MAX Talks New Album, Plans For A Family

we are very happy to have our next guest join us here on the program from rickshaw stop in San Francisco it is max hey
happy to be here man thank you for your time of course
welcome back to the bay wasn’t too long that you were here yeah man I love
coming back to the bay I forget I was just I just played a show at Stanford
recently which was great yeah do a lot of college shows and that was one of the
my favorite ones of the whole run is there any difference when you approach a
college show versus headlining you know it’s funny I do like I do a lot of shows
like college and military and maybe shows where there are fans of mine there
but a lot of new people who may not know the music and I’ve spent a lot of my
career like opening for bands like Fall Out Boy or whatever else so I think it
instills this way of how do I welcome people into the music thinking that
maybe they don’t know it and not expecting them to know it so how do you
get people in if you don’t expect them to know it and I do mostly those shows
so when I come to a show where everybody bought a ticket to see the show it
really brings a whole new rush because I’m like oh wow you know these lyrics
this is this amazing right it also makes it even more appreciative because it’s
it’s so there’s nothing more pure than than having a whole sold-out room sing
back your lyrics so that’s the difference I would say I bring that same
still not knowing if maybe there’s new fans in the place that that bought the
ticket I try to give that same energy from the college shows but it’s a nice
relief when I can just put the mic to the crowd in one of my own I mean everybody this rule move it like
this how’s married life it’s great man where
my wife is like high key baby fever right now and we’re just like family
planning our life out when we want to do that specifically and and it’s real life
adult stuff well yeah which is wild it’s just but I’m I’ve always wanted I feel
like I’ve wanted to be a dad since I was like five years old so it’s it’s I know
it sounds weird I had like little baby cousins and I always loved like
babysitting my baby cousins and I was like that five year old carrying a baby
that was the same size as me so as its its I feel like I’ve always wanted to be
a dad anyway so wow you had that that paternal instinct for yourself
I love early my parents are very I you know I they were the best little hobbit
family and just always giving the most love and support so I don’t I don’t I
don’t come from a broken home or anything like that and I’m grateful for
it which is cool what what did your parents or how did they take it when you
told them that you were going to be getting married after knowing someone
for three months yeah crazy I think my mom just knew was right it was it was
cool because I had been with other girlfriends that she really wasn’t into
and she’s definitely that mom where she voices her opinion about the girl I’m
with um but I think she just they got along really well and it was my dream
like I because I’m so close with him I wanted my future wife to be like having
her own little shopping dates with my mom and they did that without me even
asking and I was like this is it so so that was one of the key factors anyway
they get along oh man I have one girlfriend that my mom had hated so much
and it was really tough on me obviously it’s it like have that disconnect you
know so did you after the fact see what she saw and know why yeah I kind of knew
that the whole time that I wasn’t meant to be with that person but it’s tough
when you really care about someone and maybe it comes from a best friendship
rather than true love and you don’t want to destroy them but if there’s anything
you have to be honest in any relationship because that person should
be with the person that truly loves them and the way they were meant to be loved
and and I think for a long time that person would let me go and I kept trying
to let them go but then I would like I cave in I’d say you know what let’s stay
together you know I love you and I didn’t I didn’t love her but um it
wasn’t it wasn’t my only one of the keys to songwriting and writing songs that
stick and resonate is being vulnerable oh right and how many people do you have
in your search or your team or whatever you want to
call it yeah it allows you to be so open and be able to say man what a day or
what a week or whatever yeah period of time I haven’t seen you
you won’t believe this totally there’s AI there’s like a very small circle that
I’m super open with it’s just natural they feel a part of me and that’s why I
try you know there’s sort of there’s a there’s a culture and in some of the
songwriting schemes where different writers come in and it’s great because I
love collaborating to find that but you know sometimes that comfort is it’s not
found with someone you meet the day of and and sometimes it is it’s amazing
when you just I just met you and I could tell you about this weird scared
pregnancy and havin song happen which actually happened on the last album with
my friends har with a song called home it was like they were always friends of
mine but that was the day we became really close cuz the night before family
thought she might’ve been pregnant and then that morning we found out she was
and and I wrote this song yeah so anyway it’s it’s I think it’s sort of the duty
to just get in the room and be vulnerable regardless if you know them
two minutes or two years but I do love it when like a Mon or J who I did love
me less and checklist with all these guys I can go in and just know they know
me so well and easily open up how long does it take to write a song like love
me less uh it depends man mean in the initial concept of love me less we
started like almost three years ago and then I rewrote the verses three times
over the last like two years and then like you know we put it out about a year
ago now and and we put Quinn on it probably like two months before we put
it out so depends how you track it I’m always going back and tweaking and
adding new instrumentation or adding a new horn or something but really there’s
nothing there’s no better feeling in that initial in the room feeling like oh
we got one which is usually like the first day Wow yeah and Enzoani now so
the remixes has competitors on it yeah yeah and the original has Quinn 92 how
long after recording it did you say Wow Quinn it’d be great Kim would be great
yeah Quinn was natural super organic he was in the studio with my friends a
modern Jay who did it and he heard it he was he texted me asking if you could try
something and I never would have thought I was like yeah let’s let’s do it I had
envisioned a girl on it so he did I was like oh this
perfect I it’s sometimes the universe gives you those little moments you just
gotta go with it and then with Kim you know the song of going and similarly
with lights down low I had my friend Nash join me and and Kim hit me up
saying like oh I’m a love this song when I I send it to her and I was like you
should jump on it Ben that’s like I have a friend in Japan named taka who we just
put out a new version of lights down like four years later just because he
was like I love the song and I said you do something on a bond you know so it’s
it’s fun to just for me at least I love having new people just like join the
song and be a part of it and and Quinn was so cool about Kim trying her thing
with the same song which was right with the new music that we have trickling out
yeah the word is album early 2020 yes indeed
kicking off the 20s yes with some new material money’s new albums yeah yummy
and what is plan what is the change what is the growth gosh I’m excited for it to
finally be out I can’t believe it’s gonna be you know basically four years
to the date since I brought out House kitchen angel and you know it doesn’t
feel like that cuz we keep dropping songs and whatever else but a full body
of work is is something that I think will never go out of style you just want
to sink your teeth in and but I’m grateful that this is coming out in 2020
because I think going through a period of silence in the middle of doing this
album and like sort of recreating the whole vibe of it with the yellow and
everything else was really exciting for it and yeah so it’s it’s gonna come out
and I I think it’s I really it’s the most it’s the most consistent piece I’ve
ever gotten to create with the videos with everything really connecting and
I’m definitely the most excited about it I’m looking forward to this man
that’s appreciate your time of course good to meet you thanks for having me
brother Max and you’re watching b-sides on air have a beautiful night I can’t wait to see you again

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