100 Replies to “New video shows moment Ukrainian plane crashes in Iran”

  1. Rest In Peace for all that was on the airplane. Similar to when the Russian military shot down Korean Airlines in the 80’s. Tragic

  2. Honestly, I feel CNN is very disappointed. They actually hope the army of America shoot down the plane, so they can attack Trump.

  3. This plane was brought down intentionally. Iranian leader Khameni had ordered this to happen and the revolutionary guards had planned it. Many planes had gone through the same route in the same day and they were not shot. This could not have been a human error.

    Even if you think about it, the person who made the shot could not have done it without higher orders. There were no fighter planes in the sky of Tehran either.

  4. There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. We adjust the views and inner dimensions between the sovereign ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, and the FIVE EYES PUPPET CLANDESTINE TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, PEOPLE’S MUJAHEDIN OF IRAN (MEK).

    Many are rightfully puzzled about the Ukrainian Airline shoot down, how did this happen? The Iranians are saying it was human error. But why an Ukrainian airline plane? We know that POTUS and his drag queen boyfriend, Ruthie Giuilani, has an uncomfortable diplomatic stronghold in Ukraine that is the subject of the impending senate impeachment which I suspect is being set up to be a complete “WHITEWASH”.    
    However, Donald J. Drumpf, Steve Bannon and the Dark Circle is far dangerous and wicked than I ever imagined. They have tapped into two former Nazi SS networks in the Balkans to conduct clandestine global terrrorism. The UKRAINE SS Galizien Division were eager Nazi collaborators. Some 80,000 Ukrainians volunteered to join Himmler’s SS. The ALBAINIAN 21st Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Skanderbeg (1st ALBANIAN) was a German mountain infantry division of the Waffen-SS. 
    Donald Drumpf, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Michael Mukasey (second Jewish U.S. Attorney General pursuant to the Foriegn Agents Registration Act (FARA) registered as working on behalf of the National Council of Resistance of Iran- political arm of MEF) has set up a clandestine armed camp for MEF inside Albania. MEF’s armed camp, ASHRAF-3, lies Halfway between the Albanian capital of Tirana and the Adriatic coastline. It is set up to conduct clandestine GLOBAL cyber, politicial and psychological warfare, and TERRORISM. . 
    Don’t get it twisted. MEF is an extremely dangerous and treacherous terrorist organization with, so the American hypocrites say, has the blood of Americans on its hands. 
    MEF have been described as a CULT built around its leaders, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, that Congressperson Sheila Jackson Lee (D, Texas) call her “SISTER”.  Those who back the MEK describe the group as proponents of “A FREE AND DEMOCRATIC IRAN” that could become the next government in IRAN.
    The group conducted several assassinations of U.S. military personnel and civilians working in Iran during the 1970s. Between 1973 and 1975, the Marxist–Leninist MEK increased their armed operations in Iran. In 1973, they bombed ten buildings.
    In April 1974, they bombed the reception hall, Oman Bank, gates of the British embassy, and offices of Pan-American Oil company. On April 19, 1974, they attempted to bomb the SAVAK centre at Tehran University. In May, they set off bombs at three multinational corporations.
    On June 2, 1973, Lt. Col. Lewis Lee Hawkins, a U.S. Army comptroller, was shot dead in front of his home in Tehran by two MEF assassins on a motorcycle. A car carrying three American employees of Rockwell International was attacked by MEK. In August 1976, MEF killed Americans William Cottrell, Donald Smith, and Robert Krongard while they were working on an Ibex system. Leading up to the Islamic Revolution, members of the MEK conducted attacks and assassinations against both Iranian and Western targets.
    In May 1972, an attack on U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Harold Price was attributed to the MEK. According to George Cave, former CIA Chief of Station in Tehran, MEK hit squad members impersonated road workers and buried an improvised explosive device under the road that Brig. Gen. Harold Price regularly used. When he was spotted, the operative detonated the bomb, destroying the vehicle and disabling Price for the rest of his life. Cave states that it was the first instance of a remotely detonating kind of bomb.

