“Passing By” – Music Video – Jayme Gutierrez

43 Replies to ““Passing By” – Music Video – Jayme Gutierrez”

  1. Extrañe un poquito verlos XD, pero asombroso!!!!! me encanto este video… como siempre chicos un excelente trabajo, tooooda la espera de hoy ha valido la pena 😛

  2. Muy buen video. Y la musica tambien alucinante. De las canciones que habeis hecho hasta ahora de lo mejor en mi opinion. Seguid asi!!!

  3. I hope you don't mind I gave some of your songs to a you tube music collection to spread the word about musicians that should be listened to.

  4. No me explico como este vídeo puede tener solo 1232 visitas… Chicos, ¿por qué no os dais a conocer de alguna forma?  😉 Esto merece verlo mas gente!

  5. +Jayme Gutierrez 16.150, Me gusta 209, No me gusta 2  –> No haters problem, actually everybody likes what you are giving to us. The content is so good that, in my opinion each new visitor should mean a new subscriber… It seems to be just a problem of lack of knowledge, so that the potential public don't really know what you're doing. Why don't your try to boost your image and range by being publicized or just named in any of the considered "top channels"? 

    Sincerely, your content is so good that, in my opinion, your subscribers number seem to be a cheap joke. It does NOT correspond to the reality of your channel content. 

    I really want to see you all having success with the work that you develop. I hope there's something I can do (not only sharing), really.

  6. Just with this song remembers me to Dark Souls… It's like you're always gonna fall, no matter how hard you try, till one day you just make it, and again, you find another challenge… And Dark Souls it's a great example… Wait, were you playing Dark Souls? xD. Also, great job, i'm watching all you're music vids and they seem pretty good, keep it up!

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