9 Replies to “Maury 06 Gina insists that a karaoke DJ is not her granddaughter’s father;”

  1. This woman is more mature dang you are what kind of man are you denying it beautiful girl , my question is for the other lady how you get off and call this this young lady a hoe what about you you can't talk and disrespect this young lady you are out of line we're going to happen this beautiful baby girl I happy if the baby is he the father both of y'all don't look very foolish on National Television you need to shut your f**** mouth as a goddamn mother to your kid and this is how you disrespect this woman who have a kid by your man are you f**** kidding me what the f*** is wrong with you
    Like to know the update of this show

  2. Derrisha needs to have several SEATS her man was with Lynesha when he was with her. Lynesha is insane to be sleeping with him😔

  3. Maury it is not serious to put a lot of videos on you Tube with a lot of discutions with no real results, that is not fear.

  4. He's denying ur child and u slept with him 2weeks ago and the crowd is clapping 4u that's why u neva no how foolish this is cos the crowd validates this by clapping 4u that's why u don't c nothing wrong with still sleeping with him u sleeping with him 2prove 2the girlfriend he still wants u but denying the child wat r u proving apparently this is not about the child

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