Our Fire Music Video 🎶| SHOOK | Disney Channel

♪ We got it,
thinking was it luck? ♪
♪ They told us
we’re not good enough ♪
♪ Hey, I finally
believe in something ♪
♪ And I was just
trying to fit in ♪
♪ We’ll show them
our fire within ♪
♪ Our fire ♪♪ Running all night ♪♪ We just wanna
feel all right ♪
♪ Dancing in the bright light ♪♪ Leaving all the pain behind ♪♪ And if you think
that you’re alone ♪
♪ You know you’re never
on your own ♪
♪ We’ve been reaching so high ♪♪ We the diamonds
in the sky ♪
♪ The sky ♪
♪ In the sky ♪
♪ The sky ♪♪ Oh, the sky ♪♪ In the sky ♪

46 Replies to “Our Fire Music Video 🎶| SHOOK | Disney Channel”

  1. I literally love Sofia with all of my heart. She inspires me with my Tourettes and my anxiety to keep on pushing on singing. With Love, [email protected]_shack_pack (Alyssa), the biggest fan💜💜💜⭐⭐⭐

  2. I absolutely love this song although I'm hoping they make the songs longer next season. I'm hoping there will be another season.

  3. My requests:
    Cricket’s Bad Dream (Hiya Henry)
    Cricket and Remy call a Disney Cast Member
    Cricket VS Henry (Hiya Henry)
    MicrowaveZilla! (People Watching)
    Zoo Roundup (Uncaged)
    Snakey Loses His Temper (Cheap Snake)

  4. I'm not even gonna lie, I thought that Mia Brooks's mom was gonna be in the background of this music video doing the running man dance

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