    In July 2010, the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal issued an arrest warrant for 39 MEK members, including Massoud and Congressperson Lee’s sister, Maryan Rajavi, for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. MEF has slaughtered thousands of Iraqis and Iranians. 

    Ruthie Giuliani praised the work of his people “MEK “RESISTANCE UNITS” inside IRAN, that he credited with stoking a recent wave of protests over the struggling economy. “These protests are not happening by accident,” he said. “They’re being coordinated by many of our people in ALBANIA.” Giuliani, Bolton and the late John McCain are among the US politicians who have travelled to ALBANIA to show support for the MEK.

    U.S. officials claim that the United States had three hours warning of the missile strikes after Iran tipped them off via a European embassy and ensured their plans of an attack were easily detectable. IT WAS A FATAL MISTAKE! Giuliani people had time to set up clandestine MEF cyber warfare units to potentially intercept and interfere with Iranian Communication Systems. 

    Giuliani’s people, MEK “RESISTANCE UNITS”, are currently with Five Eyes Countries inside IRAN stroking up dissent and protests in regards to the Ukrianian airline downing. NAZI INSPIRED Five Eyes (Altantic Charter) is a secret intelligence confederation and alliance of Australia, Britain, CANADA, and the UNITED STATES – countries such as Germany, FRANCE and Japan are aligned at the hip with Five Eyes. 


  5. Tragedy it was. Could you imagine if the US did this! Of course no negative news about Iran on this. In the end it will be Trump and Boeing's fault.

  6. Once again the Iranian immediate response was to lie!…What ever they say, the opposite is always the truth. Very telling and the good people of Iran deserve better. Time to stand up and fight!

  7. How can they make such a mistake? Don't they know where their airport is and that planes take off every few moments? What made this particular plane different than all the others? Did they not know the transponder codes for civil aviation, especially departing their own capital airport?

  8. I'm sad to hear that… even if i cry that much i would miss my parents… luckily they din't go to the air craft…

  9. Rest in peace. 🙏
    Iranian soldiers have lack of knowledge, lack correct information..
    Absolutely sceptical, started cruise missiles without any information about the plane then confused what to do and finally shot.
    Outsiders can't trust Iran.
    I support US to curb Iran's nuclear bombs.

  10. While the Iranians are crying for justice, the democrats are busy preventing the president to do his job bringing justice to all the victims.

  11. "CNN Drops 26% In Prime Time As Fox News Dominates April Cable Ratings " The public see's through your lies and bullshit, you have only helped establish Trump winning 2020. Keep slitting your own wrists, you morons and traitors of the United States!

  12. If it's a typical crash definitely at least 1 would survive because it happened at low altitude. 2 Missiles totally wiped out any possible survivors. I could only imagine what happened with their bodies?

  13. Condolences Canadians. I heard Canadians are nicer than Americans. I knew a lady also from Canada who lived now in the U.S who is very sweet lady. She is not a racist to Asians.

  14. It's interesting that this CCTV footage indicates the plane crashed at 6:19. Yet the online radar data indicates the plane disappeared from radar at 6:14. How is that possible? It didn't take 5 minutes for this plane to crash from the time it was struck to the time it hit the ground.

  15. Yes the blame is on USA… like imagine not killing a terrorist leader who’s killed hundreds of Americans. If trump didn’t order a strike, there’d be more Americans dead. I feel bad that dude lost his family or friends but to blame USA is just absurd

  16. America will go to war without any allies – first time ever. Do those idiots at Trumps rallies who childishly “boo” and give a rigorous thumbs down to their fellow Americans, represent true Americans? Why don’t they ever “boo” Russians or North Koreans? I’d be embarrassed if I were American.

  17. Get rid of there religious leaders, the revalotionary guard, and the people of Iran will be more than happy as all they want is peace and the lifting of sanctions and dictatorship.

  18. From now on all Civilian planes should have some kind of radar that can detect missles and be equiped with Flares for countermeasures!

  19. May God bless and strengthen the familis of the victims and may he grant the victims the highest place of all. My condolence to the familis and friends.

