Mario Plush Collection!

okay so here is every Mario plush I own y'all watch them the puppet closet video where I showed y'all my closet well I'll show you real quick uh-uh I didn't go through I didn't go through non Mario characters if there's still a lot of that but see the closets empty where the Mario characters are you know they're still you know all these puppets and you know stuff like that but we're only going through Marv you today so I cleared out the closet I don't know if I forgot anything I mean I still have I still have all these Mario merchandise but right now we're sticking with the the Mario character so I've emptied out all the buckets except for you know some that are that are deformed like like this one with Joseph's missing his head I didn't count those or you know what Junior got his head you know what I'm not using that I'm only using the ones that are you know usable so to start off here we go here's all the Mario's that I own there's a deformed beat-up Mario that you saw in the boxer video but ya see from the very beginning you know for my very first few videos that was the Mario plush I used the the Mario winged cap one I have two of them and you know then I had the 8-bit Mario Luigi back there this is Super Mario Sunshine collectors whatever that I ordered a long time ago then you know there's the martyr that you'll see in the videos now I only had one stunt double of him and I use it for the boxer video but I can clean him off that's only makeup I can clean it up so anyway you know I have a baby Mario I don't have as many Luigi's as I do Mario but you know I have the original Luigi that I use that was a stunt double Luigi and that's mama Luigi right there the original mama Luigi plush you see he's wearing out his buttons are worn off but yeah I don't have as many Luigi's as I do Mar you but you know that's that and then we come to peach where she's no longer the main girl character in my videos that's Rosalina which is done there but you know this how many peaches I have no this is the pizza y'all usually see and then all the rest you know that peach was never used I might start using that peach idol now and I have one Daisy plush which stupid and she will be in videos soon then here's all my Bowser's and that's the Bowser puppet that was in the perfect plan that Lance voiced and then you know there's a stunt devil of that one this is a dry Bowser that a fan sent me in the fan mail I still have to upload fan mail so thank you to that fan who sent me that the video will be uploaded soon and you know then this is a really shitty knockoff Chinese version and that's the Bowser from Bowser loses his tooth and this is the Bowser that we use in every video so you know that's there's all that and that's Bowser's wife obviously and then we got all the Yoshi's I'm still missing the red one so that is why I have not started that Yoshi's family series because I'm still missing the red the red Yoshi I do I did order a red Yoshi it was a really Chinese knockoff one like this one you see how the shell is all papery and it's all fat my face and stuff like that well look I need it like this you know I need I need look like detailed that Yoshi know I have two black Yoshi's because you know Yoshi's one of the main characters I have one bird oh that we already used program out there then all the joseph's that i have that is the that's the first joseph that's the the juror we use now and these are all the stunt double joseph's if you hear a plane in the background usually I would stop filming but this is just a behind the scenes video and there's all the Cody's that we have you know stunt double Cody real Cody Cody with the big eyes that that used to be a Cody like that but we sewed pink over it and then here's all the juniors that we have now this is the junior I use in every video he will be retired soon if you noticed he had a cut right there on the front and he's had that for since the 4th of July episode during the sparkler seen when the sparklers were going off it hit him in the face and it just did just it up so eventually I will get the I will use one like this one you know this one is in perfect condition besides the black eye but that's just makeup they can watch out really easily you know then we have that junior from the juniors punishment when he got tattoos and then stuff like that and you know and then we have this junior that's a perfect condition you know and if you're wondering where all of these bibs are I take all the bibs off and there it was it's four videos where jr. has to pack all this stuff so I still have all the bibs they're just somewhere in the in the costumes drawer or whatever so then we get to the bad guys which a little spiky guy way back there then we got blooper cheap cheap little toy thing that I will use eventually then we got the the bullet bills and the big Bullet Bill back there Chain Chomp which is now a puppet that we made into a puppet and you know boo and stuff like that then that's a Joseph that I don't count with those Joseph's because that's just like a really fat Koopa thing but ever then I have these goombahs and literally while I was arranging them I got upset because I did not realize that he's missing his eyebrow so I got to order that and if you hear sirens in the background once again