Music Recording : What Are the Best Computers for Music Recording?

The best computers for music recording. I
have one brand, and it is Macintosh. And really, the stronger the computer the better. Macintosh
is coming out with Quad-Four processors, that means four processors in a computer all running
at a couple of gigahertz per, unbelievable power. RAM is a big situation. Two gigabytes,
four gigabytes, it is getting to the point that you can get sixteen gigabytes of RAM.
The more the better. Total drives, storage drives you want as much storage space as you
want if you are doing a lot of projects, if you are busy, if you are doing a whole record.
I think it is also important to note that anything that you record at any time needs
to be backed up. It needs to be in two or three different places. If you record something
at night, you know before the next session, everything should be backed up to another
drive separate. So if the tornado comes, if the flood comes, if the hurricane comes, if
the earthquake comes, depending on your region, fires come, that you have it in two different
spots, and should that act of God take one copy away from you, you have another, and
you have not wasted your time, you have not wasted your money. Backing up is huge, hitting
save after every take when you are recording things is huge as well. And honestly, I would
not do anything on anything other than a Mac.

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  1. no offense, but saying mac's r the only choice for music is an archaic view and quite frankly, WRONG!
    I am only leaving this comment, so that people looking to get into music, dont listen to your vid and think getting a mac is a good idea. Personally, I do everything on a PC now, having had a mac for over 5 yrs. PC's are cheaper,more efficient,capable of producing more processing power.They will continue to render and perform long after a mac has given up.Dont be fooled by the MAC "shiny look".

  2. I think you missed my initial piont.saying macs are the ONLY choice is wrong!! I also use macs at many of the studios I work at, but to say that they are the ONLY choice is not a very professional statement to make.
    Some of the worlds finest producers now use PC based systems and more and more people are awitching over everyday, especially with programs like Ableton out delivering Logic in many ways.Thats why Mac made the desperate attempt to control the market by buying Logic..and it didnt work

  3. Expert Village?

    You can get quad core processors, 16GB of RAM and massive hard drives on PC as well. Wouldn't an "expert" know this?

    Disclaimer: I am a Mac fan, so not having a go at this guy for liking Macs, just for being an idiot,

  4. You really know nothing about computers do you? You can get a PC that is supremely faster than a Mac because of Apple's strict hardware restrictions. Also, I'd like to point out that if you were running in RAID, you would be automatically backed up all the time. (still good to do a real backup though) ProTools is also for both platforms. So.. admit it, Macs aren't better, you just prefer them.

    You don't become an "expert" just by saying you are.

  5. Very true i agree w/ u on this original! I have a customer built PC QaudCore and it's faaaaaaaaaast! I also have a dualcore and single core 64bit system all built by me and running fine. It's funny i work in customer service and all the major problrems that call in are MAC users they don't know what they're talking about most of them lol!

  6. this guy is an idiot, i rather spend that kind of money building a pc, and still have money left over for an oz of weed and a 40of henesse

  7. He didn;t say anything about which is better. Music isn't an easy thing to put together. Macs are easier to access cause there already built. I don't want to waste my time buying parts and trying to put it together. I just wanna get right to recording and rehearsing. Guitars are better than any computer.

  8. hes got his priorities right, your family has been killed in a hurricaine and all your possessions destroyed. but wait, iv still got those vocals we recorded last night, woo hoo

  9. I'm not going to hate on this guy, because Mac certainly did have the market cornered on music production for a long time, and with things like Garage Band packaged into Mac OS, you could make some cool stuff right out of the box.

    However, his explanation is outdated and a non-sequitor. The fact is you can get an equally powered PC for much less on a PC, you can also replace and/or swap out parts easier for upgrade.

  10. The other thing to note is with Windows 7, it is now on par stability wise with Mac OS, which for years it wasn't. That's because Microsoft went to a micro-Kernel model that's similar to Linux. So now if the application crashes no more BSOD, because the kernel is modularized.

    Bottom line Mac or PC, use what's more comfortable/familiar with you. If you want to get into home recording, there is no need to go out and shell out 2 grand on a Mac Book pro, unless you really want to.

  11. uh caribou did a whole album on a pc in his bedroom and it sounds fuckin' sweet, it doesn't matter if its pc or mac just make sure its not virus infested bullshit

  12. yeah because Macs are so much more powerful.. they give the exact same products for about 2-3 times as much.. which means you can build a WAAY more powerful computer for same price..

  13. Their are programs that are not even made compatible for Mac…what if I looooove FL Studio and want to run it exclusively as my production software? Oh I know the answer, boot camp.. Ok, but if what makes Apple so great is the OS, you will still need Windows in order to run it, right? So why dont I just save a few thousand…yes, literally a few thousand…and buy a PC or have one built 😉

  14. PERFORMANCE: Mac can do more with less processing power because of reduced instruction that ONLY comes with HW/SW synergy. RELIABILITY: Mac OS runs on top of Linux Win OS runs on top of DOS DECADES of indisputable industry evidence testing that Linux is hands down the more stable platform. PRICE: A tricked out workstation like Dell 7500 or HP Z800 is essentially the price of a Mac. SOFTWARE: Windows can run on Mac now. The opposite is not true. Logic FinalCut The choice should be obvious.

  15. This comment contains false statements.

    1. How about a link w/ benchmarks to prove your first sentence?

    2. Win7 does not run on top of DOS. It comes from the NT line. You can run DOS within Win7.

    3. Hardware reliability is relative. MACs have the same types of hardware that PCs have.

    4. MAC OS will run on a PC (with some work, Hackintosh). Or in a Virtual OS window.

    5. A high-end PC vs. High-end MAC: PC will have better hardware for less.

    The user has a lot to do with PC/MAC reliability.

  16. This video is no longer relevant. PCs have always cost less for better hardware and now Win7 makes it a no-brainer. You can even install OSX on a PC (Hackintosh) or virtually. I used to use MAC for recording, but now I use the PC and have been extremely happy with my rig. Upgrade options are much better.

    Contrary to popular belief, MACs are not problem-free and can now get viruses. I ran a repair shop for years and I can say that from experience. Users create most problems.

  17. Mac is better than PC for production purposes. If you disagree it's probably because you want a PC to play WoW or Minecraft on or whatever. That's what windows and alienware are for. Mac is expensive because businesses, producers or generally people with money in which a mac would serve a certain purpose, can afford them and put them to proper use. Me? I'm about to buy a Mac because I have tryed using a PC for music and it just doesnt work, not enough ram or Gigs.Mac is better for those who work

  18. I use a mac and that did not explain anything. Its how you use the equipment counts far more than what it is running on.

  19. I use a PC, Its has 32 gigs of RAM which is twice as much as any mac can hold. Alienware is trash so don't even try to compare PC's to those pieces of garbage. PC's are more powerful and always will be. I've used PC and Mac for music production and the mac can't handle it. go home, you're drunk and your COD K:D:R sucks


  21. you got it right mac and linux also right there and windows killd it with windows 8 butt dude do your home work look into rain computers they are way stronger even more than mac

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