Matt and Joanna Black – Haiti Gospel Music Recording Project-Sept. ’17

The music you are listening to right now is
from the Gospel music project we are working on with Haitian artists at the recording studio
located at The Baptist Haiti Mission in Fermathe, Haiti. This behind the scenes video footage was taken
during our trip last November when we began recording the project, and this song was composed
and written by the Haitian artists that you see featured in the video. Our goal in working together is to learn from
one another and challenge one another to produce better music so that these songs will gain
a strong reach throughout Haiti and in turn impact people with the hopeful message of
God’s sacrificial, saving love through Jesus Christ. Matt and I will be selling these CD’s online,
at our ministry events, and they’ll also be sold at Mountain Maid – a popular Haitian
artisan craft store on the Baptist Haiti Mission campus that is visited by many people during
their stay in Haiti. These album sales will raise funds for the
Baptist Haiti Mission, and help support the recording arts ministry there. We will be staying in Haiti for the entire
month of September along with our kids to complete the project and to shoot a couple
of music videos as well. To return to Haiti in September we will need
your help to meet our projected budget of $5000. This amount includes airfare, on-site recording
expenses, CD duplication costs, and our living expenses for the month that we are there. If you would like to support this project
go to and select support. All gifts are tax-deductible through Artists
in Christian Testimony Intl. As a way to give to our backers we have different
gifts based on the giving level that you choose. So for more details just head to our support
page. And if you would like to make a donation by
mail, you can do so by sending in a check to the following address:

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