100 Replies to “Miley Cyrus Carpool Karaoke”

  1. i used to think she didn't actually know how to sing, but as time passed by , she proved me wrong. i love her music , i love her voice, she sings amazing.

  2. Her voice is Stella 💫 What a brilliant job you have James, I would love this…..one day when you need a 60yr old nobody to sit in the backseat and sing backup …….backseat backup < just sayin’ I’m your woman 🙋🏽👍🏽💛

  3. Miley is my Female god. I am in awe of her and if I ever get to meet her I hope someone blows me up and say I wrote this. I am in love!

  4. Dude they’re like the same person in this clip!!!like they hang in the same crowds cuz their dancing bounce and goofy selves are
    So perfect. Maybe shared a few puffs before they started the clip

  5. I admire how she realised just how Influencal she is, which made her want to spread important messages, However—…. we live in a sick world, where ppl thrive on Controversy and Gossip and where Drama takes the centerstage, Nobody goes around to spread ' positive messages".. Example, nobody goes around telling ppl " Did you Hear that Miley is saying we all should Adopt pets from shelters instead of shopping around? " And the Media isn"t gonna go around sharing " Breaking News " Miley Cyrus is encouraging everyone to Adopt a pet, " …. It"s sad, and Unfortunate

  6. Wow, I've never been a huge fan of Miley, but a minute in and hearing her raw singing voice (meaning no audio recording, auto tune, etc.) has made me rethink of her as a singer. She actually has a great singing voice. She's also improved so much since being on Hannah Montana (singing wise)

  7. Miley tried so hard to make eye contacts with James during all the video it's hurt 😅😅 She must be so intimidating 😅

  8. Ms. Cyrus my daughter loved your voice. Androgynous was a mantra… i just want you to know that you are beautiful and inspiring. You made my daughters life open up through your voice,

  9. Watching her grow into this amazing woman right here has been a beautiful journey. I'm not gonna lie.. She scared me there for a while but she pulled thru all that and is probably a better person now because of it. Kudos to anybody out there growing & learning. Remember, it's the climb that matters! Peace & love! 😀😀👊👊✌✌

  10. Is there a reason on why when she perform party in the USA live she don’t mention Jay Z name on the line she said jay z song was on, instead she mention Britney

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