Open Road India – 10 – Raj Kumar Tiwari ‘Chasing Dreams’ (Delhi)

Its 10 Rupees, take any one. There is a different range of items. They are for Rs.10, Rs.15 and there are ones with glass, those are Rs.35. There is a 20 Rupee one left, will that be ok? Only one piece remaining. That’s a broken piece, don’t take that. He had a problem with his brain, When he was young he fell from the terrace and suffered an injury on his head That’s when he started having learning problems. He was always more interested in sports and less in studies. I told him that without studying you will not progress. Most Indian coaches tell me to take training abroad We tried in the NSDF, Science Sports Authority and other places Some say, “You’re a special child, you can’t do this, why are you playing with normal people”. They make excuses that I don’t have coaching so…. 10 Rupees… I didn’t get demoralized because If ten people said NO, there was always one person who was willing to help. That’s the reason I didn’t leave my training, whatever my condition was. There were a lot of difficulties, but I never left my training. I am Raj Kumar’s elder brother and Raj Kumar is usually with his father or is busy skating. So I have to manage all the things for him, and attend all his phone calls etc. The problem arises when I have to go for a competition or a tournament my father cannot afford it since we make only 200-400 Rupees a day. It’s very difficult, this is an expensive game and we have to pay a lot. I asked him, “where are we going to get this money from?”. I had to see my family expenses, studies, as well as rent for the room. When I found out the details of the expenses for training I immediately told Raj Kumar to leave this game, there is no point pursuing it We will look after the shop and grow our business. But Raj Kumar insisted and I had to give in. Seeing the condition of our family I agreed to take out time every day and do what is necessary. His health is still bad, but since he’s started ice skating It’s becoming better. I’ve been doing this for 3 years, without any coaching and training and I learnt it all on my own by watching videos on YouTube. I learnt all my basics by watching videos, We used to see videos and tried to replicate the same thing. I still try, and if the government supports me or anyone else supports me then for the best coaching I can go to places like USA and Canada Where they have specialist figure skating coaches and a proper training ground. The winter Olympics is in 2018, For which our focus is to send Raj Kumar abroad for 1 year training. The expense is 25 Lakhs for a year and these funds have not been arranged yet I am not able to train in the way a free minded player/athlete should. Skating is a natural game where you can really enjoy It includes dancing and can look funny too The steps can be compared to wind. It doesn’t matter if I win, lose or fall. The first time my brother came into the rink He completed the whole round without falling even once I was so surprised, he was better than me, I fell so many times after I came into the ice skating rink. The first time I went and saw my brother I felt like doing it as well. He used to come and tell me about it and I always wanted to go as well. My brother won the gold medal and I wanted to be like him. The biggest thing was, on 1st Feb I won a Gold medal for my India, I cannot explain how happy is was. What better happiness than this, It’s equal to the post of Prime Minister For me that is bigger than being the Prime Minister. I didn’t even know what ice skating is. When they told me, I was confused We watch cricket, badminton and hockey But I had never heard of this. They told me, “When your son wins and comes back, then you will know”. I didn’t have a costume, we didn’t have any idea how to make a costume. There was a skater, Ashwin. His mother gave me a costume and told me to try it I told them, I would wear it and I won a silver medal in that costume. When people see me, they say, “If you can do it, then why not us?” All these things tell me not to go away from skating They say stick to skating, something good is coming your way. My dream is to get India’s name into the world championships. It’s my dream to be a figure skater, To make India reach the top and make India proud. I have to make all these proud Hold it up and show us. What all is on that? This one is… What is the name?? I forgot. Qutub Minar India Gate Purana Qilla Taj Mahal.

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  1. Watched all your 11 videos, keep it coming . They are fantastic . We forget real india . Thank you for bringing up RajKumar . Passing it around with a request , may he raise the money .

  2. GOOD documentary I didnt care for the Low IQ remark. With a country which has over a billion population all this film got was 5000 views, What a pity

  3. Government of India and IOA gives as hit about funding athletes other than cricket and hockey in India!! Sad but true 😈😈😈😈

  4. spinning is not figure skating. you have jump triple axel or quad jump to win international event.your single jump is not good. one year is not enough you need atleast 5 to 10 years to do triple axel. 8 year old in Canada can do way better than this

  5. बादल तो सब जगह बरसते हैं
    किंतु फसल वहीं पैदा होती है जहां *उर्वर जमीन में किसान ने बीज बोए हों
    ठीक वैसे ही परमात्मा की कृपा भी सर्वत्र बरसती है
    लेकिन अहसास केवल उन्हीं को हो पाता है
    जिनकी श्रद्धालु हृदय-भूमि में सदगुरु ने बीज बोए हों
    अंधे को मंदिर आया देखकर लोग हंसकर बोले की
    मंदिर में दर्शन के लिए आये तो हो
    पर क्या भगवान् को देख पाओगे
    अंधे ने मुस्कुरा के कहा की
    क्या फर्क पड़ता है, मेरा भगवान् तो मुझे देख लेगा
    द्रष्टि नहीं द्रष्टिकोण सही होना चाहिए,

  6. Beware all of you. Raj Kumar Tiwari is not an olympic grade professional . He cheated us out of $5000.00. Don't donate him any money as he is out collect money by telling sob stories.

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