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  1. "No German expedition had reached Lhasa before"

    They are trying to make going there sound difficult, yet at that time both the British and the Chinese have diplomats stationed in Lhasa, and the Brits also have officers training Tibetan troops there.

  2. Funny no evidence of a master race but they were going to prove something what had no proof to be found. We call that the dreams of a psychopath

  3. hate and evil will never replace love and life just like tar can not stop a tree from breaking through the cracks and creating life that over comes death.

  4. someone should have told hitler put the drugs down and back away from germany someone could think what he was doing was good idea is beyond me. speaking of hitler lets kick trump out of our white house and bring in bernie sanders in as president.come 2020 we are all american…lets all start with him and spread his love for people across the world to influence the world in a good way and not have an evil power like trumps in office..when we let someone like trump into our white house we let down the world.

  5. If you want to learn real, uncensored (so far) facts about the ancient Aryan race and Atlantis please check out Atlantean Gardens channel by Robert Sepher. ✌🏻

  6. Really weird, Why does this crazy rubbish have so many views? Why does the Regius History Professor at Cambridge waste his time on this rubbish, It is NOT Parzival by Wagner, No answers please, I am not interested in psychopathology

  7. "Pagan like rituals…" says the guy who decorates his dead tree and dyes his eggs each year….. iiiiiirooooonyyyyy!

  8. Aryans are the brown people of Iran, India and Afghanistan, not the white people of north Central Europe.

  9. white cucks and fake history. Like the allies arent worse than the nazis. Process millions of babies per year, and worship non whites and homosexuals as the new aryans….

  10. While I am no admirer of Nazis yet the Germans are surely Aryan people. Below is te genuine story of the mighty Aryan Race. Recently the BBC News published that the Aryan (Indo-European) people moved to Britain from Anatolia based on genetic studies. While the area of racial genetics is not accurate like forensic genetics since the former is not an objective science yet coupled with linguistic data it does reveal things. What is well known that the first mention of the great Aryan Race was from Central Asia the Avesta and fused region of the Indian subcontinent to Central Asia the Rigveda. Both the Rigveda and Avesta and Rigvedic-Sanskrit and Avestan-Persian came from a common source. Thus the Indian and Iranian epics have again proven to be accurate. This whole region was initially populated by the Aryans including Iran and Anatolia such as the Mitanni in latter. The Turks a distinct people from the Aryans arrived much later from the region of Turkmenistan. The Indo-European languages are just too close to be an accident.

    The color of the mighty Aryan Race was from brown to light surely influenced by climate and other factors.

    Today India has the largest number of Aryans on any country 72% of the 1.4 billion Indians are Aryans. Aryans are present in every region of India. Thus as is well known Aryans are indigenous to India and regions of Central Asia.

  11. Job 12:18 King James Version (KJV)

    18 He looseth the bond of kings, and girdeth their loins with a girdle; in Jesus Christ his name and by Jesus Christ his blood, now and forever: amen!

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