20 Replies to “Milo Murphy’s Law – Intro/Theme Song Karaoke [Official Instrumental]”

  1. I've been waiting forever for someone to rip it! (I knew it was there, but not being in the US, I don't get DisneyNOW.) Thank you so much!

  2. Hi there nice job could I use your instrumental version please for the opening of my channel? Because I’m a mml YouTuber are credit you

  3. Look at that sky look at my sweater,vest I look so fly,look at that mailbox,look at that tree,it’s as beautiful as it can be,(WHOA-O-WHOA-O)! Today is gonna be exceptional,never boring,even for a mintue,it’s my world and we’re all livin’in it,(WHOAAaAAAwa)(we’re all livin’in it)(WHOaAaAaAa)never boring,even for a mintue it’s my world and we’re all livin’in it

  4. Look at this show! Look at this kid! Look at this comment on a Youtube vid!
    Look at this pronoun! Look at that Verb
    By the same guys who Phineas and Ferb!
    Ooh! Ooh!, this show is very wonderful!
    It really knows how to push the limit!
    Its his world, and were all living in it

    Shoutout to brainstomer623

  5. Latín Spanish
    Hay Un Gran Sol Cielo También Y Caminando Yo Me Veo Bien Hay En La Calle Tranquilidad Mira Que Bonita Es Nuestra Ciudad (Whoooooooo) Hoy Puede Ser Una Especial Y me Encanta No Estar Aburrido (Es Mi Mundo Muy Divertido) (Whooooo) (Es Muy Divertido) (Whooooo) Y me Encanta No Estar Aburrido Es Mi Mundo Muy Divertido… Diogy Ladra. The End

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