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Mama, May I go to Sarah Walker’s right from school today? Promise I’ll be home in time for dinner. Mom, what do you say? I’d like to say yes…But your room’s a mess! Mom, please? No! Next time clean your room before you ask me Okay mom, okay! Mama, may we go out to the playground,it’s a sunny day Swing on swings and hang out in the sandbox. Mom, is that ok? You can’t go. Not all alone Aww Mom, please? No! Tell you what, I’ll take you to the playground Make sure that you are safe Yay! Thanks, Mom! Mama, May I have some ice cream? Can I buy this Game? Mama, May I Get a puppy? Can I stay up late? Mama, may we go to Jackie’s party? Six o’clock tonight. We have cleaned our rooms and done our homework, Mom, Is that alright? YES! Yay! Thanks, Mom!

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  2. Hello Toddlers, Watch May I A Wonderful Children Supremes Cartoon Video Kids Tv And Have A Wonderful Learning Time! Comment Below And Let Us Know How Much You All Enjoyed Watching This Baby Show! #Kidstvrhymes #Thesupremes

  3. I love this channel I'm thinking about doing my own channel for kids I'm going to drop a video right now and I would like some support

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