MixPad Multitrack Recording Tutorial – Navigating the Software

MixPad is multi-track mixing software designed
for professional audio production. This video gives an overview of MixPad’s
layout. The program opens up on the Home tab, which
has everything you need to put your audio project together. In the toolbar, you’ll find buttons for
quick access to the most common actions used in MixPad, such as, opening and saving a project,
exporting your mix, loading and recording clips, as well as, quick access to the Midi
Editor, Beat Designer and a few editing tools. Under the toolbar, you will find easy access
to Looping controls, the Metronome, Pre-roll countdown, timeline modes and grid mode. You can also adjust the Tempo and Time Signature
here. On the left is where the track controls are
located. Here you are able to make adjustments to each
individual track, such as adjusting the volume, panning stereo left or right, or adding effects. Each track is located next to the track controls. You have the option of adding one or more
audio clips to each track. At the bottom of the screen are the play controls
and the decibel meter. Use the small arrow at the top right of the
screen next to the help button to toggle between showing and hiding the menu bar. In the View dropdown menu of the menu bar,
you have the option of adding the Explorer Bar to the left side of your screen. Simply click the X in the upper right corner
to hide it again. Now, let’s take a quick look at the other
tabs in the toolbar. The Recording tab contains commonly used recording
tools, such as record, audio options and the metronome. The Editing tab contains commonly used editing
tools, such as the undo and redo buttons, history manager, your clipboard and more. The Track tab gives you the ability to quickly
add and delete tracks, rename a track, move a track up or down, or change the color of
a track. Use the Clip tab to select clips, change the
position of a clip on a track, split and merge clips, delete a clip or lock a clip. The Effects tab gives you instant access to
audio effects such as, amplify, fade, echo, reverb and surround sound. The Tools tab gives you access to the Mixing
Window, the Beat Designer, Clip Manager and more. Use the Mixing tab after you have finished
a project. Export your audio file to your hard drive,
disc, SoundCloud or video. The Suite tab gives you access to more NCH
Software programs that are related to media creation. For a free trial, just click a program in
the toolbar. Finally, the Custom tab is your ideal toolbar. Simply click the customize button and select
the tools that you use most. For more MixPad tutorials, visit the address
shown on your screen: www.nch.com.au/mixpad/tutorial.html

27 Replies to “MixPad Multitrack Recording Tutorial – Navigating the Software”

  1. I've had mixpad since early January and I honestly live it to death.. I use it to make my music… but it crashes alot and I think you should add reverse reverb as an effect and also you should add the stuttering effect and background noise reduction… I would really be glad if you added those effects!!!

  2. Can MixPad open OMF files and a video file to collaborate with a video editor like Davinci Resolve? For sound design and soundtracks..

  3. Hi, I'm recording bass guitar though mixpad with a cable that has a USB end plugged into my computer. Why can't I hear the guitar through my speakers or headphones while recording but can after during playback? Thank you.

  4. Mixpad is great i swear on God but there's one problem im having. Ive been tryna contact yall but I havent heard a word. Im stuck on something. It wont let me play my track. When i click the play button the red line that plays the track says Pre-roll (Beats) im wondering how to get that off becuz im tryna put a track out this weekend. Plz feedback asap

  5. Hello with 5.02 how do stop clips from auto snapping when dragging them it seems like they auto lock on to the nearest clip this was not a issue on the older versions like 3.02 I tried holding shift while dragging clip doesn't work can I turn off auto snapping

  6. NCH your newest update messed up my software and my songs I can't even record anymore its bogus I've got fans waiting for me.

  7. Hey – I’m currently setting up to record & produce a podcast. Can anybody advise if this is compatible with Focusrite Safire 6?

  8. I am impressed with NCH Mixpad, it was a free download and I can record Audio files – send into Mixpad , and its much easier to use than a few other Recording/Mix platform’s I tried out-very nice!

  9. SW is great. Please create a tutorial for new users and show how the audio inputs and outputs setup,and how to connect a n external microphone (Not Computer) and general info on first -time SW setup. Thanks!!

  10. Why not have your guides sound recording tracks? I also installed MixPad, but when I record it does not have a voice. Since this is only a demo program, it will not work normal.

  11. Can you record directly? It is known that a microphone can record sounds accidentally heard, for example in an apartment. There should be complete silence during recording. When recording directly, it wouldn't be. Then recording would ' ll be better.

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