Nintendo Switch – Indie World Showcase – 12.10.19

[bustling big band music] [music ends] [serene woodwind music] [high spirited dance music] [music ends]
[lighthearted drum music][Kirk]
-Hi, everyone!
Thanks for joining us.
I’m Kirk Scott,
your friendly neighborhood
indie guy.
-And I’m Sam Robertson!
Welcome to Indie World,
a look ahead at some great
indie games coming to the
Nintendo Switch system.
[music ends][Kirk] -We’re thrilled to kick
off this edition of Indie World,

[minimal orchestral music]with Sports Story,
the sequel to Golf Story,
and a game
that’s not just about sports!
It’s a full-on golfing adventure
with a whole lot of Tennis
gameplay for good measure,
not to mention dungeons,
espionage, mini-games,
and plenty of friends,
and enemies, to meet on your way
to the Decasportathon.
Sports Story
launches exclusively
on Nintendo Switch in mid-2020.
[music ends] [moody synths music] [music intensifies] [music ends] [moody synths music]
[Sam] -There will be plenty
of braised chicken,
lying around on plates
and bad guys to beat down
when Streets of Rage 4
comes to Nintendo Switch
in the first half of 2020.

[music ends] [speaking Japanese] [swelling orchestral music]
[Kirk] -Just imagine…
if you turned into a sword.
It’d probably be kinda freaky,
and kinda awesome.
Eerily beautiful, if you will,
especially if it happened
in a stained-glass world
where you and some children
are on a quest
to reach its heart.
Where’s the UI, you ask?
Where we’re going,
you won’t need any UI.
This game knows how players
like you think,
and how to guide you through
without anything unnecessary
like words. Who needs ‘em?
See if you can cut to the heart
of this stained-glass world,
when Gleamlight launches
on Nintendo Switch
in early 2020.
[music ends] [Alexander]
-Hi everyone,
I’m Alexander Fernandez, CEO of Streamline Media Group,
and today we’re gonna be
showing you our brand new game, Bake ‘n Switch.
It’s a, uh, violent,
cute, couch co-op game, that I think
you’re gonna like,
we like it! In fact, we liked it so much,
we made it about food
’cause we like to eat. That’s pretty good!
Yeah! Mmm! That’s pretty–huh! Wow, this is
the bliss spot right there!
[chuckles] There you go mh-hmm.
So, we hope you guys like it, and more importantly,
we hope you enjoy it because
we had to work really hard on it baking this
and making sure it works,
so please enjoy it, and let us know what you think.[Sam]
-You see those
cuddly dough things?
They simply must be sacrificed
to the Guardians of Dough!

[lighthearted string music]And so, in this party brawler,you and up to three other
players need to work as a team
to punch, combine,
and bake those doughs
before time runs out.
This in-your-face co-op action
may be easy to pick up,
but trust me,
it’s tough to master
all the challenging mechanics
in each level.
And, in player vs player mode,
it’s every baker for themselves.
Bake ‘n Switch will cook up
something special
on Nintendo Switch
in Summer 2020.

[music ends] -Hey, Nintendo fans!
On behalf of the team here
at Digital Continue, I’m excited to announce
our new game, SuperMash!
[playful synths music] SuperMash is a game
that makes games! It’s
a love letter to game culture, set in a game shop owned by a
brother and sister, who discover
a mysterious game console. The magic of SuperMash
is what we didn’t do. The games it produces,
are not scripted. It’s the game itself
that mashes the genres together. It creates a different game,
every time you play. You never know
what it’s gonna do!
Just do me one favor, OK? This is the code
to my favorite mash. When you pick up SuperMash
for Nintendo Switch next year, put it in,
lemme know what you think!
[music ends] [intense energetic dance music] [music ends][Kirk] -SuperMash
will shake things up
on Nintendo Switch in May 2020.
[Sam] -What would you do
if the world around you
was as strange and contradictory
as ancient ruins filled with
advanced technology?