  20. People only now waking up to the fact that the Iranian government has been been doing these kind of things for a long time now… I'm waiting to see how CNN is going to turn this against Trump..

  21. The irony it was by the USA that shot the plane and blame Iran for it lmao. It the same tactic all over again under Obama administration🤣🤣😂😂

  22. This is all the media talks about but nothing ever to save lives or animals or humans look at the wildfire in Australia so many poor animals dying we cannot even protect a forest or animals smh instead of spending so much money developing ways to do harm and kill or destroy this planet let’s try and develop things to prevent catastrophic disasters.

  23. When the United States shootdown a civilian plane in Afghanistan no one said nothing in 2008 and you bitches are complaining about this this is none of your business americans. This is not your business just bring my son back from Afghanistan you sons of bitches

  24. Pause at 0:24 is that a body flying across to the left going off screen really fast with no arms or legs or head?

  25. Believe it or not Trump can't be blamed for this CNN… Now to your partners in Iran who actually shot the plane down…
    By the way this was a state owned Ukrainian plane, so Ukraine is within full wrights to declare this an act of war.

  26. And THIS is why Iran should never have a nuclear weapon. And yes Iran is solely responsible for killing these people. And the protesters they shot a month ago. And the people who were trampled to death during the funeral (running for free food).
    The media never blamed Obama for Americans being burned alive in Benghazi or Obama bombing Doctors Without Borders and schools with children in them. US airstrikes led by Obama’s explicit approval. But we’re gonna blame Trump for Iran’s incompetence??? So then let’s not EVER retaliate against killing. Because they might hurt themselves trying to fight back. Yeah that makes perfect sense. News organizations on a normal basis cut 98% of the street video they take. The fact that the MSN keeps leaving those cuts (we blame Trump) in their final is because they hate Trump. Never showed crying weeping mothers and fathers blaming Obama for killing their kids though. These people are sick!

  27. Plane crashing: I can take it!
    Adults crying: disturbing to watch!
    May god take those innocent souls in his glory, and reward their loved ones with understanding and relief.

  28. This is a heartbreaking disaster, and one that was completely preventable. If the United Terrorist Regime of America and its warmongering President didn't carry out a terrorist attack against Iran & Iraq, this would never have happened. Donald Trump should be court-martialled for this.

  29. Uh we did kill their general in the first place. No shit they were going to fire multiple rockets and this would happen.

  30. Why am I crying, I feel bad. I also felt bad when A husband and his wife had weddings, then died. R.I.P to all the people who died in the plane. 🙏

  31. Critique of U.S. media coverage

    Newsweek covers for 12 September 1983 (left) and 18 July 1988 (right), illustrating the KAL007 and Iran Air incidents respectively. The caption "Murder in the Air" framed the KAL incident as a deliberate act of war, whereas "Why It Happened" framed the Iran Air incident as a tragic mistake.[56]
    Robert Entman of George Washington University studied coverage surrounding the incident in U.S. media, comparing it to the similar incident that happened to Korean Air Lines Flight 007, which was shot down by the Soviet Union five years earlier. Using material from Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post and CBS Evening News, the research found clearly evident framing techniques used to demonize and blame the foreign enemy.[56] He stated that by "de-emphasizing the agency and the victims and by the choice of graphics and adjectives, the news stories about the U.S. downing of an Iranian plane called it a technical problem while the Soviet downing of a Korean jet was portrayed as a moral outrage."

  32. Iran's military force are so inexperience, they actually shoot down their own people. Iran did not bother grounding all civilian airplanes from leaving the airport. That evening, I believe Iran fired 12 or 16 missiles into Iraq, common sense, Iran should have alerted all passengers to stay home.

  33. -If you are gay in Iran you are executed,
    in the US? If it feels good do it and hey! Why not on the road?
    -If you are a woman in Iran you are forced to marry at 14 then enslaved,
    in the US? You are free to jump from one dong to another, have an abortion every month and still find a fool who'll marry you.

    Seeing the left defend Iran goes to show that liberalism is a mental disorder and it's juice not worth the squeeze..

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