Mercer University student builds guitar amp for Capricorn

I’m building a tube guitar amplifier for
Mercer Music at Capricorn studios. So I reached out to President Bill Underwood
about being interested in Mercer Music at Capricorn and shared that I have been
building tube guitar amplifiers since I was in high school and that I would be
very honored to build one for Capricorn. I’ve already been privileged to speak to
some very well-known people in the music industry through this process. “Live at
the Fillmore East” sits on my desk at home where I first started building
these amplifiers and kind of played on repeat. I have been a musician since I
was very little, and about the time I was 14 or 15 I had a very high interest in
tube guitar amplifiers that were way outside of my budget. They are called boutique
guitar amplifiers, and they are hand-built by builders across the
country in the world, and with kind of my nature I decided if they can build one, I
can build one so I picked up a book on tube guitar amplification, and a few
months later I had ordered my first bunch of parts and started soldering one
together. Most other guitar amplifiers are mass-produced on printed circuit
boards, and the electrical conductors in those printed circuit boards are very
thin. They don’t allow audio to pass through uninhibited. For something
high-powered like a tube guitar amplifier it’s really important for the
components to be wired point-to-point, and this guitar amplifier and the ones that I
built are hand wired and avoid using PCB printed circuit board construction. There
will be national recording artists coming to record at Capricorn Studios,
and my amplifier will be one of two or three back lined at the studio for use
on everything that they record, and that is super exciting to know that who knows
will be playing my amplifier.

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