[eerie choir music]Well, in this
first-person puzzle game,
you’re about to find out.
Tasked by your creator
with solving a series
of complex puzzles,
you’ll divert drones,
manipulate laser beams,
and even replicate time
to prove your worth,
or find a way out.
Who are you?
What’s your purpose?
As you choose your own path
through this non-linear world,
uncover the clues you need
to decide for yourself.
You’ll have more
than 120 puzzles to solve,
The Talos Principle:
Deluxe Edition
comes to Nintendo Switch
later today.
[music ends] [euphoric acoustic music]
[Kirk] -Ahhh, nothing quite like
a high-seas adventure
combining classic naval action
with exploration.
Really makes you wanna expand
your fleet, and do battle
with pirates, sea monsters,
even the sea itself!The entire map
is procedurally generated,
and all across it
you’ll discover islands to
explore and quests to take,
from rescuing sailors
to looting pirates.
And you’ll do it all
from your custom boat:
you pick the design, colors,
weapons, and equipment.
As you progress,
you’ll add new boats
to your fleet
and give orders
to the crew on boats
you aren’t sailing yourself.
Better keep track of the wind
and use physics
to your advantage,
when Sail Forth
sails into port
on Nintendo Switch in 2020.
[music ends] [gradual trumpet music]
[Nick] -Hello everyone!
I’m Nick Clifford, developer here at Phoenix Labs. Since you last saw us during
Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3
earlier this year, we’ve been hard at work
developing our hit,
online action-RPG Dauntless
for the Nintendo Switch system.We’re absolutely thrilled
to share a fresh look
at our game,
including the reveal
of our new content expansion,
complete with
the Skyfighter Armour
and Skymetal Weapons Set.
These cosmetic items
will be available at launch
exclusively to players
on the Nintendo Switch,
for free.
We hope you enjoy
your first look at
the next evolution of Dauntless, and we’ll see you
in the Shattered Isles.
[music ends] [Nintendo Switch Snap] [epic orchestral music] [music ends] [epic orchestral music]
[music intensifies] [music ends][Sam] -In Dauntless,
you’re all that stands

[soothing woodwind music]between your world
and the massive,
boss-sized Behemoths
that seek to devour it.
With cross-platform
and cross-region play,
you can slay with your friends
no matter where they play.
And with
cross-save functionality,
you can take your Slayer
on the go with Nintendo Switch
no matter where you began
your adventure.
So, form a hunting party,and forge your legacy
with challenging, co-op battles
in this rich, evolving world.
Create deadly weapons
and powerful armor from
the very creatures you slay,
and immerse yourself
in rich customization
and crafting systems.
Look forward to regular,
free content updates,
featuring new challenges,
new Behemoths, and more…
when Dauntless launches
as a free download
on Nintendo Switch
later today!
[music ends] [lighthearted sitcom music]
[Sam] -Hollywood. The ‘90s.
An actress on a hit TV show
soon finds herself starring
in her own murder mystery.
Can you and your robot SCOUT
crack the case
one nonogram at a time?
Guess your only option
is to dig up clues,
while jamming out to tracks
from Masakazu Sugimori,
the composer behind
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
and Viewtiful Joe.
Along the way,
you’ll interrogate weird
and wonderful characters
designed by Hato Moa
of Hatoful Boyfriend Fame.
From TV studios
to glitzy award shows,
you must uncover a tangled web
of conspiracy, deception,
and, of course,
murder, as you piece together
the truth one pixel at a time.
It’s no longer a mystery:Murder by Numbers launches first
as a timed exclusive on
Nintendo Switch in early 2020.
[music ends] [dark off beat music]
[Kirk] -This mysterious bounty
hunter is a Stranger to everyone
because that’s his name.
He doesn’t take kindly to guns.
But he will kindly take
your Moolah in exchange
for the bounties he collects.
Why? He needs the cash, bad.
And he’ll hunt down every Outlaw
in Mongo Valley,
if that’s what it takes.Problem is,
there’s a bounty
on his head too.
In this action-adventure game,you’ll wield Stranger’s
unusual crossbow that fires off
rounds of live ammo.
from rodents to bugs,
and you’ll earn bigger bounties
for live captures.
With updated FPS controls
and gyroscopic aiming,
the definitive version
of this classic
is fast approaching.
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
launches on Nintendo Switch
in January 2020.
You can pre-purchase it
later today.

[music ends][Sam] -Oh, oh, man,
why is this so adorable?!

