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Hi guys this is Tania Vinokur and
welcome to my vlog thank you so much for watching and just before we start please
don’t forget to subscribe to the channel Yallah let’s go Hi guys today I want to
talk to you about how much the pregnancy inspired my work. For those of you who
know me you know I’m used to being on stage and do several things at the same
time like performing with my band and then performing solo with DJs and
electronic music and then writing new material and being in the studio and of
course working in the rehearsal studio which is my favorite thing so usually my
life is on a very high speed and very high note and I’m used to this because
I’ve been doing that for such a long time , People around me are always
going like slow down you need to relax a little bit but you know what happens
when I’m relaxed for a day or two? I just keep thinking about how can I go back to work. The reason is because I love what I do. I think it’s a huge gift in life to love so much what you do to be able to do this every single day over and over
and over again and always look for new ways to express yourself. This gift has been given to me in a very early age with a talent in music and dance and
creativity which is for me the highest level of communication. So for such a
long time in my life there wasn’t even enough room for something else to
squeeze in ” I can record the Lead again”… ” This one “… “There is something bothering me , I don’t know exactly what… ” “Nice…” “O.k” “So we have it ?”… “Till the end ?”… “Cool”… but then something amazing happened and
I found my true love or better yet my true love found me and
there’s nothing greater than to feel so whole and so complete with my personal
and professional life This is a truly romantic story I’m going
to tell you all about this in my next video So when life happened and we got
pregnant the first thing everybody around me said you have to slow down You cannot keep performing like that you have to take the time to relax and to
figure out how you’re going to manage your career from now so physically I
couldn’t really understand what is coming and what is expected so I decided
not to listen to everybody around me but to listen to my body and to soul and
what he told me is to continue doing what I’m doing but with great caution
and just to be attentive to my body so this is exactly what I did and I kept
performing up until a month ago but what the pregnancy truly inspired me to do is
it brought me so much energy to write and to create and it’s about the music
and lyrics and I think it’s the first time in my life that my new album is
going to have more songs and more vocals than I used to have in my previous
albums and shows I mean not only instrumental music so when I started
recording this project dream again I was already six and a half months pregnant
and I decided to go as far as I can artistically and musically at a very
last week but my doctor said I’m allowed to fly we
went to London to Nevo Studios and I worked with Yoad Nevo great
musician so after so many years in the business our work together brought
the best sound I’ve ever heard my violin play or my voice sing and I’m not even
talking about the tracks because they are so beautiful and they’re
exactly the music that I would love to hear. which is amazing because I think
this is the essence of making music always looking and searching for the
next thing. The way that I work in the studio is to give everything that I have
to the music sometimes it means working 10 11 12 hours in a row sometimes
without even a food break, water break just because I’m so into the music that
I just cannot stop now I want to work with people they have to make me stop
and take a break because they need to break I can go on because music just
makes me breathe. But this time it was so much more challenging because of the
pregnancy because I had to take a break every two hours and I had to think about
feeding myself and hydrating and resting enough to be able to work. Also
this time Oded which is my partner in crime came with me to London and helped
me to take care of myself and I’m very happy did. We still have some work to do
but I’m so happy with what we have now I think the main reason is the baby that
gave me so much strength and energy and inspired me so much also there’s a song
that I wrote to him hopefully he hears that and he understands that I’m writing this to
him hi guys thank you so much for watching I
hope you join me for my next video where I’m going to visit my friends at the
tattoo – studio where a few years ago a beautiful artist from Russia did my violin
tattoo on my back so please join me and meanwhile don’t forget to subscribe to
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