Making A Beat at Azmyth Recording Studio in Indiana

I’m goin baby on baby. Them fire beats, better start fanning yourself off
because it’s gonna get real hot and then I make the most trash beat ever. Live from
Indianapolis Indiana we just put up the Azmyth Recording studio
my name is Cracka Lack welcome back to Cracka Lack TV today we’re about to walk up
in this and cook up some dope beats so I hope you guys enjoyed the content if
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twitter @CrackaLack. So if you’ve been following this channel for quite some time about three
years ago we came here someone tagged me on instagram on a ad
for the studio they’re like yo Cracka Lack this is you and I looked and sure
enough it was it was a picture of me that I had posted and tagged the studio
three years ago feels like a sponsored ad for the studio
when I booked this session whoever I talked to on the phone I was like yeah I
actually seen my picture on your guys’s ad they’re like oh okay yeah got your
Cracka Lack we had just seen the picture we thought it was a really cool
picture so we who are loved on it used as that shout out to Azmyth. Tthe game plan is
two beats I just got Omnisphere so if your producer you know Omnisphere is
the shiznit so this is gonna be my first time cooking up making some beats with Omnipsphere yeah I’m gonna play around on a piano out there too
maybe I’ll do a skit with that you pretend you’re playing really just oh we
could look up some YouTube like Beethoven like music piano thing and
then someone can play it off their phone and I like be imitating it on the piano
and then I like stop but it’s still going oh I got it
well it’s about to get really hot here beat it so them fire beats. Hot and then I make the most trash beat ever I’m going for a lot of violence a lot of
days and really hard the babies first single in 2020 style Oh like I could pull my head around
right now I do not like making beats right now I want to shoot a video right
now it’s the demonetize demonetize these nuts
I said just B’s gonna reflect my anger right now my name is be angry bird that’s what I was missing was my crash there’s not even that it’s like mad? yeah
why I mean well this is going horrible yeah how am I’m right here but the computers
right here take some pictures cooked up some fire in Indy.

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