[lo-fi hip hop music]You take an ordinary skateboard,
you put a bird on it,
and just look at ‘em go!
Who wouldn’t want to be
a skate bird?
Whether they’re grinding
on bendy straws,
kick-flipping over staplers,
or carving lines through a park
held together by sticky tape,
skate birds
always try their best,
don’t they?
Explore each park,
collect tiny clothing,
help out fellow birds,
and find secret mixtapes
of original low-fi
bird-hop tunes.
Before long,
you’ll be catching air
like only a bird could…
when SkateBIRD launches
on Nintendo Switch in late 2020.
[music ends] [menacing off beat music] [music ends] [minimalist dark techno music]
[Kirk] -You saw it for yourself
in the trailer, people,
Liberated blends the art
of cyberpunk,
hand-drawn graphic novels
with interactivity and action,
to create
one seamless experience.
In this near-future dystopia,the eerily familiar
always-online society gives way
to complete government control.
But that won’t stop
an insurgent group called
Liberated from rising up.
But this is no simple tale
of good versus evil.
As you flip between pages,
side-scrolling stealth gunplay
and platforming action,
you must witness what transpires
from many points of view
to parse the truth.
Liberated will release, first
as a timed exclusive
on Nintendo Switch in 2020.
[music ends] -Hi! We’re Kitfox Games and this
is our game Boyfriend Dungeon, a dating simulator
dungeon crawler mashup. We are super excited to announce
that Boyfriend Dungeon will be
coming to the Nintendo Switch, which means you’ll be able
to date your weapons at home,
and on the go. [blissful electronic music]
[Sam] -If you’re like me,
then you’re never going to
forget your summer stay
at Verona Beach,
where you’re tasked with
clearing out all the creatures
in a dungeon.
Oh, and it only gets better!Because the weapons
you can find there transform…
into cuties!
And they’re single!
Forge precious memories
with your many loves,
and use their
individual combat styles
to clear out all the monsters
as you uncover
the dungeon’s secrets,
Did I mention romantic dates?
Oh be still, my heart!
Oh, and there’s also
the Nintendo Switch
exclusive HD rumble function.
Level up your love
when Boyfriend Dungeon comes to
Nintendo Switch in 2020.
[music ends] [gritty dark electronic music]
[Kirk] -Sometimes the only way
to face a tough subject,
is head-on,
even if that means battling
a nightmarish depression
living inside
a young woman’s subconscious.
Thankfully, you’ll have
an expansive combat system
on your side,
combining a brawler,
a top-down shooter,
and a dungeon crawler.
Every time you slumber,
you’ll face another
randomized dungeon
found in one of the game’s
beautifully haunting
littered with
powerful artifacts,
challenges, and puzzles.
Forge friendships
in your waking life
and use their hopes and dreams
to dispel the darkness within.
You’ll warp the dreamscape
around you
with Lucid Powers
that alter the flow
of time and space…
when Dreamscaper launches first,on Nintendo Switch
as a timed exclusive
on consoles in early 2020.
[music ends] -Hey everyone!
We’re extremely excited
to reveal, a brand-new game we’ve
been working on at Team17. -We’ve combined crafting,
base-building and survival,
along with a few surprises, in a new adventure set within
the Escapists universe. And on Nintendo Switch
you can play
with three of your friends in local wireless
and online multiplayer. -We hope you enjoy the video! [primal synths music] [music intensifies] [music ends] [primal synths music]
[Sam] -Whether you’re crafting,
building, or yes,
training monkeys,
survival is the name
of the game.
These procedurally generated
islands are alive.
They change
during the day night cycle,
and they’re riddled
with adventure and a wealth
of secrets.
As you, or your monkeys,
gather resources
and craft items,
you’ll uncover your own recipes
and multiple crafting trees.
That should help you overcome
the hidden threats
lurking within temples,
full of exotic riches
and slick weaponry.
You can play co-op
locally or online
with up to three friends
who each have their own game
and system to try
and survive together.
However, not everyone
will be pleased
to see you thrive.
The Survivalists releases
on Nintendo Switch in 2020.
[music ends] [lighthearted drum music]
[Kirk] -We’re coming to the end
of our presentation,
so we’d like to take a moment
to thank all of our partners
for giving
Nintendo Switch owners
so much to look forward to.
[Sam] -Well said, Kirk!
On behalf of Nintendo,
thank you so much!
And thanks to all of you
for joining us.
now that I think about it,
there is one more thing…
[music ends] [Tom] -Hi. I’m Tom Happ,
creator of Axiom Verge. I just want to take this moment
to thank both Nintendo
and Nintendo fans for the love you’ve shown
Axiom Verge over the years. I’ve been quietly working on the
next installment of Axiom Verge
for about 4 years now. Here’s a sneak peek. [ceremonial strings music] [music ends] [lighthearted drum music]

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