I'm in an apartment complex and there's always planes and sirens and I and during a SML movie I would retake it but this is behind the scenes anyway that's PT prana which I have not yet been able to use PD prana in a video yet mostly because these are too small I wanted like a really big one I'm starting I'm thinking about doing a Super Mario Sunshine series since I have the the flood nozzle thing but yeah that's that's that then I have the piranha plant which I really like these they can close our mouths and I can edit it closing and stuff it's pretty cool then we have Wario that I have wario waluigi i haven't used i only have two Wario's and you're one waluigi i don't really use those characters that much then i have lack of two and you know its name is tommy and that's for an upcoming video whereas that's Tommy's mom now you know what you want to see my pet turtle all that stuff then we got toad and you know I have I see these aren't all of them I know I have other color toads somewhere that that box over there that was that's a new shipment of plushies I emptied out you know I think that Wario came from it but you know that's I literally have because there's there's buckets in the closet and stuff that have plushies that I might not you know have gone through because you know I haven't gone to him in a while but these are just the buckets that work that were noticeable anyway that's two shot guys and there's my dog Donkey Kong's you know a donkey that's a weird Donkey Kong I haven't used yet and that's Diddy Kong or whatever and then that's Rosalina where we have stunt doubles that's one that hasn't been opened yet this one is just all messed up from all the black stuff I don't I think it's from this one yeah it was I'm kissing him with all the makeup and then we have the Koopa Kids which everyone saying Logan do a part two to the Koopa Kids Logan do a part two the Koopa Kids well I want you to tell me something tell me how I can make a sequel to that if I'm no longer in that house you know that the last video ended with them at my mom's house I now live in an apartment I film in an apartment and y'all want me to jump this one back up again but I I feel like I have to remake it I'm thinking about remaking the Koopa Kids so if y'all if y'all are okay with a remake then I will make that as soon as possible but I don't see how I could possibly leave off the series in the apartment where it ended off the first time in the house so I'm thinking about remaking the Koopa Kids tell me what you think about that yeah anyway so that's non Mario stuff so then yeah that's all those Mario character plushies you know there's probably some more in the closet some of those buckets I'm not sure yet but anyway this is you know this is what you get but what it's still not done because we have items which I didn't really count that big thing but we have mushrooms the shine sprite you know big fire flower you know something's din like juniors Lemonade Stand and all that stuff so there's all that all those things so a good a good a good angle just show everything this is what it looks like to have all these Mario plushies and yeah so also I'll show you this so what we do is if you notice we made that Bowser into a puppet well I had an idea a while back I'm trying to get it on my hand to make jr. into a puppet and I hold on I got it I need to pull it sorry for the camera angles making else to it I got that okay so I was trying to make jr. into a puppet and that's what that would have looked like like hey guys so yeah that it's a disaster it's horrid it's actually really damn scary so because the reason why I like puppets more than the plushies is because I was trying to get it to where you know you shake the character you know that there's a difference between shaking and the puppets you can actually say their hands the mouths moving so anyway yeah that's that's what we tried I decided not to do that because it looked bad and Enya also we have prostitute Joseph that I ended up cutting his head off to use as eyelids and juniors all matter so anyway there's one more look at this guy's right here this is I'm about to put all these back in the containers I just want to show y'all my entire Mario plush collection there will be more because I always buy more for the videos so what characters do you all want to see post a comment of any Mario character oh that I'm missing post a comment on what y'all want to see characters and videos and I will eventually go through the other puppets in another video so this is just the Mario characters tell me what you think yeah

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  1. The different colors shy guy I always use shy guy I Mario kart well black shy guy not trying to be racist if what I just said is but I would love to see them or dry bones

  2. Logan can I please have some of those plushies I could give you a fire Mario plushie for a video idea like Mario’s turtle problem or something and if I can have some of those plushies I will give you a fire Mario plushie

  3. Can I please have that junior if you not use him anymore because I spent two years looking for that plush

  4. Hey Logan how many puppet do you have?πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

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