Make, Sell, Dog T-Shirts for 2020

Hey guys this is Rockin Printz and thanks for joining my channel, today
I’m gonna make some shirts for my dogs I got two dogs and I bought some shirts
from Michaels and hope you all like it I’m gonna be using a white t-shirt and a
black shirt and I’m gonna use some thermal flex white vinyl and I’m gonna
go ahead and press them all so I’m gonna create the design on CorelDraw and
then from there we’re going to go ahead and cut it and weed it and we’re gonna
go and press it, so with that if you’re new to my channel and would like to
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button I greatly appreciate it thank you and let’s go ahead and get this started okay guys we’re gonna start the process
and make a shirt for my dog peanut and let’s go ahead and load up CorelDraw
alright let’s go ahead and type in peanuts name and then we’re just gonna
size it out and then look for a dog paw okay so this paw is a jpg so we’re gonna
have to trace it and then create it and make it into a vector file so we’re just
gonna go to outline line art and then let it CorelDraw I’ll do its thing just
wait right here for a minute okay now that it’s converted we can go ahead and
get it ready to start cutting but first what I want to do is we’re
gonna go in and copy and paste the paws and let’s go in and shrink it down and I
want to make four of these paws so let’s get this ready and let’s go and copy and
paste and let’s set these up I don’t really want to concentrate on where
we’re gonna actually set them up for right now but as we have them cut out
then we’ll go on and place the paws on the shirt to where we think is best
okay so right now let’s just copy and paste let’s get that ready all right now let’s
go ahead and go to Google and let’s go to Da Font and let’s try to find a good
font for our dog okay this one kind of looks cool super dog so I think I’m
gonna use this one and let’s go ahead and get ready to download it onto my
computer okay now that that’s done let’s go ahead and look for a super dog and
let’s change peanut to that font there it is super dog that looks nice
all right let’s go ahead and bring this out and let’s fix that
straighten that out a little bit and it looks cool I like that design okay now that we got that set up let’s
go ahead and get ready to I’m gonna go out and um get this set up in CorelDraw
so we can go ahead and cut it and let’s go ahead and get ready to start the
cutter Alright guys while thats cutting, I am going to go ahead and take this off and where going to print image on this shirt okay okay so I finished cutting now I got the
layout and I’m gonna go ahead and fast forward this so we can go ahead and
start pressing so this is how it’s gonna look
obviously if dogs are gonna be like this and we’re gonna print the image on
the back okay so let’s get started so what’s next is you can see this is gonna
have to lay down this way when we’re pressing it so I’m pressing
it you’re gonna you’re gonna fall on those those arms so how do we avoid that?
Well what we do is, you can buy these little pillows on Amazon and the purpose
of this is to put it inside the t-shirt and bring out that back side and avoid
the arms from interfering with the press so you stuff that in and put it in there
and then now you have the pillow and the press is just gonna smash the pillow and
it’s gonna smash on that that part okay so let’s go ahead and get to get this
started now okay so I got the heat press on 352 and we’re gonna go ahead and get
started so it’s letting me know it’s ready give it a press here and let’s go
ahead and press it take out the moisture or this shirt give it about one two
three where going to go ahead and place peanut first so that’s good and put that there you
can see that all right and we’re gonna go to press it for seven seconds okay okay go ahead and peel that off sweet
I’m go ahead and give it another press for another seven seconds to make sure
it gets embedded correctly hold on to that all right okay so go ahead and do
that here yeah let’s bring it up just a little bit more
like that right there right there some hair right there not a big deal okay you take these off just be careful guys this is hot and when you do this on your own,
just be prepared its hot, all right go ahead lets see the final result here looks pretty cool so let’s go and try it
on peanut okay come on peanut let’s put this on you okay come on put
this on all right that looks awesome peanut all right I got the other one
cutting we’re gonna go ahead and do the black one now and this one set up so all right the same process want to make sure you
remove everything you can off of these well still got the tag take that off
there and this one is kind of a little linty so I’m gonna take the lint off for this
one all right put that on there for right now and we’re gonna go ahead and
do the weeding real quick. Okay so I got the this shirt on the presser I already
took out the lint now we’re just gonna take the moisture hold it for about
three seconds and let’s go ahead and do ours so this time I’m going to do I love my
dog Mr. Pink and do some dog paws here okay let’s go
ahead and press that you guys can see that hold that for seven seconds and it’s go
ahead and take this off to okay you can see the final result here
my dog Mr. Pink and let’s go put it on Mr. Pink. Mr. Pink (whistle) there you’re are come on Mr. Pink let’s put your shirt on come on Mr. Pink good boy okay lets put this on you ok. all right you guys can see it good Mr. Pink okay go. Go Mr. Pink go show off your shirt, go show your shirt off, Ok guys that’s how you make t-shirts for your dogs again I
picked these up at Michael’s hope y’all liked it and please remember to hit the
subscribe button I greatly appreciate it and stay tuned for my next video thank
you and have a blessed day.

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