100 Replies to “Niall Horan – Slow Hands (Lyric Video)”

  1. If you look at all the ex members of One Direction and their most popular songs it goes

    ZAYN – PILLOWTALK 928M views
    Harry Styles – Sign of the Times 552M views
    Louis Tomlinson – Back to You 386M views
    Liam Payne – Strip That Down 305M views
    Niall Horan – Slow Hands 175M views

  2. Eu tenho um gato que parece o Niall, ele já tem 4 aninhos, tanto é que eu e minha irmã colocamos o nome dele de Niall também ♡

  3. Since Liam said this could easily be a One Direction song I'm just here imagining Louis, Harry and Liam singing with Niall.

  4. ٩(∗ ›ω‹ ∗)و
    🇮🇪myniallover😎baby🤘✨slow hands✨my🤘Everyday🤣energydrink🤣🍹Baby😀❤️LOⓝ∞ⓣVE❤️😎

  5. The reason i love the hiatus
    at least i got to listen Niall's and Louis's angelic voices because the management didn't gave them enough solos ❤❤💞

  6. Niall Horan yeah i want you bad yeah I want you baby I wanna be With you alone can you tell that I want you baby yeah🥰😍😘

  7. Im not a fan of one direction. I’m too old. 🤣🤣 but I think Neal did a good job with this one. Sounds Diff from most stuff on radio. 👍🏻

  8. Can someone explain to me why the radio version is much slower than this version and also I cannot find the radio version on YouTube

  9. I discovered this song today. Damn i swear i was not living under a rock. I have seen GOT series too but this song…..:/ Brilliant song!

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