monday the last day here of September and then when we get into
October first you can see definitely on the warm side but I’ll tell you look at
Montana let’s go back and recap some portions of the Pacific Northwest gonna
see temperatures into low 80s on Thursday well guess what look at the
whole change here you could barely get out of the 50s on Sunday Wow
few days a change right there just huge dramatic drop in temperatures I’ll tell
you that right there okay and then portions of the Dakotas they’re going to
be seeing temperatures in the probably in the upper 40s low 30 yeah more likely
in the upper 40s low 50s I meant to say versus the 80s and 90s down to the south
there unfortunately and that’s how it’s gonna pan out so very warm uncomfortably
hot for the southeast for the deep south for the northeast portion of the US with
below average across the West ah you get that off feeling and we can just say ah
feels great for this time of year to get a break in the hot weather especially
for much of the West all right yeah that off feeling not so off feeling when you
get a lot of rain such as the central portion of Iowa could see 10 inches of
rain get that maybe eight and a half to maybe 10 inches that’s a lot of rain in
ten days all right a thin corridor also very heavy rain expected overall across
the eastern portion of New Mexico northern Texas western Oklahoma and also
for much of Kansas you can expect a lot of rain out there in the form of severe
weather can see some flooding can see some very heavy rain and possibly a
threat for maybe tornadoes maybe an enhanced risk for severe weather
throughout this period unfortunately but you can see here for much of the south
under a tenth of an inch overall with rainfall so that’s way below average and
you can see here indication of that seeing those amounts about an inch below
average across much of the southeast here look at portions of the Carolina
and Pensacola coast right there you see rain amounts probably two and a half
inches below average for the given 10-day period so definitely dry and hot
unfortunately dry as in the fact we’re not gonna see a lot of rain but still
gonna be muggy out there and so don’t let all this dry weather fool you
because it’s gonna be dry unfortunately versus way up over here
you can see rain amounts five to five and a half inches above average for the
given 10 day period you can see here here’s a look at the the snow amounts
obviously quite a bit of snow coming up for this weekend across and you’ll see
that here on the GFS model then I’m gonna throw up here in just a bit you’re
gonna see snow amounts there between 14 to 35 inches for portions of the
northwestern Montana there of the state so a lot of snow for this time of year
it will catch you off-guard this is still quite early for snow and so
therefore a lot of snow is expected across that area also for the Sierra we
could see close to six inches of snow here back at home
in California which is obviously the good news for of course our dry summer
that we have had so it’s a welcome sight to see to how snow there but just be
careful chains are possible this weekend going up and over the Truckee not
Truckee but over across highway 88 50 and also 80 through Donner Pass so if
you’re familiar with these areas make sure you do have your chains ready to go
just in case if we do get a lot of snow also definitely chain requirements here
there’s winter storm warnings with the strong winds expected I wouldn’t even
be surprised if there’s blizzard warnings issued later on so here’s a
look at the Geo geopotential height then really quickly you can see there it is
right there by Saturday a big trough is going to be setting up I mean a very
strong area of low pressure a long wave trough that’s gonna drop height lines
and drop temperatures and you can follow the blue area here this blue area
indicates and corresponds to below average temperatures under all of this
with this Ridge gonna be building up across the east so it’s blue team versus
a red team or orange team in other words you can see later on this trough is
really gonna just be very impressive a long wave trough really stretching
followed by a ridge pattern that’s gonna be setting up here across much of the
rest of the US and that Ridge is gonna be in place for a while that’s why it
temperatures are gonna be above average more troughing across the west moly
we’ve been getting lucky here two weeks straight we could have temperatures
below average and of course they’re above average for much of the other
portion of the country the Northeast so really quickly we’re gonna look at the
system here you can see this system is going to be developing here by the
weekend again at moderate to very heavy snow there’s a deep trough or deep
surface low at 988 millibar so there’s definitely gonna be strong winds
associated with this and would it surprise me if there is blizzard
warnings that will be issued with this winter storm
I don’t think it’s gonna be named it because it’s so early in the season we
yet have to get our winter storm names from the Weather Channel and we haven’t
gotten those yet it’s gonna be a very impressive winter storm this early in
the season okay and then more severe weather later on in time so make sure
you are prepared for what’s to come this coming weekend alright I know people are
traveling still kind of maybe doing late season traveling in the summer late
summer early fall and just make sure you are safe
out there all right everybody that’s gonna do with this video I sure hope you
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here with another hurricane outlook and discussion set for tomorrow afternoon

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  1. Alabama is BAKING! We are in drought and so ready for any cooler weather. Will fall ever come south? Will it ever cool down again? 😪🥵

  2. David what is happening? Why is the Southeast SO hot!? We are sick of it. Fall is welcome 🙏🏼 please come down soon!

  3. Yes it certainly has been warm here in Indiana, and also dry! I'm not looking forward to the continued warm and dry weather, but I'll keep watching your updates to see when the pattern changes again. Thanks David!

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