to come by so Chinese Taipei two seconds to shoot that they managed to score because those steals we have to consider one of them this one is along to the situation nice pass inside Balkman again scoring doesn't steal here for biting sports Philippines a shot eg Phelps forcing the issue inside beats the biggest lead in this game and we'll just hear the first for the nice play here left open seat sad person tipped already a basket to you Chinese Taipei to make it tougher for the defense there's that chop of the outside that the but meant for cute exactly Queen with a call as their coach black to the rebound Williams Yuji Phelps driving [Applause] that's what Phelps take a look one more time Phelps says you know what enough of this foolery no hesitation one dribble at the rim but he's open for the three knocks it down ball pinhead it points back at the first water is back inside so gonna look for a three the mighty Sports is up my 10 at the end of the first period Phelps underneath Phelps gray him from the outside work the ball around gray and again from the corner and it's the three people of mighty sports Brickman somebody left open shooter sweet Adams left open no other choice button he was shooting it official the fake could whip my 17 two minutes remaining Bachmann is in double figures blocked by Balkman my knee supports Philippines their Falkland with the talk [Applause] nice dish a nice finish execute your offense that's just the thing about minding sports Philippines just be I've been making the runs the Sun let's see that's that shot block that's a foul he is you know you see the great steal there's a bit defensive stands a good defensive stand a bit defensive stand maybe it does have a case but to a coaching basketball just you know you could just hear him throughout think the reason why they built this leadless is piping down big what execution Chinese Taipei is hey is that offensive rebound and putback which the defense coming out in this third quarter – board – rebounds and two assists miss when he got tangled up with the no-look pass and complete gem inside the floor food and a token they love that C pick hands to the partner Brickman falkland changing directions going for the pass that have finished reading the defense because they have no recourse reads this well nice go ahead past a more nice finish either Rick would pass it sought out of us with a finish nice pat when they were just up by 14 managing to come up with this 2014 like a wall show time for mighty sports here second serving more we're having its way inside so don't look for booth chant getting it back goes to the frame it's bowed out today five fouls ten points five rebounds forward [Applause] tough break here for fouling out can they put it together together together four possessions at a time that shop walk poplin right now when a basketball going all the way to Williams right down Jews Jean pups with a chub hook that goes in Brickman the extra pass excite setting up this dump Renaldo Balkman [Applause] check out this dunk right here he's brick man for really finding his teammates tonight and he's so smart how he is locating where guys are smart with the cut nice finish football team you shall choose the start of this ballgame and he's not been able to deliver inside and he's type a vault but is he alright you see him get head all right we see him get hit with an elbow right there to the nuts been struggling in this game nice pass inside Eugene Phelps easy apparent to try to go slow post fear display their number 50 that's changed I was tennis bound just move one more time his around finish the contact Williams swear to follow away Hogan's Alley apply friend joy black Christian [Applause] it's a lucky past much yours to be had you just have to execute and get good shots Zach Graham but abyss Phelps with a fault arrow black pump take Williams for three what also an alley who play that's what the Eugene Phelps he sports Philippines that could throw home dominate in Chinese Taipei the Chinese Taipei to the hometown team winning beef is an aprotic every pickups a 201 here this would be the three is off Chinese Taipei Provo they want to talk there he personally gonna be up against mighty sports Philippines tomorrow at five Joel Scipio in a field goal Qi way leaves way great tonight with double figure out to fill the challenge of Coach Charles to not wanting Chinese Taipei to hit 70 times the players to be inside the court to deliver cabs Bajau also in a field goal it's a three the left side is the Cree here for mighty sports Philippines one more part time the way mighty Sports Philippines started this ballgame

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  1. Pwede pala yun 5 imports tas karaniwan sa ibang players fil-am ilan lang ang purong pinoy hehehe… Pero congratulations parin!!!

  2. magandang training po yan para sa ibang team maka kalaban ng mas magagaling na player kahit pa mga import yan

  3. im not proud!di naman mga pinoy yan haha…pweh!sa kagustohang manalo kumoha ng maraming import hahaha…nakakahiya tayo ay nakakaawa!ganyan tyo ka desperado

  4. Putcha sino itong mga players ng mighty sports, puro na egoy, wala ng Filipino. Hindi pantay Chinese Teipei puro local lang naglalaro pero kung titignan mo halos dipa makalamang ang mighty sports.

  5. Okay lng kaya si balkman? Siniko sakit nun prang inong bak. Sinadya pag kasiko. Sana ok lng sya. Congrats philippines

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